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Musicals Vol. 1
The Vagabond King (Chicago Theatre of the Air); 2. The Lady in Ermine (The Palmolive Beauty Box Theatre); 3. Some Enchanted Evening (Recording);
Total Time: 75.10

Casts: The Vagabond King (12/12/53), Thomas L. Thomas, Nancy Carr, Gloria Lane, Muriel Bremler, Everette Clarke, Marion Clare (Narrator), Orchestra and Chorus by Henry Webber, The Lady In Ermine (28/4/37), Thomas L. Thomas, Jessica Dragonette, Jean Paul King (Narrator), Musical director and orchestra conductor: Al Goodman

Musicals Vol. 2
Countess Maritza (Chicago Theatre of the Air), Rio Rita (The Palmolive Beauty Box Theatre), The Student Prince Medley (Victor Recording DC 24-5 12955-A/DC 24-6 12955-B), My Maryland Medley (Victor Recording DC 24-4 12594-A)
Total Time: 75.13

Casts: Countess Maritza (3/12/49), Thomas L. Thomas, Nancy Carr, Ruth Slater, Marion Clare (Narrator), Orchestra and Chorus by Henry Webber, Rio Rita (3/2/1937), Thomas L. Thomas, Jessica Dragonette, Alan Reed (billed as Teddy Bergman), Jean Paul King (Narrator), Musical director and orchestra conductor: Al Goodman, The Student Prince Medley, (Intro/Students’ Marching Song/Golden Days/Come Boys/Deep In My Heart), Thomas L. Thomas, Helen Marshall, Victor Light Opera Company, Orchestra under the direction of Nathaniel Shilkret, My Maryland, (Intro/Boys In Gray/Silver Moon/Your Land Is My Land) As above

Musicals Vol. 3
Music In The Air (Chicago Theatre of the Air) The Desert Song Medley (Victor Recording DC24-7 12954 -B), The New Moon Medley (Victor Recording DC 24-9 12951 B / DC24-10 12952 B) The Red Mill Medley (Victor Recording C33-10 12593–B) The Fortune Teller Medley (Victor Recording C33-3 12590-A)3.10 Naughty Marietta Medley (The Magic Key 29/1/39 / Victor Recording C33-1 12589-A / C33-2 12589-B)
Total Time: 76.07

Casts: Music In The Air (17/10/53) Thomas L. Thomas; Nancy Carr, Lois Gentile, Marion Clare, Muriel Montel, Butler Manville, John Barclay, Everette Clarke

The Desert Song, (Intro/The Riff Song/Romance/The Desert Song) Thomas L. Thomas, Helen Marshall, Victor Light Opera Company, Orchestra under the direction of Nathaniel Shilkret, The New Moon, (Intro/One Kiss/Lover, Come Back To Me) As above, The Red Mill, (Intro/Every Day Is Ladies Day With Me/Moonbeams/Isle Of Our Dreams), Thomas L. Thomas, Anne Jamison, Victor Salon Group, Victor Concert Orchestra under the direction of Nathaniel Shilkret, The Fortune Teller (Czardas/Gypsy Love Song/Romany Life) As above Naughty Marietta (Tramp.Tramp.Tramp/’Neath The Southen Moon/Italian Street Song/Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life) As above. Violin Solo: Vladimir Selinsky


Andre Previn

Volume I

1. CUBANISCHER TANZ; 2. POEME [Fibich]; 3. KOMM MIT NACH MADEIRA [Edward Kunneke]; 4. BLAUER HIMMEL [Rixner]; 5. PUSXTA-FOX [Erderlyi]; 6. SCHLIESS’ DEINE AUGEN UND TRAUME [Grothe]; 7. SPITZBUB [Rixner]; 8. ROTER TEUFEL [Plessow]; 9. GANZ LEISE KOMMT DIE NACHT [Grothe/Dehmel]; 10. SPANISCHER MARSCH [Rixner] 11. SERENADE [Les millions d’arlequin][Drigo]; 12. FRISCHE BRISE [Borchert]; 13. FRAUEN SIND SO SCHON, WENN SIE LEBEN [Plessow]; 14. ICH TRAUM’ VON EINER STUNDE [Schroder/Richter]; 15. SIBONEY [Morsel/Lecuona]; 16. IM CHAMBRE SEPAREE [Heuberger]; 17. ZWEI SCHWALBEN HABEN SIE GEKUSST [Bruckner]; 18. CHANT SANS PAROLES [Tchaikovsky-Bearb-ritter]; 19. AN DER DONAU STEHT MARIKA{Delibab]3.10; [Jeno Huszka]; 20. KOMM DOCH IN MEINE ARME [Schmidseder/Schwenn]; 21. PONY [Rixner]; 22. MENEUTT [Bolzoni]; 23. TRAUM VON MIR [Helmut Glaser]; 24. FRUHLINGSRAUSCHEN [Sinding]; 25. AM SONNTAG WILL MEIN SUSSER MIT MIR; SEGELN GEH’N [A. Profes / R. Gilbert]; 26. ICH TRAUME VON LIEBE [Schmidseder/Schwenn


Gershwin Gems

Volume II

1. SICILIA [Apollonio]; 2. MEIN SCHONES UNGARLAND [Fridl]; 3. BALLSZENE [Hellmesberger]; 4. VALSE TRISTE [Sibelius]; 5. RONDO ALL’ONGARESE [Haydn]; 6. KUNSTERLEBEN [Johann Strauss]; 7. DRUNT IN DER LOBAU [Strecker]; 8. BAYRISCHE POLKA [Lohmann]; 9. ESPANALTZER [Waldteufel]; 10 ZIGEUNERWEISEN [de Sarasste]; 11. SPATZENKONZERT [Borchel]; 12 WENN VERLIEBTE BUMMELN GEHN [Mackeben] 2.50 13. VON DER PUSZTA WILL ICH TRAUBEN [Bruhne]; 14. DIE JULISKA AUS BUDAPEST [Raymond][aus Maske In Blau]; 15. SASSA [ Raymond][aus Maske In Blau]; 16. EIN STUDENT GEHT VORBEI [Ibanez]; 17. FRUHLING, FRUHLING [ Bixio]; 18. EIN LIEBES WORT [Kaschuber]; 19. EINEN WALTZER FUR DICH UND FUR MICH [Grothe]; 20. VIENI, VIENI [Scotto]; 21. SCHWARTZE ORCHIDEEN [Richartz]; 22. KOMM ZU MIR HEUT NACHT [Rixner]3.11


Sergio Franchi

[Special Guest: Gordan MacRae]


IRENE MANNING .[In German with Glenn Miller & His Band]
1. LONG AGO & FAR AWAY [Jerome Kern – Ira Gershwin] [1944 film Cover Girl]; 2. MARY [George M. Cohan] [1942 film Yankee Doodle Dandy]; 3. BEGIN THE BEGUINE. [Cole Porter] [1935 musical Jubilee]; 4. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. [Jerome Kern – Oscar Hammerstein 11] [1939 musical Very Warm For May]; 5. IN THE HEART OF THE WEST with Gene Autry [Flemming Allen – Oliver Drake] [1937 film The Old Corral]; 6.HOME [Geoff & Harry Clarkson - Peter Van Steeden][1946 film I Live In Grosvenor Square] 1944 film The Desert Song; 7. THEY CALL ME GAY PARISIENNE [Jack Scholl – Serge Walters] - ROMANCE [Sigmund Romberg – Oscar Hammerstein 11; Otto Harbach]; 8. ONE ALONE; [Romberg – Hammerstein 11 – Harbach]; 9. FRENCH MILITARY MARCH SONG [Romberg – Hammerstein 11 – Harbach]; 10. ONE ALONE [with Dennis Morgan] [Romberg – Hammerstein 11 – Harbach] 1942 film Yankee Doodle Dandy; 11. MEDLEY: Mary /Fortyfive Minutes From Broadway; So Long, Mary [George M. Cohan]; 12. CHOCOLATE SOLDIER Medley [Oscar Straus] with John Charles Thomas; Eileen – The Railroad Hour Broadcast (14/03/1949), starring Gordon MacRae, Irene Manning, Clark Dennis, Cecil Kelloway with Alan Reed, Eleanor Audley, Colleen Collins & Ollie O’Toole; 13. Opening Announcements and First Act beginning; 14. Free Trade and a Misty Moon* – Gordon MacRae, Cecil Kelloway & Chorus; 15. Dialogue; 16. Ireland, My Sireland – Gordon Macrae & Chorus; 17. Dialogue; 18. My Little Irish Rose – Clark Dennis & Chorus; 19. Dialogue; 20. Glad, Triumphant Hour – Gordon MacRae & Chorus; 21. Dialogue – Irene Manning’s entrance; 22. First Act Finale: Glad, Triumphant Hour – Gordon MacRae, Irene Manning & Chorus; 23. Second Act Intro and dialogue; 24. Eileen, Alanna Asthore – Gordon MacRae; 25. Dialogue; 26. A Gentleman I’ll Be+ – Cecil Kelloway; 27. Dialogue; 28. When Love Awakes – Irene Manning &Chorus 29. Dialogue; 30. Second Act Finale: Thine Alone – Gordon MacRae & Irene Manning; 31.Third Act Intro and dialogue; 32. In Erin’s Isle – Irene Manning; Dialogue; 34. It’s A Great Day For The Irish – Gordon MacRae & Chorus; 35. Dialogue; 36. Finale: Thine Alone – Gordon MacRae, Irene Manning & Chorus; 37. Conclusion
Total Playing Time: 75.08

CD No 2
1940 Film – It All Came True: [Paul Mann – Stefan Weiss – Kim Gannon]; 1. Opening Credits [Orch.]; 2. Angel In Disguise w. Jeffrey Lynn @ piano and Orchestra; 3. Gaucho Serenade w. Jeffrey Lynn & piano & Orchestra; 4. Angel in Disguise - Medley –Ann, Jeffrey & audience.1942 Film Juke Girl [M.K. Jerome – Jack Scholl – Adolph Deutsch]; 5. Opening Credits [Orch.]; 6. I Hate Love 1940 film Torrid Zone [M.K. Jerome – Jack Scholl]; 7. Opening Credits –Orchestra; 8. Mi Cabalero; 1941 Film Navy Blues. [Arthur Schwartz - Johnny Mercer]; 9. Opening / Navy Blues .w Martha Raye & Chorus; 10 In Waikiki .w. The Navy Blues Sextet & Chorus; 11. You’re A Natural w. Herbert Anderson; 1943 Film Thank Your Lucky Stars [Arthur Schwartz – Frank Loesser]; 12. Love Isn’t Born, It’s Made w. Joyce Reynolds & Chorus; 1939 Film Naughty But Nice [Harry Warren – Johnny Mercer and Wagner, Liszt, Mozart & Bach]; 13. Hooray For Spinach; 14. In A Moment Of Weakness w Gale Page; 15. Corn Pickin'; 16. I Don't Believe in Signs; 17. End Credits – Playout. (A silly story but with wonderful old pro character actors doing their stuff to perfection, mixed with some pleasant songs, I find the whole most enjoyable).
1944 Film Shine On Harvest Moon. [Nora Bayes – Jack Norworth]
18. Opening credits into medley: Shine On Harvest Moon; Daisy Bell [Harry Dacre]; My Merry Oldsmobile [Gus Edwards – Vincent Bryan] San Antonio [Egbert Van Alstyne – Harry Williams]; Be My Little Baby Bumblebee [Henry I. Marshall – Stanley Murphy]. 19. My Own United States [Julian Edwards – Hugh Stanislaus Stone]; Dixie [Daniel Decature Emmett]; 20. We’re Doing Our Best [M.K. Jerome – Kim Gannon]; Don’t Let The Rainy Days Get You [M.K.Jerome – Kim Gannon]; 21. MEDLEY: When It’s Apple Time In Normandy [Harry Gifford; Huntley Trevor; Tom Mellor]; Take Me Out To The Ball Game [Albert Von. Tilzer – Jack Northworth]; I’ve A Garden In Sweden [Nora Bayes – Jack Northworth]; Breezin’ Along With The Breeze [Richard A. Whiting – Harvey Gillespie – Seymour Simmons]; Who’s Your Honey Lamb? [M.K. Jerome – Kim Gannon]; 22. Thank You For The Waltz [M.K. Jerome – Kim Gannon]; 23. I Go For You [M.K. Jerome – Kim Gannon]; 24. Just Like a Gypsy [Nora Bayes- Seymour B. Simmons; 25. Finale - Time Waits For Noone; I Go For You; Harvest Moon; So Dumb, But So Beautiful.
Total Playing Time: 74.04

Carlo Butti

[Truncated Film Soundtrack]
with Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy


1. Overture: "Will You Remember", "Road to Paradise". Now is the Month for Maying (children's chorus) trad melody; lyrics by Thomas Morley Sumer in Icumen In (children's chorus) traditional medieval song; 2. Love's Old Sweet Song (chorus) music Molloy; lyrics by Bingham Will You Remember (fragments) (Eddy & chorus) Mazurka from Les Sylphides (Chopin, arr. Stothart) (orchestra) Napoleonic Waltz (source uncertain, arr Stothart) (orchestra) Les Filles de Cadiz (Delibes) (MacDonald) Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse (Planquette) (MacDonald & Don Cossack Choir); 3. Plantons la Vigne “traditional Breton folk song?? (Eddy & chorus) Vive L’Opera (French folk song with English words by Bob Wright & Chet Forest) (Eddy); 4. Ham & Eggs (Medley of opera melodies adapted and compiled by Stothart with lyrics by Wright & Forest – selections are: Rigoletto-Caro nome, Barbiere di Siviglia-Largo al factotum, Tannhauser-O, du mein holder abendstern, Rigoletto-La donne e mobile, Faust-Soldiers chorus, Lucia di Lammermoor-Chi me frena (sextet), Il Trovatore-Anvil chorus, William Tell-overture) (Eddy and unnamed soloists and chorus); 5. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) (Eddy & MacDonald); 6. Les Huguenots-Bit of scene and aria of the Page, “Nobles Seigneurs, Salut” (MacDonald and unnamed baritone and chorus); 7. May Day montage – parts of Road to Paradise and Will You Remember (Romberg) (orchestra) Santa Lucia (folk song) (unnamed tenor, MacDonald & Eddy); 8. Will You Remember (Romberg) (Eddy & MacDonald); 9. Opera Montage (bits from the following: Il Trovatore-Miserere, Faust-Prison Scene, Tristan und Isolde-Liebestod, La Traviata-Sempre libera, The Bohemian Girl-I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, Martha-Last Rose of Summer (actually a song by Thomas Moore incorporated into “Martha”), Lucia di Lammermoor-Chi me frena. There are also various scale passages sung by MacDonald between some of these familiar airs. (MacDonald, unnamed soloists, and chorus), Will You Remember (reprise), Sidewalks of New York (Lawlor) and “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean (Williams) (bits of each) (orchestra); 10. Czaritza-scenes from an “opera” adapted by Stothart from music from Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony; French lyrics by Gilles Guilbert. (MacDonald, Eddy, Adia Kuznetzoff, Mariska Aldrich and likely members of the Don Cossack Chorus). Unknown melody before shooting of Paul (piano); Will You Remember (Romberg) (Back ground music) (orchestra) Will You Remember- reprise (Eddy, MacDonald, chorus)

Stothart was nominated for an Academy Award for the Music Score. MacDonald often said it was her favorite of her films. Total Playing Time: 77.32

Potential buyers of these Jeanette volumes are cautioned that they were compiled by my good friend Bill Park, a Jeanette aficionado . Every effort has been made to use the best tracks available but there will be some who are not happy with some tracks of whom I am one



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 1

1. Only a Rose 26 Sept. 1929 (Vagabond King soundtrack) cond: Finston; 2. Someday 26 Sept. 1929 (Vagabond King soundtrack) cond. Finston; 3. Love Parade-Dream Lover Vic. 22247A 11 Dec. 1929; cond. Finston; 4. Love Parade-March of the Grenadiers Vic. 22247B 11 Dec. 1929; cond. Finston; 5. The Lottery Bride-My Northern Lights (w. Garrick) 1929 (soundtrack); 6. Let’s Go Native-My Mad Moment 28 Dec. 1929 (soundtrack); 7. Let’s Go Native-It Seems to be Spring (w. Hall) 16 January 1930; 8. Monte Carlo-She’ll Love Me and Like It (w. Allister) (cond. Finston) 25 April 1930 (soundtrack; 9. Monte Carlo-Always in All Ways (w. Buchanan) (con. N. Finston) 28 April 1930 (soundtrack) (cond. Finston) 10. Monte Carlo-Beyond the Blue Horizon (cond. N. Finston) 15 May 1930 soundtrack); 11. Monte Carlo-Beyond the Blue Horizon Vic. 22514A 5 Aug. 1930 [cond. Finston); 12. Monte Carlo-Always in All Ways Vic. 22514B 5 Aug. 1930; (cond. Finston); 13. Oh For A Man (soundtrack)1930 Tristan und Isolde-Liebestod (cond. Arthur Kay); 14. Viktoria & Hussar Good Night B3952 25 Sept. 1931 HMV, London; (cond. Noble); 15. Viktoria and Her Hussar-Pardon, Madame B3952 25 Sept. 1931 (London); (Or. Noble); 16. Dear, When I Met You B 3953 25 Sept. 1931 (or. Noble); 17. Reviens (Fragson & Christine) B3953 25 Sept. 1931 (or. Noble); 18. One Hour With You-One Hour With You Vic. 24013A 29 Apr. 1932 (or. Finston); 19. One Hour With You-We Will Always Be Sweethearts Vic. 24013B; 27 Apr. 1932 (or. Finston); 20. One Hour With You-Un heure pres de toi K 6575 27 Apr. 1932 (French) (or. Finston); 21. One Hour With You-Coeur contre coeur K 6575 27 Apr. 1932 (French) (or. Finston); 22. Love Me Tonight-Love Me Tonight-Love Me Tonight Vic. 24067A; 5 July 1932 (or. Finston); 23. Love Me Tonight-Isn’t It Romantic Vic. 24067B 5 July 1932; (or. Finston); 24. Love Me Tonight-N’est-ce pas poetique K 6652 5 July 1932 (French); (Or. Finston); 25. Love Me Tonight-Aimez-moi ce soir K 6652 5 July 1932; (or. Finston); 26. J’aime d’amour (Hornez-Lehar) K 6840 Paris; 27 Feb. 1933; [or. Bervily)
23 Tracks: 79.22

It was wonderful then

Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 2

1. La Veuve Joyeuse-Chanson de Vilia K 6840 27 Feb. 1933 (or. Bervily); 2. Radio Promo. – Merry Widow (from soundtrack recordings); 3. Merry Widow-I Love You So (Waltz) Vic. 24729A 14 Aug. 1934 (or. Stothart); 4. Merry Widow-Vilia Vic. 24729B 14 Aug. 1934 (or. Stothart); 5. Merry Widow-Chanson de Vilia K 7362 14 Aug. 1934 (French) (Stothart); 6. Merry Widow-L’heure exquise (Waltz) K 7362 14 Aug. 1934 (French) (or. Stothart); 7. Merry Widow-Tonight Will Teach Me to Forget Vic. 24754A 30 Aug. 1934 (or. Stothart); 8. Cat and the Fiddle-Try to Forget Vic. 24754B 20 Sept. 1934 (or. Stothart); Cat and the Fiddle (soundtrack); 9. The Night Was Made For Love (or. Stothart); 10. He Didn’t Say Yes (or. Stothart); 11. Try to Forget (or. Stothart); 12. Naughty Marietta-Italian Street Song Vic. 24896A 20 March 1935 (or. Sothart); 13. Naughty Marietta-Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Vic. 24896B 20 March 1935 (or. Stothart) Lux Radio Theater; Lewis Silvers, cond.) 29 June 1936; 14. Alice Blue Gown; 15. Sunlight of Your Smile (Jeanette sang this selection on stage); 16. Would You (Freed-Brown) 5 duets with Nelson Eddy Sept. 1936; 17. Naughty Marietta-Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life 4323B 17 Sept. 1936 (or. Shilkret); 18. Rose Marie-Indian Love Call 4323A 17 Sept. 1936 (or. Shilkret); 19. Farewell to Dreams 4329B 21 Sept. 1936 (or. Shilkret); 20. Maytime-Will You Remember 4329A 21 Sept. 1936 (or. Shilkret); 21. Maytime-Song of Love 21 Sept. 1936 (or. Shilkret) Rose Marie 1936 (soundtrack); 22. Pardon Madame (Kahn-Stothart) (or. Stothart); 23. Romeo et Juliette-duet with Allan Jones (soundtrack) (or. Stothart)
Total Playing Time: 76.36



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 3

San Francisco – Radio Promo 1936 (from soundtracks) [Would You; The Jewel Song;San Francisco]; 1. Would You? (Brown-Freed) (or. Stothart); 2. A Heart That’s Free (Robyn-Railey) (or. Stothart) 3. San Francisco (Kahn-Kaper-Jurmann) (or. Stothart) 4. Faust-Jewel Song (MGM playback disc) (or. Stothart) 5. Faust-portions of love duet, Church Scene, 6. Final Trio (w. Tandy MacKenzie, Tudor Williams, unnamed baritone, chorus) MGM Playback disc (or. Stothart) Lux Radio Theater- Tonight or Never 25 Jan. 1937; 7. Love Here Is My Heart (Silesu); 8. I Passed By Your Window (Brahe); 9. Firefly – Radio Promo 1937 Love Is Like A Firefly; When A Maid Comes Knock, Knocking; Sympathy [w. Alan Jones]; 10. What is Love? (soundtrack) (or. Stothart); 11. He Who Loves and Runs Away (or. Stothart) (soundtrack); 12. Sympathy (w. Allen Jones) (or. Stothart) (soundtrack) America Is Calling- 12 Dec.1938; 13. Star Spangled Banner (2 verses) Vicks Open House 16 Jan. 1938; 14. Sari-Love’s Own Sweet Song (Kalman) (or. Pasternak); Vicks Open House 6 Feb. 1938 (or. Pasternak); 15. Manon-Gavotte Vicks Open House 20 Feb. 1938 (or. Pasternak); 16. Mlle. Modiste-A Kiss in the Dark; Vicks Open House 6 March 1938 (or. Pasternak); 17. Herodiade-Il est doux, il est bon [Massenet]; 18. Libestraum (Dream of Love) (Franz Liszt, English lyrics by Gus Kahn) (soundtrack-Girl of the Golden West) with organ-Stothart??); 19. Ave Maria J. S.Bach-C. Gounod; traditional Latin lyrics)) (with boy's choir) (soundtrack Girl of the Golden West) (with organ- Stothart??); 20. Shadows on the Moon (Romberg-Kahn) (or. Stothard) (soundtrack Girl of the Golden West)
Total Playing Time: 78.34



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 4

Girl of the Golden West-Radio Promo (w. Eddy) 1938 (from soundtrack) 1. [Who Are We To Say?; Soldiers of Fortune; Wind In the Trees; The West Ain’t Wild Anymore; Senorita; Liebestraum; Mariache]; 2. Sweethearts 1938 Radio Promo (from soundtrack recordings) [You’re Pretty As A Picture; Badinage; My Little Grey Home In The West; Sweethearts]; Screen Guild Theater-A Song For Clotilda 19. Feb. 1939; 3. Rogue Song-The White Dove; Jeanette MacDonald in Song RCA M 642 1939 (pf/cond. Bamboschek); 4. When I Have Sung My Songs (Charles) 2047A 11 Sept. 1939; 5 Do Not Go, My Love (Hageman) 2047B 11 Sept. 1939; 6. Annie Laurie (Scott) 2055A; 11 Sept. 1939; 7. Comin’ Thro’ the Rye 2055A; 11 Sept. 1939; 8. From the Land of The Sky Blue Water (Cadman) 2055A; 9. Let Me Always Sing (Raymond) 055B; 11 Sept. 1939; 10. Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) 2049A; 13 Sept. 1939; 11. Les Filles de Cadiz (Delibes) 2049B; 13 Sept. 1939 12. Faust-King of Thule (Le Roi de Thule) 2050A; 15 Sept. 1939 13. Faust-Jewel Song (Air des bijoux) 2050B; 15 Sept, 1939; 14. Louise-Depuis le jour 15850B; 15 Sept. 1939 Bambosheck, cond. 15. Romeo et Juliette-Valse 15850A; 15 Sept. 1939; (or. Bamboschek) 16. Broadway Serenade – Radio Promo. (from soundtracks) 1939 [Flying High scene; One Look At You; For Every Lonely Heart – Finale]; 17. New Moon-Lover, Come Back to Me 2048A; (or. Bamboschek); 2048A; 16 Sept. 1939
Total Playing Time: 79.19



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 5

1. New Moon-One Kiss 2048B; (or. Bamboschek) 19 Sept. 1939 New Moon MGM Playback Discs Oct./Nov. 1939; 2. Rondeley 8 Nov. 1939; 3. I Was A Stranger in Paris 27 Oct, 1939; 4. Wanting You (w. Eddy) 26 Oct. 1939; 5. One Kiss 23 Oct. 1939; 6. Lover Come Back to Me 1 Nov. 1939; 7. Bitter Sweet – Radio Promo 1940; Bitter Sweet MGM Playback Discs June/July 1940; 8. What is Love #26121; 26 June 1940; 9. The Call of Life #26121 26 June 1949; 10. Second Take; 11. I’ll See You Again (w. Eddy) #26123 27 June 1940; 12. Ladies of the Town #26130 8 July 1940; 13. If Love Were All #26132 8 July 1940; 14. Dear Little Café #26134 I July 1940; 15. Kiss Me Before You Go Away #26134 9 July 1940; 16. Dear Little Café (w. Eddy) #26135 1 July 1940; 17. Ziguener #26144 11 July 1940; 10.37; 18. I’ll See You Again/Closing (w. Eddy) 27 June 1940; 19. Smiling Through - Radio Promo. (from soundtrack) 1941; [Just A Little Love A Little Kiss; Land of Hope & Glory; Smilin’ Through, Smilin’ Through Playback Mar./Apr. 1941, 20. Smiles/ There’s A Long Long Trail, April 3, 1941



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 6

Smilin’ Through RCA M-847 Sept. 1941 (cond. Stothart) 1. Smilin’ Through (Penn) (or. Stothart) 18315A; 22 Sept, 1941; 2. A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Silesu) (or. Stothart); 18315B; 22 Sept. 1941; 3. The Kerry Dance (Molloy) (or Stothart); 18316A; 22 Sept, 1941; 4. Ouvre ton Coeur (Bizet) (or. Stothart) 18316B; 22 Sept. 1941; 5. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Trad.) 18317A; 22 Sept. 1941; 6. Land of Hope and Glory (Benson-Elgar) 18317B; 2 Sept, 1941; 7. I Married an Angel Radio Promo 1942 #21-2; [Tra La, Tiri Liri La [Binnie Barnes, Eddy, Chorus]; A Twinkle In Your Eye [Binnie, Jeanette]; I Married An Angel - I’ll Tell The Man In The Street [Eddy & Populace]; Spring Is Here [Jeanette & Nelson] Cairo soundtrack 1942; 8. Cairo 8 May 1942; 9. Ethel Waters, Robt. Young; To A Wild Rose, From the Land of Sky Blue Water, Beautiful Ohio, Waiting For the Robert E. Lee, Avalon, Home Sweet Home.; Medley-Keep the Lights Burning Bright in the Harbor April 1942 [w. The King’s Men] Command Performance 16 Jan. 1943; 10. Episode 43; Ave Maria [Gounod] CD26-5 Chase and Sanborn Show Jan 24, 1943; 11. The Only Girl-When You’re Away (Herbert) Command Performance 10 July 1943; 12. Indian Love Call (orch. Meredith Wilson) Command Performance 6 Sept. 1943; 13. Will You Remember? Command Performance (Meredith Wilson, cond.); 14. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Howe-Steffe) Hollywood Canteen 1943; 15. Apple Blossoms-You Are Free (or. Raymond Paige) Follow the Boys – Soundtrack 1944; 16. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Robin-Whiting-Harlin); 17. I’ll See You In My Dreams (Kahn/Jones) Mail Call 21 August 1944; 18. New Moon-Lover Come Back to Me; Kenny Baker Show-9 Sept. 1944 (Robt. Armbruster, cond.); 19. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Robin-Whiting-Harling)
Total Playing Time: 77.13



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 7

Kenny Baker Show-9 Sept. 1944 (Robt. Armbruster, cond.); 1. Chocolate Soldier-My Hero; 2. New Moon-Wanting You (w. Baker); Music America Loves Best (Jay Blackton, cond.) 3 Nov. 1944; 3. A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Silesu); 4. Sweethearts-Summer Serenade; 5. We Will Always Be Sweethearts (w. Thomas L. Thomas); 6. Annie Laurie (Trad.) Religious Songs RCA M 996 (or. Pilzer) January 1945; 7. Nearer My God to Thee (Adams-Mason) (w. chorus; or. Pilzer) 10-1168A; 29 Jan. 1945; 8. Abide With Me (Lyte-Monk) (w. chorus; or. Pilzer) 10-1168B; 29 Jan. 1945; 9. Agnus Dei (Bizet) (or. Pilzer) 10-1169B; 31 Jan. 1945; 10. The Holy City (Weatherly-Adams) (w. chorus; or. Pilzer) 10-1169B; 29 Jan. 1945; 11. O Lord Most Holy (Franck) (or. Pilzer) 10-1170A; 31 Jan. 1945; 12. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Howe-Steffe) (w. chorus; or. Pilzer) 10-1170B; 31 Jan. 1935; 13. Naughty Marietta-Italian Street Song 10-1134A (or. Pilzer) 31 Jan. 1945; 14. Sweethearts- Summer Serenade (or. Pilzer) 10-1134B; UP IN CENTRAL PARK (Fields-Romberg) RCA M0 991 February 1945; 15. Carousel in the Park (or. Bennett); 10-1153A; 3 Feb. 1945; 16. It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to Dream (or. Bennett) 10-1153B; 3 Feb. 1945; 17. Close as the Pages in a Book (w. Robert Merrill) (or. Bennett) 10-1154A; 3 Feb. 1945; 18. The Fireman’s Bride (w. Merrill) (or. Bennett) 10-1154B; 3 Feb. 1945; 19. The Big Back Yard (Robert Merrill) (or Bennett) 10-1152A; 3 Feb. 1945; 20. When You Walk In the Room (Robert Merrill) (or. Bennett) 10-1152B; 3 Feb. 1945; The Electric Hour (Nelson Eddy Show) 22 April 1945 (or. Ambruster) 21. Sweethearts-Sweethearts (with Nelson Eddy); Hollywood Victory Program 18 May 1945; 22. Land of Hope and Glory (Benson-Elgar); 23. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Robin-Whiting-Harling) Music America Loves Best (Lou Bring, cond) 3 June 1945; 24. Up in Central Park-It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to Dream; 25. Rose Marie-Indian Love Call
Total Playing Time: 78.32



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 8

Music America Loves Best (Lou Bring, cond) 3 June 1945; 1. Merry Widow-Vilia; Ford Sunday Evening Hour 4 Nov. 1945 (Ford Symphony, Karl Kruger, cond.); 2. Romeo et Juliette-Waltz; 3. Miranda (Richard Hageman); Operetta Favorites RCA WDM 1071 April 1946; 4. Sweethearts Waltz (w. chorus; or. Case) 49-0578A; 18 April 1946; 5. Fortune Teller-Romany Life (w. chorus; or. Case) 49-0578B; 8 April 1946; 6. Girl From Utah-They Didn’t Believe Me (or. Case) 49-0579A; 16 April 1946 7. Roberta-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (or. Case) 49-0579B; 18 April 1946; 8. Firefly-Donkey Serenade (49-0580A) (w. chorus; or. Case) 18 April 1946; 9. Firefly-Giannina Mia (or. Case) 49-0580B; 16 April 1946; 10. La Boheme-Si Mi chiamano Mimi (or. Weissmann) 11-9599A 11 Oct. 1946; 11. Madama Butterfly-Un bel di vedremo (or. Weissmann) 11-9599B 11 Oct. 1946; Three Daring Daughters (soundtrack recordings) 1946 (cond. G. Stoll); 12. The Dickie Bird Song (Dietz-Fain) (w. Powell, Pat Hyatt (for Todd), Jean Garbo (for Donahue) 19 Oct. 1946; 13. Sweethearts-Sweethearts (w. Jose Iturbi, pf.) 16 Dec. 1946 14. Springtide (Grieg) (w. Powell) 4 Nov. 1946; Romantic Melodies RCA WDM 1217 December 1947; 15, Bitter Sweet-I’ll See You Again (or. Ambruster) 49-0859A; 17 Dec. 1947; 16. Bitter Sweet-Zigeuner (or. Ambruster) 49-0859B; 18 Dec. 1947; 17. Porgy and Bess-Summertime (or Ambruster) 49-0860A 8 Dec. 1947; 18. Strike Up the Band-The Man I Love (or. Ambruster) 49-0860B; 18 Dec. 1947; 19. I Love You Truly (Bond) (or. Ambruster) 49-0861A; 17 Dec. 1947; 20. A Perfect Day (Bond) (or. Ambruster) 49-0861B; 17 Dec. 1947; 21. Romance (Debussy) (or. Ambruster) 49-0862A; 17 Dec. 1947; 22. Beau soir (Debussy) (or. Ambruster) 49-0862B; 17 Dec, 1947; 23. Springtide (Grieg) (or. Ambruster) 49-1023B 18 Dec. 1947; 24. Where There’s Love (Brent-R. Strauss) (or Armbruster) 49-1023A;18 Dec. 1947; Railroad Hour-Apple Blossoms 18 April 1949 (or Dragon) Star of Love; 0.54; 26. One Fine Day
Total Playing Time: 78.23



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 9

If You Were Mine (Katz-Rubenstein) (or. Ambruster) 10-1512B; 18 May 1949; 2. Merry Widow-Vilia (or. Ambruster) 10-1512A; 18 May 1949; 3. Songs My Mother Taught Me (MacFarran-Dvorak) (or. Ambruster) 10-1529A 18 May 1949; 4. Tes Yeux (Rabey) (or. Ambruster) 10-152910-1529B; l8 May 1949; Jeanette MacDonald Favorites RCA WDM 1431 August 1950 5. Rose Marie-Indian Love Call (or. Bennett) 49-1404A; 4 Aug. 1950; 6. Les Filles de Cadiz (Delibes) (or. Bennett) 49-1405A; 2 Aug. 1950 7. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Robin-Whiting-Harlin) (or. Bennett) 49-1406A; 5 Aug. 1959; 8. One Night of Love (Kahn-Schertzinger) (or. Bennett) 49-1406B; 4 Aug, 1950; 9. Vagabond King-Only a Rose (or. Bennett) 49-1405B; 2 Aug. 1950 3.29; 10. Ciribiribin ((Pestalozza) (or. Bennett) 49-1404B; 4 Aug. 1950 Voice of Firestone 13 Nov. 1950; 11. If I Could Tell You (Firestone); 12. The Love Parade-March of the Grenadiers (Grey-Schertzinger) 13. Maytime-Will You Remember; 14. Charley Is My Darling (Trad.); 15. Naughty Marietta-Italian Street Song; 16. In My Garden (Firestone); Romantic Moments RCA WDM 1489 Nov. 1950; 17. Naughty Marietta-Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (or. Bennett) 49-3187A; 16 Nov. 1950; 18. Maytime-Will You Remember (or. Bennett) 49-3188A; 16 Nov. 1950; 19. San Francisco ((Kahn-Kasper-Jurmann) (or. Bennett) 49-3189A; 16 Nov. 1950; 20. Desert Song-One Alone (or. Bennett) 49-3189B; 9 Nov. 1950; 21. Parlez moi d’amour (Lenoir) (or. Bennett) 49-3188B; 9 Nov. 1950 2.12; 22. Only Girl-When You’re Away (or. Bennett) 49-3187B; 9 Nov. 19503.01 Guest Star 6 June 1953; 23 Firefly-Giannina Mia (with commentary) 24. Rose Marie-Indian Love Call (with commentary) The Big Record 25 Sept. 1957 (First time together in years-Introduced by Patti Page); 25. Medley [Snatches]: Ah Sweet Mystery of Life; Italian Street Song; I’m Falling In Love With Someone; Chansonette; Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life (with commentary)
Total Playing Time: 78.28



Jeanette MacDonald – Through the Years
Volume 10

1. Cinderella (Rogow-Provost) RCA Y-327 (with unknown cast) [cond. Case] 23 August 1946; 2. The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the MET Nelson Eddy; Columbia MM-640; (cond. Armbruster) 1946; 3. Medley from MacDonald/Eddy Films: Wanting You; Rose Marie; Will You Remember; I’ll See You Again; Indian Love Call The Electric Hour; Nelson Eddy Show); 22 April 1945; (or. Ambruster); Kraft Music Hall 16 September 1948 (or. Ambruster) 4. Finian’s Rainbow-Great Come and Get-It Day (Eddy); 5. If You Were Mine (Katz-Rubenstein) (Jeanette); 6. Naughty Marietta-Neath a Southern Moon (Eddy); 7. Lover (Rodgers) (Jeanette); 8. When Day is Done (DeSylva-Katscher); 9. Rose Marie-Indian Love Call; Blind Ploughman (Hall-Clark) Apple Blossoms (music: Kreisler & Jacobi) – Excerpts Railroad Hour 18 April 1949 (w. Gordon MacRae, Carmen Dragon, cond.); 10. Am I in Love? (Jacobi) dialogue Nancy’s Farewell; 11. You are Free (Jacobi) (with MacRae); 12. Brothers (Jacobi) (with MacRae); 13. Am I in Love? (Jacobi) 14. Star of Love (Kreisler); 15. I am in Love – finale (w. MacRae)
Total Playing Time: 78.49




It was wonderful then


CD No.1
1. I’M GLAD THERE IS YOU [Dorsey - Madeira]; 2. SENORITA [Brown – Heyman – Brent]; 3. THE WHOLE WORLD IS SINGING MY SONG [Curtis – Mizzy]; 4. MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE [Berlin]; 5. I HEAR A RHAPSODY [Fragos – Baker- Gasparri]; 6 APRIL SHOWERS Buddy DeSylva – Silvers]; 7. SPOSIN’ [Razaf – Denniker]; 8. SINCERELY YOURS [Robin – Jason]; 9. MELANCHOLY [Segal – Bergman]; 10. THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN [Styne – Cahn]; 11. THE BOYS FROM THE COUNTY ARMAGH [Trad.]; 12. EVERYTHING’S COMING UP ROSES [[Styne – Sondheim] 13. VESTI LA GIUBBI (Spoof) [Pagliacci] [Leoncavallo]; 14. IF I LOVED YOU [Rodgers – Hammerstein 11] 15. LET THERE BE LOVE [Rand – Grant] 16. ON THE FIRST WARM DAY [Howard]; 17. IT’S ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE [Loewe – Lerner] 18. THE MOONSHINER [Trad.]; 19. TAKE CARE (When You Say ‘Te Quiero’) [Pritchard]; 20. MARTA (RAMBLING ROSE OF THE WILDWOOD) [Gilbert –Simon] 21. ONLY MAKE BELIEVE [Kern – Hammerstein 11]; 22. SECRET LOVE [Fain - Webster]; 23.ZIP-A-DD-DOO-DAH [Gilbert – Wrubel]; 24. ALL THROUGH THE DAY [Kern – Hammerstein 11]; 25. FROSTY, THE SNOWMAN [Nelson – Rollins]; 26. HONKY, THE CHRISTMAS GOOSE [Unknown ]; 27. OLE BUTTERMILK SKY [Carmichael – Brooks]; 28. A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME [Brooks]; 29.A SONG FOR A KING inc. AVE MARIA [Schubert]
Total Playing Time: 79.34

CD 2:
1. CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER [Beadell – Tollerton]; 2. STAY IN MY ARMS, CINDERELLA [Kennedy – Carr ]; 3. LOOK UP [Unknown]; 4. CARELESS HANDS [Hilliard – Sigman]; 5. A GAL IN CALICO [Robin – Schwartz]; 6. THE HOLY CITY [Weatherly]; 7. AUF WEIDERSEH’N, SWEETHEART [Sexton – Turner –Storch]; 8. THE RIVER OF THE ROSES [Burke – Symes]; 9. SOMEBODY BIGGER THAN YOU AND I [Lange – Heath – Burke]; 10.MY IDEAL [Robin – R. A. Whiting]; 11. MCGUIRE THE LIAR [Unknown]; 12. LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL [Unknown]; 13. SOUTH OF THE BORDER [Kennedy – Carr]; 14. GOODNIGHT, MY BEAUTIFUL [Fain – Yellen]; 15. WAGGLE O’ THE KILT [Harry Lauder]; 16. WHEN YOU WERE SWEET SIXTEEN [Thorton ]; 17. MY PRETTY GIRL [Unknown ] 18. HEARTACHES [Klenner – Hoffman]; 19. MANAGUA NICARAGUA [Gamse – Fields]; 20. WE COULD MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER [Sour – Manners]; 21. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP [Berlin]; 22. TWO HEAVENS [Unknown]; 23. PRETTY KITTY BLUES EYES [Curtis – Mizzy]; 24. LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY [Kern – Gershwin]; 25.MAM’SELLE [Gordon – Goulding]; 26. LAST NIGHT [Unknown] 27. I DO DO DO LIKE YOU [Wrubel]; 28. LINDA [Lawrence – Ronell]; 29. I WANT TO THANK YOUR FOLKS [Benjamin – Weiss]; 30. PEG O’ MY HEART [Bryan – Fisher ]; 31. FEUDIN’ AND FIGHTIN’ [Lane - Dubin]; 32. HEART AND SOUL [Carmichael – Loesser]; 33. IN THE CHAPEL IN THE MOONLIGHT [Hill]
Total Playing Time: 79.29

The bulk of items in this set are RARE. My good friend Ray has given his best skills to obtaining fine restoration, but allowance must be made for the poor souce of some tracks.



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