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Showtime with Morton Gould & His Orchestra

CD  No.1 
1. THE WALTZ DREAM [Oscar Straus]; 2. SARI [Emmerich Kalman]; 3. THE MERRY WIDOW [Franz Lehar]; 4. THE VAGABOND KING [Rudolph Friml]; 5. THE CAT and THE FIDDLE [Jerome Kern]; 6. WHY DO I LOVE YOU? [Jerome Kern]; 7. SILK STOCKINGS [Cole Porter]; 8. ALL OF YOU [Cole Porter] OKLAHOMA! - Suite [Richard - Rodgers – Oscar Hammerstein 11] 9. 1. Introduction; Oh, What A Beautiful  Mornin’; The Surrey With The Fringe On Top; Kansas City; 10. 2. I Cain’t Say No; Many A New Day; It’s A Scandal! It’s a Outrage; People Will Say We’re In Love; 11. 3. Pore Jud Is Daid; Lonely Room; Out of My Dreams; 12. 4. The Farmer and the Cowman; Farmer Dance;  All er Nothin’;  Oklahoma.

CD  No.2
1. CAROUSEL – Suite [Richard Rodgers – Oscar Hammerstein 11
1. 1 Carousel Waltz; 2. 2 Mr. Snow, If I Loved You; 3. 3 June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!; When the Children Are Asleep; Hornpipe [Blow High, Blow Low]; 4. 4 Soliloquy; 5. 5. A Real Nice Clambake; Geraniums In The Window; What’s The Use of Wonder’rin; The Highest Judge Of All; You’ll Never Walk Alone; 6. FANNY  [Harold Rome]; 7. WHY BE AFRAID TO DANCE? [Harold Rome]; 8. ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE [Lerner &  Loewe]; 9. I’M SURE OF YOUR LOVE [Morton Gould] with Larry Adler; 10. THREE-QUARTER BLUES [George Gershwin]; 11. THE PERFUME OF YOUR LOVE [Cole Porter]; 12. MY BEST LOVE [Richard Rodgers]; 13. MERRY ANDREW [George Gershwin]; 14. LOVE FOR TWO [Morton Gould]; 15 HAPPY WITH THE BLUES [Harold Arlen]; 16. LULLABYE TIME [George Gershwin]; 17. TONIGHT I LOVE YOU MORE [Cole Porter]; 18. ONCE IN A MILLION MOONS [Jerome Kern]; 19. NIGHTWALK [Morton Gould]


EZIO PINZA In Hollywood, Opera, Radio, TV and Broadway.

CD No.1.
Mr. Imperium / Orch. By Johnny Green; 1. ANDIAMO [Harold Arlen –Dorothy Fields] w. Fran Warren; 2. MY LOVE & MY MULE [Arlen – Fields; 3. LET ME LOOK AT YOU [Arlen – Fields]; 4. YOU BELONG TO MY HEART [Lara – Gilbert]; 5. ICH LIEBE DICH, Op.5, No.3; [I Love You - Greig]; 6. DANCING IN THE DARK [1931 musical The Band Wagon] [Schwartz – Dietz]; 7. ONE NIGHT OF LOVE [Schertzinger – Kahn] [Film of same name]; 8. WITH A SONG IN MY HEART [Rodgers – Hart]  [1929 musical  Spring Is Here]; 9. FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE [Rodgers – Hart] [1938 musical Boys From Syracuse]; 10. FOR YOU ALONE [Henry E. Geehl – P.J.O’Reilly]. 11. EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS [Lane –Adamson] [1933 film Dancing Lady]; 12. I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS [Jones – Kahn] [1951 film Strictly Dishonorable] SOUTH PACIFIC ; 13. This Nearly Was Mine [w Groucho Marx]. 14. Bali Hai; 15. Twin Solliques; 16. Some Enchanted Evening; 17. Finale 18. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE [Kern – Hammerstein 11] [ Orch. – Norman Leyden]; 19. SO IN LOVE [Porter] [1949 musical Kiss Me Kate] [Orch. Norman Leyden]; 20. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT [Kern – Fields] [1936 film Swing Time] [Orch. Norman Leyden]; 21. SILENTLY INTO THE NIGHT I GO [Clara Edwards][ Gibner King, Piano]; 22. LUNA ROSA [Viscione – Goell] [Orch. Pete King] 23. ANEMA e CORE [With All My Heart & Soul] [Salve d’Esposito – Curtis – Akst] [Orch. Pete King]; 24. SEPTEMBER SONG [Weill – Anderson] 1938 musical Knickerbocker Holiday] [w. Tallulah Bankhead]; 25. DO YOU REMEMBER? [Levitzki] [ Gibner King, Piano]; 26. YESTERDAYS [Kern - Harbach] [1933 musical  Roberta] Orch. Johnny Green]

CD No.2.
1. I STILL SEE ELIZA [Loewe – Lerner] [1951 musical Paint Your Wagon] [Orch. Norman Leyden]. 2. ONE SONG [Churchill – Morey] [1938 film  Song White & The Seven Dwarfs] [Orch. Norman Leyden]; 3 TIMBER [Billy Hill – Bob Emmerich]; YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE [Davis – Mitchell] [w. Bing Crosby & John Scott Trotter, Orch.]; 4. WHEN YOU & I WERE YOUNG MAGGIE [McHugh – Hoff] [w. Patti Page – Orch. Carl Hoff] FANNY [Harold Rome] [Orch. Lehman Engel]; 5. WHY BE AFRAID TO DANCE? 6. WELCOME HOME; 7. I LIKE YOU [w. Wm. Tabbert]; 8. LOVE IS A VERY LIGHT THING; 9. OTHER HEARTS OTHER HANDS [w. Florence Henderson & Wm. Tabbert]; 10. BESAME MUCHO [Consuelo Velanquez – Sonny Skylar]; 11. Nel cor piu non mi sento [ WHY IS MY HEART NO LONGER GAY?] [Paisiello]; 12. JUST A KISS APART [Styne – Robin] [1949 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes]; 13. GIVE ME YOUR HAND [Stewart]; 14. MY CONCERTO [Alstone – Sid Tepper]; 1. LITTLE OLD STATE OF TEXAS [Brent – Cahn]; 16. THE WIND IS A WOMAN [Jones]; 17. LORD YOU MADE OUR MOSES; 18. DEEP RIVER [Henry Thacker Burleigh]; 19. TORNA a SURRIENTO [Ernesto & G. Battista deCurtis]; 20. KALINKA [Russian Folk Song][w. Balalaika Or.]. 21. BERNICE – Si tra I ceppi; [ Bernice - Handel]; 22. Non piu andrai [Nozze Di Figaro – Mozart]; 23. Madamina, il catalogo [Don Giovanni – Mozart]; 24. Le veau d’or [Calf of Gold] [ Faust – Gounod ] Orch. By Erich Leinsdorf; 25. [La] SERENATA [Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti] Gibner King, Piano; 26. Vecchia zimarra, senti [La Boheme - Puccini] Orch. by Cleva Fausto; 27. Vous qui faites l’endormie [Mephisto’s Serenade] [Faust - Gounod] Orch. by Erich Leinsdorf





1. SOME SUNNY DAY [Morgan – Kern] [VC-Cyril Shane]; 2. SWEET AS A SONG [Mack Gordon – Harry Revel] [Eddie Guray]; 3. IN A LITTLE TOY SAILBOAT [Mandel – Littau] [Eddie Guray]; 4. UMBRELLA MAN [James Cavaugh – Vincent Rose – Larry Stock] [George Barclay]; 5. OLD BILL & YOUNG BERT’S MEDLEY of WARTIME SONGS:- It’s A Long Way To Tipperary [Jack Judge – Harry B. Williams]; Beer Barrel Polka [Jaromir Vejvoda[; If You Were The Only Girl In The World [Nat D. Ayer – Clifford Grey]; South Of The Border [Jimmie Kennedy – Michael Carr]; Mademoiselle From Armetieres [Anon.}; Boomsy A Daisy [Annette Mills].[Vocal Chorus]; 6. BERLIN OR BUST [Parker –Charles] [George Barclay & Ch.]; 7. PINOCCHIO SELECTION: - When You  Wish Upon A Star; Turn On The Old Music Box; Three Cheers For Anything; Give A Little Whistle; Little Wooden Head; Hi-\Diddle-Dee-Dee; I’ve Got No Strings [Leigh Harline – Ned Washington] [Vocal; The Three Ginx]; 8. LET THE CURTAIN COME DOWN [Al Newman] [George Barclay]; 9. IN MY DREAM PARADE [Ralph Reader] [George Barclay]; 10. RAINBOW VALLEY [Edgar Leslie- Joe Burke] [The Three Ginx] 11. SAME OLD LOVERS’ LANE [O’Brien-Rome-Martin] [George Barclay]; 12. DOWN A TRAIL OF DREAMS [Foster – Connelly] [George Barclay]; 13. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN & MEAN WHAT YOU SAY [David –Hoffman – Livingstone] [Rita Williams]; 14. IF YOU EVER NEED A FRIEND [Flynn – Egan] [Harry Kaye]; 15. MOTHER’S LULLABY WALTZ [Gilbert – Barricini] [Harry Kaye]; 16. RAMBLIN’ ROSE [Noel Sherman – Joe Sherman] [Harry Kaye]; 17. ALL DRESSED UP WITH A BROKEN HEART [Fred Patrick – Claude Reese- Jack Val] [Harry Kaye]; 18. IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD WALTZ [Lee Watson – Jan Savitt –Harold Adamson] [Harry Kaye]; 19. I’D LOVE TO LIVE IN LOVELAND WALTZ [W.R. Williams (Will Rossiter) [Harry Kaye]; 20. “A” YOU’RE ADORABLE [Buddy Kaye – Fred Wise –Sidney Lippman] [Harry Kaye]; 21. MY DREAM IS YOURS [Harry Warren  - Ralph Blane] [Harry Kaye]; 22. BRUMAS X3! [Beech – Coton] [The Stargazers]; 23. A LOAD OF HAY [Narcissus] [Ethelbert Nevin] [The Stargazers]; 24. DOWN EVERY STREET [Art Noel – Don Pelosi] [ Alan Kane]




CD 1
1. MEDLEY: My Nellie’s Blue Eyes (William J, Scanlan); You Tell Me Your Dream, I’ll Tell You Mine (Charles N. Daniels [aka Neil Moret] – Albert H. Brown – Seymour Rice) Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie (Harry Von Tilzer – Andrew B. Sterling); Will You Love Me In December (Ernest R, Ball – James J. Walker]; By The Light Of The Silvery Moon [Gus Edwards – Edward Madden]; 2. BLAME IT ON MY ABSENT MINDED HEART. [Styne – Cahn] with Doris Day; 3. LADIES CHOICE, COME AWAY, AWAY; 4. THE CAVALIER [The Merry Widow] [Lehar – Ross] both with Rise Stevens & Chorus; 5. ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON [Ralph Blane] with Chorus; 6. RIDIN’ FOR A FALL; 7. NO YOU, NO Me [Loesser – Schwartz] both with Joan Leslie [dubbed by Sally Sweetland]; 8. MY MARRIAGE WILL BE ARRANGED; THERE ONCE WERE TWO PRINCES’ CHILDREN. [Lehar – Ross] with Rise Stevens & Chorus; 9. GOOD NIGHT, GOOD NEIGHBOUR [Loesser – Schwartz] w. Chorus; 10. MEDLEY: My Wild Irish Rose [Chauney Olcott]; *Wee Rose of Kilarney [M.K.Jerome – Ted Koehler]* with Chorus; 11. YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING [Warren – Dixon – Young]; VIENNA  DREAMS [Rudolp Sieczynski  - Irving Caesar] Lucille Norman; 12. THE DESERT SONG [Romberg –Hammerstein 11 – Harbach] with Ch.; 13. WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING; [Ball – Olcott – George Graff, Jnr.] with Orchestra See Track 4, CD2; 14. WITH A SONG IN MY HEART [Rodgers – Hart] w. Lucille Norman & Ch.;15. I DREAM OF JEANNIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN HAIR [Foster]; 16. SONG OF THE RIFFS [Romberg – Hammerstein 11 –  Harbach] with Chorus; 17. WOMEN [Franz Lehar – Adrian Ross]; 18. I LOVE YOU SO [The Merry Widow Waltz] [Lehar – Ross]  w. Rise Stevens; 9. TIP TOE THROUGH THE TULIPS [Burke – Dubin] with Lucille Norman; 20. EVERY DAY I LOVE YOU JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE [Styne - Cahn]; 21. I HAPPENED TO WALK DOWN FIRST STREET [Schwartz – Robin] with Janis Paige & Jack Carson; 22. YOU THINK THAT I DON’T LOVE YOU, OH BUT I DO [Schwartz – Robin] with Ch.; 23. THROUGH A THOUSAND DREAMS [Schwartz – Robin] with Carmen Cavallaro & Chorus; 24. WHAT DO THEY DO ON A RAINY NIGHT IN RIO [Schwartz – Robin] with Janis Paige, Jack Carson, Martha Vickers & Carmen Cavallaro & Chorus 25 OL’  BLACK JOE  [Foster] Intro. by Al Jolson 26 MAXIM’s [Franz Lehar – Adrian Ross]

CD 2
1. YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A YANK [Lane – Harburg] with Chorus; 2. CHRISTMAS MEDLEY - I’m Wishing That I May [Trad.]; 3. BATTLE HYMN of THE REPUBLIC [Steffe – Howe]; 4. WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING [Ball - Olcott - Graff, Jnr.] with Piano; 5. SHINE ON HARVEST MOON – FINALE [Bayes - Norworth] Intro.: Time Waits For No One (Friend – Tobias); with Ann Sheridan; 6. EASTERN AND WESTERN LOVE: LET LOVE GO - ONE FLOWER GROWS ALONE IN YOUR GARDEN - THE DESERT SONG [Romberg – Hammerstein; 11. – Mandel – Harbach] with Chorus; 7. THE LOST CHORD [ Sir Arthur Sullivan] w. Choir & Orchestra; 8. MOTHER MACHREE [ Ball - Olcott - Young]; 9. MONTAGE – SHINE ON HARVEST MOON Intro:  When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Normandy [Harry Gifford –Take Me Out To The Ball Game [Albert Von Tilzer – Jack Norworth] – I’ve Got A Garden In Sweden [C.W. Murphy – Hugh Owens – Dan Lipton] - Breezin’ Along With Breeze [Haven Gillespie – Seymour B. Simons – Richard A. Whiting] Who’s Your Honey Lamb [?] with Ann Sheridan; 10. THE WHIFFENPOOF SONG [Galloway – Pomeroy - Meade Niggerode] 11. I GO FOR YOU [M.K.Jerome – Kim Gannon] with Ann Sheridan; 12. ANNIE LAURIE [William Douglas -Lady John Douglas Scott] with Ch.; 13. GIRL IN CALICO [Schwartz – Robin] w. Jack Carson & Martha Vickers; 14. SONG OF THE RIFFS [Romberg – Hammerstein; 11. – Mandel – Harbach]; 15. THERE’S MUSIC IN THE LAND; [Styne – Cahn] with Jack Carson; 16. ALMA  MATER  OF CORNEL UNIVERSITY w. Ch. & Orchestra; 17. WAIT TILL THE SUN SHINES NELLIE [Harry Von Tilzer - Andrew B. Sterling]; ONE LITTLE SWEET LITTLE GIRL [Dan Sullivan] with Chorus; 18. YOU, YOU DARLIN’ [M.K.Jerome – Scholl ]; 19. I DON’T CARE IF IT RAINS ALL NIGHT [Styne – Cahn] with Dorothy Malone; 20. SHINE ON HARVEST MOON [Bayes – Norworth]  Intro: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon [ Gus Edwards –Edward Madden]; 21 MY  OLD KENTUCKY HOME [Stephen Foster] with Al Jolson; 22. LONG LIVE THE NIGHT; THE DESERT SONG [Sigmund Romberg - Oscar Hammerstein 11 – Frank Mandel – Otto Harbach]; 23. ONLY A ROSE [Friml -  Hooker – W.H.Post] with Kathryn Grayson; 24 FINALE – MY WILD IRISH ROSE - Finale [Chauncey Olcott] Intro: I’d Show You The Way To Kerry Fair - There’s Room In My Heart For Them All [[M.K.Jerome - Ted Koehler]– Wee Rose of Killarney [M.K. Jerome – Ted Koehler] – My Wild Irish Rose with Unknown Girl & Chorus; 25. SONG OF THE VAGABONDS [Rudolph Friml - Brian Hooker].

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TIME TO LISTEN – Morton Gould & His Orchestra

1. LOVE WALKED IN [George &  Ira Gershwin] [1938 film Goldwyn Follies]; 2. I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE [McHugh – Fields ] [1935 film Every Night At Eight]; 3. LET’S FALL IN LOVE [Arlen – Koehler][1934 film of same title]; 4. TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME [Parlami d’Amore, Mariu] [C.A. Bixio – Al Stillman]; 5. SPEAK TO ME OF LOVE [Parlez  Moi d’Amour] [Lenoir - Siever]; 6. EASY TO LOVE [Porter}[1936 musical Anything Goes] [Leonid Hambro, Piano]; 7. MY SILENT LOVE [Suesse – Heyman]; 8. I LOVE YOU [[Archer – Thompson] [1923 musical Little Jesse James]; 9. I LOVE THEE [Ich Liebe Dich] Op.5, No.3 [Edvard Grieg] New York; 10. MACK THE KNIFE [Weill –  Brecht] Three Penny Opera – 1st N.Y. performance 13/4/1933]; 11. SPEAK LOW [Weill – Nash ] [O ne Touch of Venus – 1943]; 12. LOST IN THE STARS [Weill – Anderson] [Lost In The Stars – 1949] 13. TRAIN TO JOHANNESBURG [Weill – Anderson] [Lost In The Stars – 1949]; 14. MY SHIP [Weill – Anderson] [Lady In The Dark -1941] 15. I GOT A MARBLE and A STAR [Weill – Hughes] [Street Scene – 1947] 16. SEPTEMBER SONG [Weill – Anderson] [Knickerbocker Holiday -1938]; 17. Berlin  MACK THE KNIFE [Weill – Brecht] [Three Penny Opera – 1928]; 18. MARIE GALANTE [J’attends un navire] [Weill – Deval] [Marie Galante – 1933] 19. SURABAYA JOHNNY [Weill – Brecht] [Happy End – 1929]; 20. THEME FROM “MAHAGONNY” [Weill – Brecht] [Mahagonny – 1927, revised 1930]; 21. POLLY’S SONG [Weill – Brecht] [Three Penny Opera -1928]; 22. BILBAO SONG; [Weill – Brecht] [Happy End – 1929]; 23. Morton Gould talks about Kurt Weill.





Victor Light Opera Company conducted by Leonard Joy.

THE  DOLL GIRL{1913] [Harry B. Smith] Come On Over Here; When Three Is Company; That’s Love With A Capital L; If We Were On Our Honeymoon; Will It All End In Smoke; Finale  4.15; 2. THE MARRIAGE MARKET [1913] [Music also by Victor  Jacobi., Lyrics: M.E.Rourke] A Little Bit Of Silk; Oh Could I Find The Woman I’m Looking For; I’m Looking For An Irish Husband; Boys; Futurist. Finale.  4.18; 3. HAVE A HEART [1917] [Lyrics: Guy Bolton and P.G.Wodehouse]; I’m So Bud; And I’m All Alone; The Road That Lies; Honeymoon Inn; You Said Something; Finale,  4.07; 4. LOVE O’ MIKE [1917] ]Harry B. Smith] Look In The Book; It Wasn’t My Fault; Drift With Me; We’ll See; I Wonder Why; Finale Finale,  4.04; 5. SHE’S A GOOD FELLOW [1919] [Anne Caldwell] Some Party; The First Rose Of Summer; Jubilo; Teacher Teacher; I’ve Been Waiting For You All The Time; Finale  4.21; 6. THE  NIGHT BOAT [1920][Anne Caldwell] Good Night Boat; I Love The Lassies [ I Love Them All] ; WhoFBCD228Kern.jpgse Bay Are You?;  Left All  Alone Blues; Finale.  4.20; 7. OH! BOY [1917] [ Guy Bolton – G.P. Wodehouse]  A Pal Like You; Nesting Time In Flatbush; An Old Fashioned Wife; Till The Clouds Roll By.  3.58; 8. ROBERTA: Touch Of Your Hand; Yesterday; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.  4.41; 9. MUSIC IN THE AIR: I’ve Told Every Little Star; One More Dance; The Song Is You; When Spring Is In The Air.  4.16; 10. CAT & THE FIDDLE: The Night Was Made For Love; She Didn’t Say Yes;  One Moment Alone; Try To Forget.  4.57; 11. SHOW BOAT: Make Believe; Your Are Love; Misery Motive; Can’t Help  Lovin’ Dat Man;  Why Do I Love You?; Bill;  Ol’ Man River.  9.18; 12. SALLY: Wild Rose; Whip  Poor Will; Look For The  Silver Lining.  4.33; 13. SWEET  ADELINE: ‘Twas Not  So Long Ago; Here Am I; Why Was I Born;  Don’t Ever Leave Me.  4.22; 14. VERY GOOD EDDIE:  Isn’t It Great To Be Married;  Some Sort Of Somebody; On The Shore of Lee Lee; Babes In The Wood.  4.10; 15. LEAVE IT TO JANE: Siren Song; What I’m Longing To Say; The Sun Shines  Brighter; The  Crickets Are Calling.  4.43; 16. THE GIRL FROM UTAH: Why Don’t They Dance The Polka Any-More; Land of Let’s Pretend; Same Sort Of Girl; They Didn’t Believe Me.  4.29; 17. SUNNY:  Who; NIGHT BOAT:  Left Alone Again Blues: GOOD MORNING DEARIE: Ka-lu A. SUNNY: Sunny  4.11;
Total Playing Time 79.51



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