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David Rose and Andre Previn
FBCD94 - Total Playing Time:  70.30

1. You & the Blues (Rose); 2. Blue Room (R. & H. ); 3. Serenade In Blue (Warren & Gordon); 4. Blue Holiday (Rose); 5. Blue Again (McHugh & Fields); 6. (What Did I Do to Be So) Black & Blue (Waller - Brooks – Razaf); 7. Like Blue (Previn); 8. Little Girl Blue (R. & H. ); 9. Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea (Arlen – Koehler); 10. The Blue Subterranean (Why Am I Afraid?) (Previn – Langdon); 11. Blue, Turning Grey Over You (Waller – Razaf); 12. Born to Be Blue (Mel Torme – Wells); 13. Last Night When We Were Young(Arlen – Harburg); 14. Like Young (Previn); 15. Younger Than Springtime(Rodgers & Hammerstein 11); 16. A Year Of Youth (Manne); 17. Too Young to Go Steady; 18. Love Is For the Very Young (Raksin); 19. Blame It On My Youth (Levant – Heyman); 20. Young Man’s Lament (Rose); 21. You Make Me Feel So Young (Myrow - Gordon); 22. Young & Tender (Rose); 23. While We’re Young (Wilder – Palitz – Engvick); 24. Too Young to Be True (Previn – Langdon).




David Rose
Easy Listening
FBCD95 - Total Playing Time:  78.46

1. Kiss Of Fire (Allen – Hill); 2. In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington); 3. Love (Martin); 4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Brown); 5. Ebb Tide (Maxwell); 6. Caravan (Ellington); 7. Blue Prelude (Bishop – Jenkins); 8. Misty (Garner); 9. Flamingo (Grouya); 10. Main Title – Man With the Golden Arm (Bernstein); 11. Shangri-La (Maxwell); 12. All the Things You Are (Kern); 13. Autumn Leaves (Kosma); 14. The Autumn Waltz (Coleman); 15. September In the Rain (Warren); 16. Blue Autumn (Rose); 17. Indian Summer (Herbert); 18. Shine On Harvest Moon (Bayes); 19. ‘Tis Autumn (Nemo); 20. Autumn Serenade (De Rose); 21. Autumn Nocturne (Myrow); 22. October Mist (Fiorito); 23. Autumn In New York (Duke); 24. Misirlou (Roubanis); 25. And This Is My Beloved (Wright – Forrest); 26. What Is There to Say? (Duke); 27. It’s a Most Unusual Day (McHugh); 28. Theme From “Carnival” (Merrill).


Debroy Somers Band
Vol. No. 8 – Return to the Thirties
FBCD96 - Total Playing Time:  

1. Fanfare – Selection. (Gensler – Sullivan) Intro: Fanfare; And Friend; Song Of Heart’s Desire; Martinique; Over The Page; Dreams That Don’t Grow Old; City Rhythm; By Special Permission Of the Copyright Holders; Valentine; Fanfare. ; 2. Love Is the Sweetest Thing. (Ray Noble); 3. Let’s Get Together ( Let’s Help Each Other Along) (Yellen – Silvers); 4. The Moment I Saw You (Noel Gay); 5. My Heart’s to Let; 6. With You Here and Me Here (Arthur Schwartz – Egan); 7. Whatever You Do (Arthur Schwartz – Frank Eyton); 8. You Ought to See Sally On Sunday (Harry Woods); 9. We’ll All Go Riding On a Rainbow (Harry Woods); 10. Sun In My Eyes (Annette Mills); 11. Goodnight Lovely Little Lady (Harry Revel – Mack Gordon); 12. Near and Yet So Far (Ray Noble - Max Kester); 13. Love Is a Song – Waltz (Ray Noble – Max Kester); 14. She Wore a Little Jacket Of Blue (Fred Fisher – Al Bryan – George B. Mcconnell)[V. C. – Gerry Fitzgerald]; 15. Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name (Allie Wrubel – Mort Dixon) [V. C. Brian Lawrance & Unkown Female); 16. The Fleet’s In Port Again (Noel Gay) [V. C. Jack Turner]; 17. Look What You’ve Done (Bert Kalmar – Harry Ruby) [V. C. Dan Donovan); 18. Little Dutch Clock – Novelty Fox Trot (Sherman Myers – Erroll Reaves) [V. C. Dan Donovan]; 19. Oh ! Muki Muki Oh! (Peter De Rose – Billy Hill) [V. C. Dan Donovan]; 20. Things Are Looking Up (Noel Gay – Clifford Grey) [V. C. Gerry Fitzgerald]; 21. Jolly Good Company Beside the Sea (Holt – Wallace) [V. C. Brian Lawrance]; 22. Fare Thee Well, Annabelle (Allie Wrubel – Mort Dixon) [V. C. Dan Donovan]; 23. The Gay Nineties – Waltz Medley (Intro: Daisy Bell (Chorus); She Was One Of the Early Birds; Two Lovely Black Eyes (Raymond Newell); Comrades (Raymond Newell); Little Annie Rooney; Daisy Bell; After the Ball; Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland (Raymond Newell); Maggie Murphy’s Home; In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree (Raymond Newell & Chorus); Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room?; After The Ball (Raymond Newell & Chorus). Tracks 1 to 13 – V. C. – Dan Donovan



David Rose & His Orchestra
A “Mrs. Miniver” Rose
FBCD97 - Total Playing Time:  77.37

1. Dance Of The Pyramids; 2. Butterfly & Alligator; 3. The Comet; 4. Dance Of the Walrus; 5. March Of the Pretzels; 6. Roller Coaster Ride; 7. Light; 8. Metropolitan; 9. Adventure; 10. Litle House On The Prairie; 11. Pepper Tree Lane; 12. The Princess; 13. Sunrise; 14. Waltz; 15. Melody In F (Rubenstein); 16. ACADAMY AWARD MEDLEY: Trolley Song; Long Ago & Far Away; Buttons & Bows; It’s Magic; 17. The Song Is You; 18. THE KING & I MEDLEY: Something Wonderful; Hello Young Lovers; Something Wonderful; I Whistle a Happy Tune; Something Wonderful; 19. Almost Like Being In Love; 20. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered; 21. WESTERN MEDLEY: When the Work’s All Done This Fall; Get Along Little Dogie; 22. Don’t Fence Me In; 23. Over the Rainbow; 24. I Got Rhythm; 25. Rustle Of Spring; 26. Bubble Bubble Bubble; 27. Ain’t Misbehavin’; 28. My Toreador (El Relicario); 29. Alone Again (Naturally); 30. Hot Canary; 31. On a Little Country Road In Switzerland (without yodel); 32. Parade Of the Clowns.



Jan Peerce
A Scrapbook
FBCD98 - Total Playing Time:  78.33

1. Something In The Night 2. In The Dim Dim Dawn 3. What Is A Boy? 4. Amapola 5. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New 6. O Sole Mio 7. Beautiful Lady In Blue 8. IL TROVATORE – MISERE – Ah! che la morte ognora (with Deanna Durbin) 9. Blue Bird Of Happiness 10. La Danza 11. Because Of You 12. Alone 13. What Is A Girl ? 14. Come Pretty Little Girl & Dance With Me 15. My Romance 16. Mattinata 17. The Black & White Pidgeon With The Eight Red Toes 18. MADAME BUTTERFLY- Duetto d’amore (Love Duet) (with Roberta Peters)19. MADAME BUTTERFLY – Addio, florito asil(Pinkerton’s Farewell)(with unknown baritone); 20.Lovely Lady 21. Come Back To Sorrento 22.If You Love Me (Really Love Me) 23. A Mother As Lovely As You 24. Valencia 25. Sing, Everybody, Sing.



Jan Peerce
On Broadway
FBCD99 - Total Playing Time:  78.13

1. Shalom (Milk & Honey); 2. Through The Years(from show of same name); 3. If I Ruled The World (Pickwick); 4. L’Amour, T’Jours, L’Amour (not from a show); 5. Maria (West Side Story); 6. Make Somebody Happy (Do Rei Mei); 7.Climb Every Mountain (The Sound of Music);8. The Sweetest Sounds (No Strings); 9. Stranger In Paradise(Kismet); 10. Come To Me, Bend To Me (Brigadoon);11. Who Can I Turn To ? (Roar Of The Greasepaint, Smell Of The Crowd); 13. Love Makes The World Go Round (Carnival); 14. Serenade (The Student Prince) ; 15. If Ever I Would Leave You (Camelot); 16. They Say That Falling In Love Is Wonderful (Annie Get Your Gun); 17. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel); 18. ‘Til There Was You (The Music Man); 19. Strange Music (Song Of Norway); 20. What What Kind Of Fool Am I? (Stop The World – I Want To Get Off); 21. September Song (Knickerbocker Holiday); 22. Without A Song (Great Day); 23. I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star; 24. The Song Is You; 25. In Egern On The Tegern See (3 (extracts from Music In The Air) 26. Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies (Countess Maritza); 27. Yours Is My Heart Alone (The Land Of Smiles).



From The Bosworth Library
FBCD100 - Total Playing Time:  79.08

RAGAMUFFIN SYNCOPATORS 1.Isn’t It A Happy Day?; 2. Ivory Antics; 3. Petals; 4. Rain or Shine; 5.Doctor’s Orders; 6. Beautiful Donna; 7. Juggler; 8. Nele, Ay! Ay!; 9. Happy Returns; 10. Hallo ! Budapest; 11. Pony; 12. Pitter Patter; PALL MALL REVELLERS; 13. Crocodile Tears; 14. Hammer & Tongs; 15. Steeplechase; 16. Niagara; 17. Quivery Quavers 18. Knave of Diamonds; 19. City Centre; 20. Checkmate; 21. Temperamental Triplets; 22. Squirrel Dance; ELITE NOVELTY ORCHESTRA; 23.Sunbeams & Butterflies; THE WEST END CELEBRITY ORCHESTRA; 24. Frog King’s Parade; LONDON CONCERT ORCHESTRA; 25. The Butterfly; 26. Masquerade; THE WEST END CELEBRITY ORCHESTRA; 27. Red Poppies; LOUIS VOSS GRAND ORCHESTRA; 28. Josephine LONDON CONCERT ORCHESTRA; 29. April Day.


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