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Dennis Day FBCD142

Dennis Day
FBCD142 - Total Playing Time: 75.39

I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm; Peg O' My Heart; That Lucky Old Sun; Begin TheBeguine; My One And Only Highland Fling; It's A Most Unusual Day; Over The Rainbow; It's Magic; Almost Like Being In Love; September Song; How Are Things In Glocca Morra; It's A Big, Wide, Wonder-ful World; I've Never Been In Love Before; When You Were Sweet Sixteen; Far Away Places; Now Is The Hour; Because; The Song of Songs; Phil The Fluter'sBall; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; All The Things You Are; When Day Is Done; With A Song In My Heart; My Heart Stood Still; Falling In Love With Love; May You Always; I WantTo Have A Little Bomb Like You; Toyland; Pretty Irish Girl; Wonderful Secret Of Love.


Andre Kostelanetz and Guests
FBCD143- Total Playing Time: ??.??

a) NOEL COWARD - Carnival of The Animals (Saint-Saens)*; (b) ARTHUR GODFREY - Peter and The Wolf ( Prokofiev ); (C ) PETER USTINOV - The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky)* *Text Ogden Nash


Barbara Ruik FBCD144

Barbara Ruick
FBCD144 - Total Playing Time: 74.55

1. You Can't Do Wrong Doing Right (with Bob Fosse, Debbie Reynolds and Bobby Van); 2. I Wanna Walk Right Out Of This World; 3. Tick Tock Boogie (with The Skylarks); 4. You Couldn't Be (with The Four Hits); 5. That's What A Rainy Day's For; 6. Just You Just Me (with The Skylarks); 7. My One And Only Love (with Chorus); 8. Serenade To A Lemonade; 9. BR- RRR-RR- M! (Neurastenico); 10. No Two People (with Carleton Carpenter); 11. That's Him Over There; 12. How About You? 13. Retreat (Cries My Heart) (with The Four Hits ); 14. The No Love Kaboodle ; 15. You Can't Do Wrong Doing Right; 16. When You're Walking In The Rain (With A Big Umbrella) (with Carlton Carpentar); 17. Ghi-Li, Ghi-Li, Ghi-Li; 18. Delishious; 19 Don't Stop Now (with The Four Hits); 20. Now That I'm In Love; 21. (Me With) Mambo On My Mind (with The Four Hits); 22 The Price I Paid For Loving You; 23. Maybe (with Jack Cassidy); 24. Nice To See You Again (with Chorus); 25. When I Marry Mr Snow; 26. When The Children Are Asleep (with Robt. Rousenville)

 Johnny Green FBCD145

Johnny Green and the MGM Studio Orchestra
FBCD145 - Total Playing Time: 77.12

On The Hollywood Sound Stage; 1. HIGH SOCIETY - Overture. (Porter); 2. LILI - Prologue; Confetti; Lili & Puppets; Finale (Kaper); 3. BRIGADOON - The Heather On The Hill (Loewe); 4. QUO VADIS - Lygia (Rozsa); 5. ROYAL WEDDING - Sunday Jumps (Lane); 6. RAINTREE COUNTY - The Song of 'Raintree County' (Green); 7. RAINTREE COUNTY - Three Themes For Orchestra (Green); 8. AN AMERICAN IN PARIS - Ballet (Gershwin/ Chaplin); 9. SILK STOCK-INGS - Silk Stockings (Porter); 10. EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS - Serenade For A New Baby (Green); 11. INVITATION - Theme (Kaper); 12. THE GLASS SLIPPER - Cinderella's Wedding Cake (Kaper); 13. THE BARRETS of WIMPOLE STREET - Wilt Thou Have My Hand (Stothart); 14. THE POWER AND THE PRIZE - Main Title (Kaper); 15. TWILIGHT OF HONOR - Love Theme (Green).

Primo Scala FBCD146

Primo Scala and His Accordian Band
FBCD146 - Total Playing Time: 77.13

1. We're On Our Way; 2. Twenty Miles To Nowhere; 3. COMEDY WALTZ SELECTION: Yip I Addy I Ay; I Took My Harp To A Party; The Man On The Flying Trapeze; Valencia; Mama Don't Want Know Peas; Oh Mama; 4. The Touch Of Your Lips; 5. Lost; 6. Maid of Brazil; 7. The Sunset Trail; 8. THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED SELECTION: The Girl Who Loves A Soldier; On The Outside Looking In; My Secret Love; Run Rabbit Run; There's Danger In The Waltz; FDR Jones.(v); 9. SIX HITS OF THE DAY No.52: Miss You; How Green Was My Valley; Deep In The Heart of Texas; Anniversary Waltz; I Don't Want To Walk Without You; Tica Ti Tica Ta (v); 10. SIX HITS OF THE DAY No. 37: Arm In Arm (Just You and Me); You Made Me Care; There's A Boy Coming Home On Leave; Moonlight Avenue; Let The Curtain Come Down; Mockin' Bird Lane; 11. SIX HIT MEDLEY: Let's Keep It That Way; I Told You A Lie; I Begged Her ; It's Been A Long Time; Out of The Night; It's A Grand Night For Singing; 12. On The Good Ship Lollipop; 13. The Duck Song; 14. SIX HIT MEDLEY No.12: When My Dream Boat Comes Home; Sweet Leilani; Smile When You say Goodbye; September In The Rain; On A Little Dream Ranch; Le Touguet; 15. PICK OF THE BUNCH MEDLEY: Somewhere In France With You; We'll Meet Again; Beer Barrel Polka; Boom; Goodnight Children Everywhere; FDR Jones; 16. The Swiss Bell-ringer; 17. I'll Never Make The Same Mistake Again; 18. Squibs Selection. (v) Jack Cooper.

Primo Scala FBCD147

Primo Scala and His Banjo and Accordian Band with the Keynotes
Bright and Breezy

FBCD147 - Total Playing Time: 77.21

1. Out of The Clear Blue Sky; 2. Love Me Forever; 3. Memory Of A Waltz; 4. Hey Neighbour; 5. Whisper Why You Waltz; 6. Bright Eyes; 7. You Wish Me To Forget You; 8. Music Box Tango; 9. Clap Hands Polka; 10. Arm In Arm (Just You & Me); 11. He Played His Ukelele As The Ship Went Down; 12. Oh! Monah; 13. Let's All Sing LikeThe Birdies Sing; 14. I Miss My Darling Daughter; 15. When The One You Love Loves You; 16. Lazy Whistler; 17. The Hayrid Polka; 18. If You Smile At The Sun; 19. Hoop-Diddle-Ee-I-Doo-Ra-Li-Ay; 20. Mockin' Bird Hill; 21. Where The Sweetheart Roses Grow; 22. Standing Beneath The Clock; 23. The Saturday Waltz; 24. SIX HIT MEDLEY No.7: Sam's Song; Goodnight Irene; Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; Mona Lisa; One Two Three A-laliah; If I Were A Blackbird; 25. Tho' I Wasn't Born in Ireland; 26. Lingering Down The Lane; 27. Man With The Banjo; 28. Bonnie Bonnie Charlie; 29. The Echo Rag.

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