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NELSON EDDY – G & S and THE GIRLS PLATTER SONGS from G & S. Chorus & Orchestra conducted by Robert Armbruster

PLATTER SONGS from G. & S. Chorus & Orchestra conducted by Robert Armbruster 1. When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment [Pirates]; 2. When The Foeman Bears His Steel [Pirates]; 3. If You’re Anxious For To Shine [Patience]; 4. When I Good Friends [Trial]; 5. My Boy, You May Take It From Me [Ruddigore]; 6. Rising Early In The Morning [Gondoliers]; 7. If You Give Me Your Attention [Princess]; 8. Whene’r I Spoke To Thee [Princess]; 9. My Object All Sublime [Mikado]; 10. Oh! A Private Buffoon [Yeoman]; 11. Lord Chancellor’s Song [Iolanthe]; 12. My Name Is John Wellington Wells [Sorcerer]; 13. I Am Monarch Of The Sea [Pinafore]; 14. When I Was A Lad [Pinafore]; 15 Major General’s Song [Pinafore];
OF GIRLS I SING Unnamed accompanying Orchestra; 16. Rachel [Waldosaft – Webb]; 17. CHARMAINE [Rapee – Pollack]; 18. RIO RITA [ McCarthney – Tierney]; 19. PEG O’ MY HEART [Bryan – Fischer]; 20 BLACK EYED SUSIE; 21. LAURA [Raksin – Mercer]; 22. MARIA [1959 The Sound of Music] [R.& H.]; 23. STELLA BY STARLIGHT [Young – Washington]; 24. DELILAH [Nichols]; 25. BIANCA [1949 musical Kiss Me Kate] [Porter]; 26. DOLORES [Alter – Loesser]; 27. MARTA [Simons – Gilbert]; Total Playing Time 72.30



Andre Previn


DUKE ELLINGTON Andre Previn, His Piano & His Orchestra 1. I GOT IT BAD [Webster]; 2. SATIN DOLL [Strayhorn – Mercer]; 3. I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEART [Nemo - Redmond - Mills]; 4. PERDIDO [Tizol - Longsfeler - Drake]; 5. SOLITUDE [DeLange - Mills]; 6. LE SUCRIER VELOURS; 7. A PORTRAIT OF BERT WILLIAMS; 8. A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE; 9. IT DON’T MEAN A THING [If It Ain’t Got That Swing] [Irving Mills]; 10. PRELUDE TO A KISS [Mills – Gordon]; 11. WHAT AM I HERE FOR [Laine]; 12. SOPHISTICATED LADY [Parish - Mills] JIMMY McHUGH Andre Previn, His Trio and Orchestra; 13. A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING [Adamson]; 14. I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE [Fields]; 15. I CAN’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE [Fields]; 16. DON’T BLAME ME [Fields]; 17. I MUST HAVE THAT MAN [Fields]; 18. TOO LATE MY LOVE; 19. LOSE ME NOW; 20. WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET [Austin – Mills ]; 21. DIGA DIGA DOO [Fields]; 22. I’M SHOOTING HIGH [Koehler]; 23 I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ME [Clarence Gaskill ]; 24. IT’S A MOST UNUSUAL DAY [Adamson]; 25. EXACTLY LIKE YOU [Fields]; 26. ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET [Fields]



Gershwin Gems

GERSHWIN GEMS, MEDLEYS AND SONGS Recordings from the ‘20s & ‘30s

Gems from OF THEE I SING [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1931 Wintergreen for President/Who Cares?/Of Thee I Sing/Love Is Sweeping the Country - Jane Froman, Sonny Schuyler, Chorus; Gems from GIRL CRAZY [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1930 I Got Rhythm/Bidin’ My Time/Embraceable You - Jane Froman, Felix Knight, Chorus; Gems from PORGY AND BESS [Lyrics by Dubose Heyward & Ira Gershwin] 1935 Intro/I Got Plenty of Nuttin’/My Man’s Gone Now/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/Oh, I Can’t Sit Down/It Ain’t Necessarily So - Jane Froman, Sonny Schuler, Felix Knight, Chorus; Gems from OH, KAY! [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1926 Maybe/Do, Do, Do/Clap Yo’ Hands/Someone To Watch Over Me - Sonny Schuyler, Jane Froman, Chorus; Gems from LADY BE GOOD and TIP-TOES [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1924/1925 Oh, Lady Be Good (from Lady Be Good)/Sweet and Lowdown (from Tip-Toes)/So Am I (from Lady Be Good)/Fascinating Rhythm (from Lady Be Good) - Jane Froman, Sonny Schuler, Felix Knight, Chorus; Medley of 1920s GERSHWIN TUNES [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin, Ralph Herman, Arthur Jackson, B. MacDonald, B. G. De Sylva, Ballantine, P. G. Wodehouse] Swanee (from Sinbad)/South Seas Isle (from George White Scandals)/That Certain Feeling (from Tip-Toes) Somebody Loves Me (from George White Scandals)/The Man I Love (cut from Strike Up the Band)/Oh, Gee, Oh, Joy (from Rosalie)/S’Wonderful (from Funny Face)/Do It Again (from The French Doll)/Strike Up the Band (from Strike Up the Band) - Jane Froman, Sonny Schuler, Felix Knight, Chorus; Tracks 1 - 6: Nathiel Shilkret conducting The Victor Salon Group Recorded from the RCA Music Key Gershwin Memorial program, July 10, 1938 (released as RCA-Victor LPT 3055 E4VL-5017/5018 released 1954) Gems from LET ‘EM EAT CAKE [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1933 Intro/Mine/Let ‘Em Cake/Down With Everyone Who’s Up/On and On and On/Mine - Ramona & Bob Lawrence (Vocals) with Paul Whiteman conducting. Victor 39003 mx CS 78295-1 (recorded 1932); Dance Medley from OF THEE I SING 1931 [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] Of Thee I Sing/Who Cares?/Love Is Sweeping the Country/Of Thee I Sing – Abe Lyman & His Californians Phil Neely, Frank Sylvano, Dick Robertson (Vocals) Brunswick 20103 mx BX11189A (released 1932); Instrumental Medley from TIP-TOES [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1925; Looking for a Boy/Sweet and Lowdown/That Certain Feeling/When Do We Dance? Phil Ohman - Victor Arden and Their Orchestra Brunswick 3035-A& B (recorded 1926); Instrumental Medley from FUNNY FACE [Lyrics by Ira Gershwin] 1928 Intro/ He Loves and She Loves/ Let’s Kiss and Make Up/ S’Wonderful/ My One and Only/ Funny Face/ The Babbitt and the Bromide/ He Loves and She Loves – Debroy Somers and His Band Col o 9576 mx WAX-4333/34-1 (recorded 1928); My Cousin from Milwaukee (from Pardon My English)[Lyric by Ira Gershwin] 1933 Eddy duchin & His Central Park Casino Orchestra Gertrude Niesen Brunswick 6476 mx B 12897-B; Oh, Gee! Oh, Joy! (from Rosalie) [Lyric by Ira Gershwin & P. G. Wodehouse] 1928 Ben Selvin & His Orchestra Lewis James (Vocal) Columbia 1285-D mx 145575-2 (recorded 1928); Soon (from Strike Up the Band) [Lyric by Ira Gershwin] 1929 VictorArden-Phil Ohman and Their Orchestra Lewis James (Vocal) Victor 22308 mx BVE 58639-1 (recorded 1930); Do What You Do (from Show Girl) [Lyric by Ira Gershwin & Gus Kahn] 1929 Zelma O’Neal with Al Goodman & His Orchestra Brunswick E 30592 (recorded 1929); I’d Rather Charleston (from Lady Be Good) [Lyric by Desmond Carter] 1924 Fred & Adele Astaire with George Gershwin (piano) Columbia (England) 3970 (recorded: Columbia (England) 3970 (recorded 1926); Liza (All the Cloud’ll Roll Away) (from Show Girl) [Lyric by Ira Gershwin & Gus Kahn) 1929 Ipana Troubadours Smith Ballew (vocal) Columbia 1903-D mx W 14836-3 (recorded 1929)


Sergio Franchi


1. JEAN [Rod McKuen]; 2. SO IN LOVE [Porter]; 3. ON A CLEAR DAY [Lerner & Lowe]; 4. AND I LOVE YOU SO [Don McKuen]; 5. HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT {Kristofferson]; 6. SPEAK SOFTLY [Love Theme to “The Godfather”]Rota-Kusik]; 7. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER [Renis-Testa-Newell]; 8. GIGI [Lerner & Lowe]; 9. ARRIVERDERCI ROMA; [Pascell – Garinei- Giovanni-Sigman]; 10. THE FALLING LEAVES; [Carle – David] 11. MARIA [Bernstein- Sondheim]; 12. ANEMA E CORE [With All My Heart & Soul][d’Esposito – Curti – Askt]; 13. THE SONG IS YOU [Kern – Hammerstein 11]; 14. LONELY IS THE MAN WITHOUT LOVE [Quando Mannamoro][Pace-Panzeri-Livraghi-Mason]; 15. CORE INGRATO [Cardillo]; 16. MORE [Alstone – Glazer]; 17. SERENADE IN THE NIGHT [C.A.Bixio – Cherubini – Kennedy]; 18. THE MORE I SEE YOU [Warren – Gordon]; 19. THIS HEART OF MINE [Borge – Franchi]; 20. AMMORE MIO [My Love]; 21 THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE [Mandel – Webster]; 22. I’LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN [Lowe]; 23. OPEN YOUR HEART [Madonna – Cole – Rafelson]; 24. SOMEWHERE MY LOVE [Jarre – Webster]; 25. STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT [Kaempfert – Singleton – Synder]; 26. SERENATA [Anderson-Parish]; 27. I HAVE BUT ONE HEART [Symes – Farrow].

Carlo Butti

CARLO BUTI - “La Voce d’Amore”

1. Canzone Eterna [Valente-Fiorelli]; 2. Notti Fiorentine [Gramigni-C. Bruno]; 3. Serenata Spensierata [De Paolis-Bertini]; 4. L’Ultima Rondinella [E. Rusconi-C. Bruno]; 5. Ti Voglio Bene In Italiano [D. Caslar-M. Galdieri]; 6. Stornello a Mezza Voce, Stornello a Media Voz [Raimondo-Buti-Lapo]; 7. Vigneto D’Autunno [Mastrangelo-Fusco]; 8. Pipipiruli [Fiore-Valente]; 9. Vecchio Cuore [G. Pagano-B. Cherubini]; 10. Nonna Nonna a Surriento [Bonavolonta-Manlio] 11. Serenata A Serenella [Trama-Marolla] 12. Canto per Cantare [Zuccoli-Fagiolo]; 13. Vent’Anni [Ruccione-Mezzaroma]; 14. Arrivederci Maria Marietta [G. Militello-L.L. Martelli e A. Mari]; 15. Stelluccia [Lay-Fagiolo]; 16. Quando Spunta La Luna [E. Frati] 17. Mamma Non Dirmi Nulla [Lama-Galdieri] 18. Demonio Biondo [Simonetti-Sussain]; 19. Facci una Fischiatina – Da un Silbidito [Di Lazzaro-Morbelli]; 20. Rondinella [Frustaci-Cherubini]; 21. Canto Della Nostalgia [W. Rosen-U. Bertini]; 22. Popolanella Mia [D. Vasin-U. Bertini]; 23. Oro di Napoli [A. Brigada-U. Bertini]; 24. Papaveri E Papere, Amapolas Y Patitos [Mascheroni-Panzeri-Rastelli]; 25. Campana Dell’Addio [G. Raimondo-E. Frati]



It was wonderful then


[Will sell the CDs separately to those not wanting The Set]
CD No.1
1. ARE YOU IN THE MOOD FOR MISCHIEF? [Revel –Gordon] [1938 film Tailspin]; 2. CECILIA [Dreyer – Ruby]; 3. WITH THE WIND & THE RAIN IN YOUR HAIR [Edwards – Lawrence]; 4. I WONDER WHAT’S BECOME OF SALLY [Ager – Yellen]; 5. OUTSIDE OF THAT I LOVE YOU [Berlin] [1941 film Louisiana Purchase ] with Dinah Shore; 6. JUST A LITTLE BIT SOUTH OF NORTH CAROLINA [Skylar – Cannon – Shaftel] w. The Four Belles; 7. WE GO WELL TOGETHER [Robin – Kent] w. The Four Belles; 8. LITTLE SIR ECHO [J.S. Fearis – L. R. Smith]; 9. YOU MUST’VE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY [Warren – Mercer] [1938 film Hard To Get]; 10. DRIFTING DOWN THE RIVER OF DREAMS [Lawrence ]; 11. THAT CREAKING OLD MILL ON THE CREEK; [Lewis – Stock – Rose]; 12 THERE’S A FAR AWAY LOOK IN YOUR EYES [Hay Una Langui leven Tui [jos] [Taylor – Mizzy]; 13. FIGARO [Leeven – Stock – Rose]; 14. SO HELP ME [If I Don’t Love You] [Delange – Van Heusen]; 15 SWEETHEARTS OR STRANGERS [Davis – Wayne]; 16. IT WAS WONDERFUL THEN [& It’s Wonderful Now] [Mills] w. The Four Belles; 17. ORANGE BLOSSOM LANE [De Rose – Parish – Kenny]; 18. PAY ME NO MIND [McMichen]; 19. ANGEL [Parish – DeRose] [1945 Film Earl Carroll’s Vanities]; 20. THE SUN HAS GONE DOWN ON OUR LOVE [Mitchell – Mulligan]; 21. IT’S YOUR WORRY NOW [Montgomery]; 22. MY! MY! [Loesser – McHugh] [1939 film Destry Rides Again]; 23. WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR HEART? [Stillman – Ahlen]; 24 I TOLD YOU SO [Griffin – Davis]; 25 RUSHIN’ AROUND ON RUSH STREET [Ballatine – Craig] w. The Four Belles; 26. ALL AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE [Klein – Stuart] w. Mark Warnow & His Hit Parade

CD No.2
1. MEDLEY: SCHOOL DAYS; I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY I LOVE YOU, BUT I DO/SUNBONNET SUE [Edwards – Cobb ]; 2. LOVE DOESN’T GROW ON TREES [Freed – Lane] [1948 film A Song Is Born ]; 3. ANGELINE [Rothman – Rose]; 4. SAY IT WITH A KISS [Mercer – Warren] [1938 film Going Places]; 5. YOU CAN’T TELL A LIE TO YOUR HEART [ Jesse Greer ]; 6. GOLDEN SAILS ON A SEA OF BLUE [Coleman – Melton] w. Jerry Packer Chorus; 7. AS LONG AS WE’RE TOGETHER [Friend – Franklin]; 8. CATHEDRAL IN THE PINES [Kenny]; 9. SIXTY SECONDS GOT TOGETHER [David – Livingston]; 10. YOU LOOK GOOD TO ME [Rose – Donaldson] 11. DADDY’S LITTLE BOY [Collins] w. Chorus; 12 ARE YOU GAME TO PLAY THE GAME WITH ME? [E. Lisbona – Dergdorf] w. Chorus; 13. A ROOM WITH A VIEW w. Artie Shaw & His Orch. 14. WHEN THE ONE YOU LOVE LOVES YOU [E. Lisbona – Lubin] w. Chorus; 15. RAIN OR SHINE [MacLean – Birks] w. Ensemble; 16. DADDY, YOU’VE BEEN A MOTHER TO ME [Fred Fisher ] w. Ensemble 17. LET ME KNOW [Willet] w. The Commanders; 18. BUMMING AROUND [Graves] w. The Commanders 19. WHAT GOES ON BEHIND YOUR EYES? [Bernier – Emmerich] w. ‘The Three Reasons’ [Girls Trio]; 20. SADDLE YOUR DREAMS [ Tinturin]; 21. IT TOOK A MILLION YEARS [Wolfe – Clinton]; 22. WHEN I GO A DREAMIN’ [Boland – Reichner] [from “All Around The Town” [1938]; 23. A HOME IN THE CLOUDS [Parker, Goodman, Henderson & Carter] w. ‘The Three Reasons’ [Girls Trio]; 24. AT A LITTLE HOT DOG STAND [Coslow – Spier] w. ‘The Three Seasons’ [Girls Trio]; 25. I’M WAITING FOR SHIPS THAT NEVER COME IN [Yellen – Olman] 26 THE GIRL IN THE BONNET OF BLUE [Ross Parker]; 27. SOMEBODY NOBODY KNOWS [Warren – Green]

CD No 3
1. THE MAN WITH THE BANJO [Mellin – Reichel] w. the Jimmy Leyden Singers; 2. CHANGE PARTNERS [Berlin] [1938 film Carefree]; 3. DREAM VALLEY [Kenny – Burke]; 4. MY REVERIE [Debussy – Clinton[w. Artie Shaw and his Orch.; 5. THREE AT A TABLE FOR TWO [Johnson – Gottler]; 6. MEDLEY: BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON; TAMMANY; GOODBYE, LITTLE GIRL, GOODBYE. [Edwards – Madden –V. P. Bryan-Cobb]; 7. TINY OLD TOWN [Adams – Lombardo]; 8. YOU’VE GOT YOUR MOTHER’S BIG BLUE EYES [Berlin]; 9. MOTHER MACHREE [Young – Olcott – Ball]; 10. CAN’T GET INDIANA OFF MY MIND [De Leon – Carmichael]; 11. MY GREATEST MISTAKE [O’Brien] 12. [I Won’t Worry] IT’S ALL OVER NOW [Lange – Porter] w. Male Trio; 13. MAKE BELIEVE ISLAND [Kenny – Grosz]; 14. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR MOTHER [Reese – Ross – Burnett]; 15. SHE’S MY EASTER LILY [Lisbona – Twooney – Wise] w.Jerry Packer Chorus; 16. YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE [But The One Who’s In Love With You] [Dixson – Henderson] w.Jerry Packer Chorus; 17. I PAID FOR THE LIE I TOLD YOU [Light – Sherman – Hoffman] 18. I’M MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU [Coots – Davis] w. Artie Shaw and his Orch.;19. GOODNIGHT, MOTHER; 20. TOO OLD TO CUT THE MUSTARD [Carlisle]; 21. SWEET DREAMS, SWEETHEART [Jerome – Koehler] [1944 film Hollywood Canteen]; 22. OLD MILL WHEEL [Ager –Davis – Greer]; 23. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN [Seiler – Marcus – Benjamin]; 24. MARIE ELENA [Barcelata – Russell]; 25. I’M BUILDING A SAILBOAT OF DREAMS [Friend – Franklin]; 26. WHEN YOU SAID GOODBYE [Seymour – Grant]

Carlo Butti



1. BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES [Trad. Delmore – Smith – Capehart]; 2. MOCKIN’ BIRD HILL [Horton]; 3. SWEET VIOLETS [Trad.]; 4. TOO YOUNG [Lippman –Dee]; 5. SLOW COACH [UK], SLOW POKE [US] King – R. Stewart – C. Price]; 6. IF YOU SMILE AT THE SUN [Hoffman-Gordon-Carr]; 7. A KISS FOR EVERY CANDLE - Waltz [Feahy – Barnes]; 8 ECHO RAG [Casselden]; 9. AUF WIEDERSEH’N, SWEETHEART [Storch – Sexton – Turner]; 10. FROM THE TIME YOU SAY G’BYE [The Parting Song] [Sturdy]; 11. BANANA FINGERS [Boogie Woogie] [Arden]; 12. I’D LOVE TO FALL ASLEEP [Miller – Caste]; 13. IS IT ANY WONDER [Gottler – Hayes – Rodde] [V.C. Doreen Harris] 14 WHEN THE WORLD FORGETS – Waltz [David Burke] V.C. Harry Kaye] 15. PRETTY LITTLE QUAKER GIRL [Parr-Davies - Campbell-Hunter] [V.C. George Barclay]; 16. WHEN YOU COME TO THE END OF A JOURNEY [Box – Cox] [V.C. George Barclay]; 17. LITTLE CHILDREN SINGING – Ballad [Towers – White] [V.C. The Hampstead Girls]; 18. KISS ME G’NIGHT SGT. MAJOR [Noel – Pelosi] [V.C. ]; 9. BY A WISHING WELL – Waltz [Hamilton – Kennedy – Grosz] [V.C. George Barclay]; 20. I’M PRAYING TONIGHT FOR THE OLD FOLKS AT HOME [Spencer Williams] [V.C. Alan Kane] 21. FOX TROT MEDLEY - White Christmas [Berlin]; You Are My Sunshine [Davis - Mitchell]; Be Careful It’s My Heart [Berlin] [Inst.] 22. LOVE SERENADE [Drigo – Forrest – Wright] [V.C.]; 23. RAGS TO RICHES [Adler – Ross ] [Inst.]; 24. RICHOCHET [Rick-O-Shay] [Coleman – Darion – Gimbel] [Inst.]; 25 OLD PI-ANNA RAG [Bryce – Phillips]; 26. BRING ME A BLUEBIRD [Ballard] [V.C.] V.C. Trks. 1 – 10 The Bolinks 11-12 & 25 The Song Pedlers


An Moffa

ANNA MOFFA, SOLO & in duet with SERGIO FRANCHI arranged & conducted by Henri Rene

1. SWEETHEARTS [Herbert – Smith] [1913 operetta Sweethearts]; 2. A KISS IN THE DARK; {Herbert – DeSylva] [1922 operetta Orange Blossoms]; 3. LOVER, COME BACK TO ME [Romberg- Oscar Hammerstein 11] [1928 operetta The New Moon]; 4. YOU ARE LOVE [Kern – Oscar Hammerstein 11] [1927 operetta Show Boat ]; 5. INDIAN LOVE CALL [Friml – Stothart – Harbach] [1924 operetta Rose Marie]; 6. AH, SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE [ Herbert – Young] [1910 operetta Naughty Marietta]; 7. YOURS IS MY HEART ALONE [Lehar – Smith] [1931 operetta Das Land des Lachelas]; 8.I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN [Noel Coward] [1929 operetta Bitter Sweet]; 9. MY HERO [Oscar Straus – Strange] [1909 operetta The Chocolate Soldier]; 10. ONE ALONE [ Romberg – Hammerstein 11] [1926 operetta The Desert Song]; 11. SOME DAY [Friml – Hooker] [1925 operetta The Vagabond King]; 12. WILL YOU REMEMBER [Romberg – Young] 1917 operetta Maytime] Skitch Henderson conducting The RCA Victor Orchestra; 13. ONE NIGHT OF LOVE [Schetzinger – Kahn] [1934 film of the same title]; 14. LOVER [Rodgers – Hart] [1932 film Love Me Tonight] 15. IF I LOVED YOU [Rodgers – Hammerstein 11] [1945 musical Carousel]; 16. ITALIAN STREET SONG [Herbert – Young] [1910 operetta Naughty Marietta]; 17. KISS ME AGAIN [Herbert – DeSylva] [1905 operetta Mlle. Modiste ]; 18. VILA [ Lehar – Ross] [1905 operetta Die Lustige Witwe]; 19 FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE [Rodgers – Hart] [1938 musical The Boys From Syracuse]; 20. STARS IN MY EYES [Kreisler – Fields] [1919 operetta Apple Blossoms]; 21. STRANGE MUSIC [Grieg – Wright – Forrest] [1944 musical Song of Norway]; 22. I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN [ Noel Coward] [1929 operetta Bitter Sweet]; 23. LOVE, IS WHERE YOU FIND IT [Brown –Brent] [1948 film The Kissing Bandit]; 24. ALWAYS [Irving Berlin] [1925 film The Cocoanuts]


Victor Herbert On stage

VICTOR HERBERT ON STAGE – Roger Wagner Chorale, Al Goodman & Andre Kostelanetz & their Orchestras.

01. In Old New York [The Red Mill ]; 02. Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life [Naughty Marietta ]; 03. Every Day Is Ladies Day With Me [The Red Mill]; 04. A Kiss In The Dark [Orange Blossoms]; 05. I’m Falling In Love With Someone [Naughty Marietta]; 06. Kiss Me Again [Mlle. Modiste] 07. Toyland [Babes In Toyland]; 08. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp [Naughty Marietta]; 09. Indian Summer; 10. Slumber On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart [The Fortune Teller]; 11. When You’re Away [The Only Girl]; 12. Thine Alone [Eileen]; 13. Moonbeams [The Red Mill] SWEETHEARTS Al Goodman, His Orchestra & The Guild Choristers [Herbert - Smith]; 14. Sweethearts – Frances Greer & Jimmy Carroll; 15. Every Lover Must Meet His Fate – Earl Wrightson; 16. Game of Love – Earl Wrightson & The Guild Choristers; 17. The Angelus – Frances Greer & The Guild Choristers; 18. Jeanette And Her Little Wooden Shoes – Christina Lind & The Guild Choristers; 19. Pretty As A Picture - Earl Wrightson & The Guild Choristers; 20. To The Land Of My Own Romance – Frances Greer & Jimmy Carroll; 21. I Might Be Your Once-In-A-While – Frances Greer & Earl Wrightson VICTOR HERBERT MEDLEY Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra; 22. Victor Herbert Medley [Intro/Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life/‘Neath; The Southern Moon/The Italian Street Song / Sweethearts/ March; Of The Toys/Toyland/Streets Of New York/Thine Alone]


Skip Martin

Sounds & Songs from the Era of THE UNTOUCHABLES.


1. The Untouchables - Part 1; 2. The Untouchable - Part 2; 3. Black Bottom; 4. Poor Little Ma Barker; 5. RSVP Mr. Dillinger; 6. Sing-Sing Blues; 7. Chicago; 8. Valentines Day Massacre; 9. Charleston; 10. Speakeasy Blues; 11. Getaway Stomp; 8 Brass, 5 Sax, 4 Rhythm Arranged & conducted by Skip Martin; 12. [It Will Have To Do] Until The Real Thing Comes Along; 13. Truckin’; 14. East of The Sun [And West of The Moon]; 15. Bye Bye Blackbird; 16. Bidin’ My Time 17. The Best Things In Life Are Free; 18. Do-Do-Do; 19. Drivin’ Home; 20. You Turned The Tables On Me; 21. There’s Danger in Your Eyes Cherie; 22. I Concentrate On You; 23. Vila



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