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Verdi Highlights
With Jan Peerce, Leonard Warren, Erna Berger, Italo Tajo, Nan Merriman, The Robert Shaw Chorale
FBCD128/129 - Total Playing Time: TBA


RIGOLETTO, Jan Peerce; Leonard Warren; Erna Berger; Italo Tajo; Nan Merriman; Robt. Shaw conducting The Robert Shaw Chorale; RCA Victor Orchestra conducted by Renato Cellini

Track 1. Act 1 - Della mia bella; Questa o quella;
Track 2. Act 2 - Pari Siamo! La lo lingua Piana;
Track 3. Signor ne principe
Track 4. Caro nome che il mio cor.
Track 5. Act 3; (Part1) Ella mi fu rapita!
Track 6. Povero Rigoletto;
Track 7. Act 3 (Concluded): - Cortigiani vil razza dannata;
Track 8. Tutte le feste al tempio;
Track 9. Act 4V E l'ami? - La donna mobile;
Track 10. Bella figlia dell amore - Quartet;
Track 11. V'ho 'ingannato

LA TRAVIATA. Licia Albanese; Robert Merrill; Jan Peerce RCA Victor Orchestra and Chorus conducted by (a) V. Trucco; (b) E. Weissmann; (c) S. Levin; (d) J. P. Morel.

Track 12. Act 1: Brindisi: Libiamo, libiamo ne'lieti calici (Drinking Song) (a);
Track 13. Un di felice, eterea (b);
Track 14. Recitative: E Strano Aria: Ah! fors' e lui; Recitative: Follie! Follie! Aria: Sempre libera (b);
Track 15. Act 2: De' miei bollenti spiriti (c);
Track 16. Ah! Dite alla giovini and Imponete (Violetto and Germont Duet) (c);
Track 17. Act 2: Di Provenza il Mar (d).

CD No. 2 - LA TRAVIATA cond

Track 1. Act 3: Addio del passato (c);
Track 2. Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo (a);

IL TROVATORE. Nicola Moscana (Bass); Zinka Milanov (Sop.); Margaret Roggero (Mez-Sop.); Fedora Barbieri (Mez-Sop); Juissi Bjorling (Ten.); Leonard Warren (Bar.); Robert Shaw Chorale cond. by Robt. Shaw; RCA Victor Orchestra cond. by Renato Cellini.

Track 3. Act 1: Abbieta zingara;
Track 4. Un' altra notte Aria: Tacea la notte placida;
Track 5. Act 2: Anvil Chorus Stride La Vampa!
Track 6. Mal reggendo all'Aspro assalto;
Track 7. II balen del suo sorriso;
Track 8. Act 3: Ah si, ben mio coll'essere;
Track 9. Di quella pira;
Track 10. Act 4: Recitative: Vanne, lasciami - Aria: D'Amor sull'ali rosee - Miserere;
Track 11. Udiste? Come albeggi;
Track 12. Recitative: Se m'ami ancor - Duet: Ai nostri monti;


Track 13. Act 1: Recitative: Se quel guerriero io fossi! Aria: Celeste Aida
Gigli with Orchestra of the Opera House, Rome conducted by Tullio Serafin (Recorded in Europe)

Track 14. Act 1: Ritorna vincitor
Elisabeth Rethberg with the Berlin State Opera Orchestra conducted by F. Zweig (Recorded in Europe)

Track 15. Act 1: Temple Scene
Ezio Pinza, Giovanni Martinelli and G Anthony with Metropolitan Orchestra and Chorus cond. by G. Setti) (5/1/1928)

Jan Peerce
Pop Goes Peerce
FBCD130 - Total Playing Time: 78.19

Mono 1. Granada (Lara), 2. Wonderful! Wonderful! (Edwards - Raleigh); 3. Because (d'Hardelot - Teschemacher); 4. Around The World (Young - Adamson); 5. Autumn Leaves (Kosma - Mercer); 6. I Believe (Drake - Graham - Shirl - Stillman)

Stereo 7.Amore Scumasi.(Unknown); 8. Ah To Be Home Again. (Unknown); 9. Here in My Heart. (Genaro - Borrelli - Levison); 10. No Arms Can Ever Hold You.(Crafer - Nebb); 11.IF (Evans - Hargreaves - Damerell); 12. Al-Di-La (Donida - Drake); 13. These Are The Rules Of Love. (Unknown); 14. For You Alone. (Geehl - P.J. O'Reilly); 15. With These Hands (Silver - Davis); 16. My Midnight Madonna (Fibich - Scott - Webster); 17. The Lamp Is Low (Ravel - De Rose - Shefter - Parish); 18. On The Isle Of May (Tchaikovsky - Kostelanetz - David); 19. 'Til The End Of Time ( Chopin - Kaye - Mossman); 20. Full Moon and Empty Arms (Rachmaninoff - Kaye -Mossman); 21.My Prayer (Boulanger - Kennedy); 22. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Chopin - Carroll - McCarthy); 23. Story Of A Starry Night (Tchaikovsky - Livingston - Hoffmann - Curtis); 24. The Things I Love (Tchaikovsky - Barlow - Harris); 25. Tonight We Love (Tchaikovsky - Martin - Austin - Worth); 26. Speak To Me Of Love (Lenoir - Sievier); 27. Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight (Bixio)


Aus Deutschland - Clive's Choice
German Dance Bands
FBCD131 - Total Playing Time: 77.48

1. Virtuos - Foxtrot (Virtuosity) (Fux) Grosses Tonfilm-Orchester. Leitung: Frank Fux; 2. Puszta - Fox (Hungarian Grasslands) ( Mihaly ); Barnabas Von Geczy Orchester; 3. Der Akrobat - Foxtrot (The Acrobat) (Robrecht) Paul Godwin Orchester; 4. Freudensprunge - Foxtrot (Jump for Joy) (Cowler) James Kok Orchester; 5. Hochzeit bei Kater Murr - (Tom Cat's Wedding) - Fox Intermezzo (Landschulz & Schoppe) Oskar Joost Orchester; 6. Blindekuh - Foxtrot (Blind Man's Bluff) (Kreuder) Erhard Bauschke Or.; 7. Viva Maria - Paso-doble (Viva Maria) (Rixner ) Heinz Huppertz Or.; 8. Schwarze Orchideen - Tango (Black Orchids) (Richartz) Oskar Joost Or.; 9. Scherenschleifer -Fox, Intermezzo (Knife Grinder) (Glahe) Will Glahe Or.; 10. Komm und tanz - Foxtrot ( Come & Dance ) ( Haentzchel & Beckman) Der Tricktrommler Ernst Weiland mit seinem Orchester; 11. Da Capo - Foxtrot (Da Capo - Musical term) (Boulanger) Georges Boulanger Orchester; 12. Carola Carolina - Paso-doble Carola (Carolina) (Siegel) Hans Carste Or. 2.31; 13. Am Rio Negro - Tango (On the Rio Negro) ( Raymond & Schwenn ) Robert Gaden Orchester; 14. Spatzenkonzert - Foxtrot-Intermezzo (Sparrow's Concert) (Borschel) Barnabas von Geczy Or.; 15. Karo Sieben - Foxtrot(Seven of Diamonds) (Munsonius) Michael Jary Orchester; 16. Krokodilstranen - Foxtrot-Intermezzo (Crocodile Tears) (Groitzsch) Otto Dobrindt's Klavier-Symphoniker; 17. Man soll mit dem Feuer nicht spielen - Paso-doble.(One Must Not Play With Fire) (Mohr ) Eugen Wolff Orchester; 18. Kornblumenblau - Waltzer (Blue Like The Cornflower) ( Jussenhoven & Schloser) Wiener Boheme Orchester; 19. Ping Pong - Foxtrot (Ping Pong) (Berking) Willy Berking Orchester; 20. Eine Tanzmelodie aus dem Tonfilm "Ein Zug fahrt ab" (A Dance Melody from the film A Train Steams Out) (Bruhne) Grosses Ufa-Orchester Leitung: Lothar Bruhne; 21. Zwergen Patrouille - Foxtrot-Intermezzo (Dwarf's Patrol) (Plessow) Adalbert Lutter Orchester; 22. Sensation - Excentrischer Foxtrot (Sensation) ( Kotscher ) Erhard Bauschke Orchester; 23. In der Nacht ist der Mensch nicht gern alleine - Foxtrot (Grothe) Wilhem Greiss und sein Ufa-Ton Orchester; 24. Der Pampasreiter - Paso-doble (The Pampas Rider) (Fischer) Hans Carste Orchester; 25. Mein Leben - und Dein Leben, Langs. Waltzer (Jary) Michael Jary Orchester; 26. Legato - Foxtrot (Legato - Musical term) (Berking) Willy Berking Orchester 27. Jahreszeiten der Liebe - Waltzer (Season of Love) (Richartz) Grosses Tonfilm Orchester. Leitung. Frank Fux


Shani Wallis

CD No. 1- Total Playing Time: 63.30

Mono 1. The Ocarina. (Berlin) (with Ch.); 2. It's A Lovely Day Today (Berlin ) (with Jeff Warren) 3. Nicer Than People (H. Rome) (with Elizabeth Larner); 4. Shopping Around; (H.Rome); 5. Certain Individuals (H. Rome) (with Ch.); 6. Everybody Love Everbody (H. Rome) (with chorus); 7. Ohio (L. Bernstein) (with Pat Kirkwood); 8. A Little Bit Of Love (L. Bernstein); 9. The Wrong Note Rag (L. Bernstein) (with Pat Kirkwood and chorus)
Stereo 10. When I Fall In Love (Young & Heyman); 11. I'm A Girl (Keating - Vandyke); 12. What A Man (Newley - Bricusse); 13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home; 14. If You Go (Emer); 15. Bless 'em All (Hughes - Lake - Stillman); 16. Dry Your Tears (Lewis - Block) (with Ch.); 17. It Can't Be Wrong (Steiner & Gannon); 18. Young And Foolish (Hague - Horwitt); 19. This Is My Prayer (Kaye-Springer-Nisa); 20. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Carmichael - Thompson); 21. Typically English (Newley - Bricusse); 22. This Dream (Newley - Bricusse); 23. Let Your Love Come Through (Bacharach - David)

CD No. 2- Total Playing Time: 63.28

1. I'm Just Wild About Harry (Sissle - Blake); 2. I Think Sometimes About Me.(C. Andrews); 3. I'm Old-Fashioned (Kern - Mercer); 4. The Look Of Love (Bacharach - David ); 5. How Are Things In Glocca Morra (Lane - Harburg); 6. More Than You Know (Youmans - Eliscu - Rose); 7. Raining In My Heart ( F. & B. Bryant ); 8. If Love Should You're your Way (Mellin - Duhomel); 9. That's A Lie (Turner - Scott); 10. What Will Become Of Me? (Lewis-Black); 11.As Long As He Needs Me. (Bart); 12. This Girl's In Love With You (Bacharach - David); 13. Whoever You Are, I Love You (Bacharach - David); 14. I'd Do It All Again (Ahlert - Carr ); 15. Halfway ToO Paradise (King - Goffin); 16. Didn't We? (Jimmy L. Webb); 17. The Impossible Dream (Leigh - Darion); 18. I Remember Loving You (Se Stasera Sono Qui) (Tenco - Mogol - Callender); 19. It's A Nice Face (Coleman - Fields) 20. Old Devil Moon. (Lane - E.Y. Harburg); 21. Where Is Love (Bart)

The Commodore Grand Orchestra
FBCD134 - Total Playing Time: 79.32

1. Around The Volga (Fantasia on Russian Waltzes)( Borchert ); 2. A Sailor's Adventure (O. Rathke); 3. Black Eyes (A. Ferraris); 4. Blossom Time-Selection (Schubert & Clutsman); 5. By The Swanee River (W. H. Myddleton); 6. Cavalcade - Selection; (Noel Coward); 7. Chu Chin Chow - Selection ( Frederic Norton ) Intro: I Am Chu Chin Chow; Any Time's Kissing Time; I Love You So; The Cobbler's Song; Robbers' Chorus; The Scimitar; I'll Sing And Dance; 8. The Desert Song - Selection. ( Sigmund Romberg ) Intro: The Riff Song; One Flower In Your Garden; The Desert Song - Waltz; The Foreign Legion; Romance; One Alone 9. Gold and Silver Waltz (Franz Lehar); 10. Gypsy Moon (Borganoff/Eyton); 11. Knave Of Diamonds (Steele); 12. Lazy Pete (M.W. Kernsten); 13. Lilac Time - Selection (Schubert arr. Clutsam); 14. :Linke Winke Pot Pourri (arr. P. Lincke); 15. Maid Of The Mountains - Selection (H Fraser-Simson arr. M Morgan); 16. One Hour With You (Schenke Mir Eine Stunde) (Eisele); 17. Pan And The Wood Goblins (O. Rathke)

(Tracks 1,5,6, and 9 with Harry Davidson, Organ 3 with Louis Stevens, Violin. 11 with Louis Mordish, Piano. 16 Troxy Broadcasting Orchestra.)


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