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01. Medley: Seems Like Old Times/Peg O’ My Heart; 02. Medley: Linger Awhile/I Cried For You/I’m Always Chasing Rainbows Medley: 03. Peggy O’Neil/Alice Blue Gown/Three O’Clock In The Morning; 04. Medley: Paradise/Sleepy Time Gal; 05. Medley: Whispering/I’m Sitting On Top Of The World/You Were Meant For Me; 06. Medley: Charmaine/Diane/Jeanine/I Dream Of Lilac Time; 07. Medley: If I Had You/My Blue Heaven; 08. Medley: Good Night Sweetheart/I’ll See You In My Dreams; 09. Medley: In A Sentimental Mood/I’m Getting Sentimental Over You; 10. Medley: For Me And My Gal/Stars Fell On Alabama/Who’s Sorry Now? 11. Medley: I Surrender, Dear/It Must Be True; 12. Medley: When You’re Smiling/I’ve Got The World On A String/Jealous; 13. Tonight We Love [F.Martin – Ray Austin – Bobby Worth]; 14. Our Love [Larry Clinton – Buddy Bernier – Roger Edens]; 15. We Live For Tonight [Based on Rach.’s Piano Concerto]; 16. Theme From Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony; 17. Cornish Rhapsody [Hubert Bath]; 18. Autumn Concerto [Carmillo Bargoni – Al Stillman & Al Siegel]; 19. Till The End Of Time [Buddy Kaye – Ted Mossman]; 20. My Reverie [Larry Clinton]; 21. Symphonie Moderne [Max Rabinowitsch]; 22. Moon Love [Mack David, Mack Davis – Andre Kostelanetz]; 23. Swedish Rhapsody [Hugo Alfen]; 24. Rhapsody In Blue [George Gershwin ]; 25. Rachmaninoff Concerto 2; 26. Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor; 27. Warsaw Concerto [Richard Addinsell]


Robert Norton

FBCD286 [ All songs sung in Italian]

1. LEI (Her) [Ugo Calise – Eng. Lyrs. Ray Charles]; 2. AMORE MIO (My love) [Semons – Condulo]; 3. FERDERTI (Losing You) [Pinchi – Bassi]; 4. PERO’ LA BOCCA (However the Mouth) [Pinchi – Bargoni]; 5. PERDONIAMOCI [Di Paola – Bertini]; 6. FALSAMONETA (False Money): 7. NON SO DIMENTICARE (I don’t know how to forget) [P.G.Redi – It. Lyrs. Michele Galdoeri Eng. Lyrs. Shelley Dobbins]; 8. IL NOSTRO CONCERTO (Our Concert) [Umberto Bindi]; 9. IL FONDA ALL’ ANIMA (In the depth of the soul) [Dampa – Rampoli]; 10. SMARRIMENTO (Losing one’s Self) [Perro – Banagura]; 11. GRINGO (Gringo.Spanish Male) [Dampa – Rampoli]; 12. I TUOI OCCHI VERDI (Your Green Eyes) [Bergamini – Locatelli]; 13. PRINCIPESSA D’UN DI’ (Princess of a time) [Becaud – Bernard ]; 14. SE DUE SGUARDI ’INCONTRANO (If two glances meet) [Lorenzo – Franchi]; [15 PIU’ NULLA (Nothing anymore) [Testoni – Mazzochi]; 16. LE NACCHERE (Castinettes) [[Magenta – Giovanni D’Anzi]; 17. USCITA DA UN QUADRO (Out of a painting) [Masini – Giovanni D’Anzi; 18. SULLA SABBIA (On the sand)[Bacci –Garlato- De Mosi] 19. SAPRO’ CHE SEI TU (I will know it is you) [Abbate – Hal – Sherman]; 20. GRAND’MERE (Grandmother] [Moutet – Bertolini]; 21. NON HO MAI AMATO (I have never loved) [Cherubin- Schisa – Trane]; 22. LA MONTAGNA (The Mountain)[Testoni – Noreau-Alguero]; 23. LASSU NEL CIELO (Up in the Sky) [Bacci – Garlato – Di Mosi]; 24. SPLENDE L’ARCOBALENO (The Rainbow Shines) [Di Cegli – Tumonelli]; 25. DICITENCELLO VUIE (Tell Him That) [Falvo – Fusco]; 26. SOUVENIR D’ITALIE (Memories of Italy) [Music – Lello Luttazi] [It. Lyrs. Giulio Scarnicca & Renza Tatabusi]; 27. L’TE VURRIA VASA! (I would like to Kiss you) [Eduardo Di Capua – Vincent Russo]; 28. MAMA [Cesare Andrea Bixio – Bruno Cherubini]


Gershwin Gems



“TONIGHT and MORE TONIGHT” 1. BILL’S BLUES [Zito]; 2. CURACAU [Henderson]; 3. HEART and SOUL [Carmichael – Loesser]; 4. TOOTIE FLUTIE [Zito]; 5. TRY AGAIN [Zito]; 6. CLEOPATRA’S ASP [Doc Severinsen]; 7. COME THURSDAY [Theme from Symphony for a Massacre] [Henderson]; 8. SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW [Haggart]; 9. SEE SAW [Newsom]; 10. NIGHT LIGHTS [Conn –Gallop]; 11. 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA [Zito]; 12. NIGHT LIFE [Wilcox]; 13. IT’S DELOVELY [1936 musical Red, Hot & Blue!]; [Cole Porter]; 14. YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON ME [1936 film Sing, Baby, Sing ] [Alter – Mitchell ]; 15. PEACE BOSSA NOVA [T. Zito]; 16. TRUMPET OLE [S. Cooper]; 17. SNOWFALL [Claude Thornhill]; 18. ANYTHING GOES [1934 musical of the same name] [Cole Porter]; 19. OH YEAH [Henderson]; 20. LITTLE WHITE LIES [Walter Donaldson]; 21. CLOSE UP] T. Zito] 22. ARRIBA! [T.Zito]; 23. TITTER PIPES [T.Newsom]


Serenade In The Night


1. LA CINQUENTAINE [Grossmutterchens Geburtstag] [Gabriel –Marie]; Telefunken A1277-553 mx. 18693 Non. 1934; 2. BALLSIRENEN WALTZER [aus. Der Operetta Die Lustige Witve ] [Franz Lehar]. Telefunken A1275 Mx. 18709 1932; 3. GOOD-BYE BLUES [McHugh – Fields – Johnson] Telefunken A1254 Mx.1932 Vocal: Miss Louise Jordan; 4. VALSE BLEUE [Alfred Margis] Telefunken A1300 Mx. 18708 1933; 5. SERENADE D’AMOUR [H. VALDEN] Supraphon B22318 Mx. T18910 1932; 6. THE MIKADO - Waltz on themes from Sir Arthur Sullivan’s comic opera The Mikado adapted by Karel Konzak. Supraphon B22386 Mx.18917 1932; 7. MIMOSA WALTZ [aus der Operetta The Geisha – Sidney Jones] Supraphon B22386 Mx.18915 1932; 8. TITANIA [Bela Radics] Telefunken A441 Mx.10844 1930; 9. I HAVE A BED WITH BALDACHIN [aus der Operetta Frasquita by Franz Lehar] Supraphon A22158 Mx.10.731 1932; 10. DANS L’ILE DE LOBAU [Drunt in der Lobau][Heinrich Strecker] Telefunken A441 Mx.10.843 1930; 11. FÜR’N GROSCHEN LIEBE [Franz Wachsmann – Max Kolpe] from film Scompolo unnamed vocalist; Telefunken A1253 Mx.18714 1932; 12 RENDEZ-VOUS –rocco –intermezzo [Wilhelm Aletter ] Supraphon B22318 Mx T18909 1932; 13. DEUX GUITARRES [Zwei Guitarren] russ. Volkslied Telefunken A1345 Mx 18899 1933; 14 ZIGEUNER, DU HAST MEIN HERZ GESTOHLEN [Austin Egen – Kurt Schwabach] [Tango aus dem 1932 Tomfilm Zigeuner der Nacht] Telefunken A1253 Mx 18715 1932; 15. UNGARICHER TANZ Nr. 5 [Brahms] Telefunken A10706 Mx 18706 1832 16. Salut d’Amour, op. 12 [Liebsgruss][ Edward Elgar] Telefunken A2554 Mx18923 1932. 17. LES YEUX NOIRS [Chanson Populaire Russe - Schwarze Augen] Telefunken A1345 Mx 18898 1933; 18. LA COMTESSE MARITZA [Komm, Zigany – Czardas aus der Oper Grafin Mariza - Emmerich Kolman] Telefunken A369 Mx 10683 1930 19 LA PRINCESSE CZARDAS [aus der Operette Czardasfürstin – Emmerich Kolman]Telefunken A370 Mx10685 1930 20. VALSE BRUNE [Georges Krier] Telefunken A1300 Mx18710 1931; 21. MARIENLÄNGE [Joseph Strauss] [Recollections of Marie} Telefunken A1470 Mx18924 1933; 22. WIENER BÜRGER[C.M. Ziehrer] Telefunken A1470 Mx18918 1933; 23. Waltz aus Ein Waltzertraun. [Oscar Straus] Telefunken A1275Mx18711 1932; 24. ZIGEUNERLIED [J. Burger – R. Kessler ] vocal Joseph Schmidt Ultraphon E373 Mx30422 1930



Coward Songs.
1. I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN. [Bitter Sweet]; 2. MATELOT [Sigh No More ] - 20th CENTURY BLUES [Cavalcade]; 3. WORLD WEARY [This Year of Grace]; TOKAY [Bitter Sweet]; 4. I’LL FOLLOW MY SECRET HEART [Conversation Piece]; ZIGEUNER [Bitter Sweet]; 5. MAD ABOUT THE BOY [Words & Music]; MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN [Third Little Show]; 6. LONDON PRIDE [c. WW11 ]; STATELY HOMES OF ENGLAND [Operette]; 7. SOMEDAY I’LL FIND YOU [Private Lives]; KISS ME [Bitter Sweet]; 8. DANCE LITTLE LADY [This Year of Grace]; DON’T PUT YOUR DAUGHTER ON THE STAGE, Mrs. WORTHINGTON; 9. DEAR LITTLE CAFÉ [Bitter Sweet]; IF LOVE WERE ALL. [Bitter Sweet]; 10. POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL [On With The Dance]; NINA [Sigh No More]; 11. DEAREST LOVE [Operette]; YOU WERE THERE. [Tonight At 8.30]; 12. ROOM WITH A VIEW [This Year of Grace]; CHASE ME CHARLIE [Ace of Clubs].
Novello Songs.
13. LOVE IS MY REASON [Perchance to Dream]; WE’LL GATHER LILACS [Perchance to Dream]; 14. FLY HOME LITTLE HEART [King’s Rhapsody]; SOME DAY MY HEART WILL AWAKE [King’s Rhapsody]; 15. IF ONLY HE’D LOOKED MY WAY [Gay’s The Word]; VITALITY [Gay’s The Word]; 16. LOVE MADE THE SONG [Careless Rapture]; MUSIC IN MAY [Careless Rapture]; 17. MY LIFE BELONGS TO YOU [The Dancing Years]; THE LEAP YEAR WALTZ [The Dancing Years]; 18. THE WINGS OF SONG [The Dancing Years]; I CAN GIVE YOU THE STARLIGHT [The Dancing Years]; 19 GLAMOROUS NIGHT [Glamorous Night]; SHINE THROUGH MY DREAMS [Glamorous Night]; 20. HER MAJESTY MILITZA [Glamorous Night]; FOLD YOUR WINGS [Glamorous Night]; 21. FAR AWAY IN SHANTY TOWN [Glamorous Night] WHERE THE GYPSY PLAYED [Glamorous Night]; 22. ROSE OF ENGLAND [Crest of The Wave]; IF YOU ONLY KNEW [Crest of The Wave]; 23. HIGHWAYMAN LOVE [Perchance To Dream]; THE VIOLIN BEGAN TO PLAY [Perchance To Dream]; 24. AND HER MOTHER CAME TOO [A TO Z]; KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING. [c. 1914]



TUTTI CAMARATA, HIS TRUMPETS & ORCHESTRA play Walt Disney. Guest: Mary Martin


1. HI-HO, HI-HO; WE DIG, DIG, DIG [Frank Churchill – Larry Morey] [ 1937 - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs]; 2. LAVENDAR BLUE, DILLY DILLY [ Larry Morey – ELIOT DANIEL] [1949 So Dear To My Heart ]; 3. ONE SONG [FRANK CHURCHILL – LARRY MOREY] [1937 – Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs ]; 4. WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK [Frank Churchill – Larry Morey] [1937 – Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs ]; 5. I’M WISHING [Frank Churchill – Larry Morey] [1937 - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs]; 6. LOOKING FOR ROMANCE [I Bring You A Song] [1942 – Bambi]. 7. WITH A SMILE & A SONG [Frank Churchill – Larry Morey]; 8. SOME DAY MY PRINCE WILL COME [Churchill – Morey]; 9. BIBBIDI – BOBBIDI-BOO [1950 - Cinderella] [Mack David – Jerry Livingston – Al Hoffman]; 10. WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR [1940 – Pinnochio][Leigh Harline – Ned Washington]; 11. I’M LATE [SammyFain – Bob Hillard] [1951 – Alice In Wonderland ]; 12. THE SLEEPING BEAUTY [a] Hail The Princess Aurora [Tom Adair – George Bruns[[b] I Wonder [Winston Hibler – Ted Sears – George Bruns ] [c] Once Upon A Dream [Sammy Fain - Jack Lawrence] [d] Sing A Smiling Song [Tom Adair – George Bruns] [e] Skumps [Tom Adair – Ponnor – Tom Adair]; 13. WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR - Camarata & His Orchestra with duo pianists Hammack & Valente; 14. MOON PILOT MEDLEY Camarata & His Orchestra [1966 Disney movie Moon Pilot] [Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman] 15. MAGGIE’S THEME [For Now For Always] [1961 Disney movie The Parent Trap] [Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman] Camarata & His Orchestra with duo pianists Hammack & Valente.

GRACIE FIELDS VOLUMES. Every effort has been made to elicit the best possible sound from the Gracie recordings but allowance must be made for the source material, some of it truly horrendous.


with Gracie Fields, Relatives and Friends.


CD No.1
1. Under The Moon. [Lyn/Wheeler/Snyder]; 2. If I Didn’t Miss You [Endor/Steiberg]; 3. Reviens. [Fragson]; 4. When Summer Is Gone. [Harrison/Wilhite]; 5. Body & Soul. [Heyman/Sour/Green]; 6. It’s Nothing To Do With You. [Klein]; 7. Dream Lover. [Schertzinger; 8. Falling In Love Again; [Hollander]; 9. I’ll Be Good Because Of You. [Noble]; 10. What Archibald Says, Goes. [Castling]; 11. Oh! Glory [Myers]; 12. [Steeden/Clarkson]; 13. Underneath The Arches. [Flanagan]; 14. Gracie Fields Medley - (Charmaine; Because I Love You; My Blue Heaven; Ramona; Ee By Gum; Laugh Clown Laugh); 15. Gracie’s Christmas Party (My Ohio Home; Our Avenue; When The Fields Are White With Daisies; Would A Manx Cat Wag Its Tail?; Singin’ In The Bathtub; Home Sweet Home); 16. Gracie At Home - (My Mother’s Name Was Mary; Mary; Coax Me; I’m Shy Mary Ellen; Somebody’s Waiting For Me; Dear Little Shamrock; Loch Lomand; Land Of My Fathers; Love’s Old Sweet Song); 17. Balloons.[Shawn/Magine]; 18. So Long Lads, We’re Off! [Low (?); 19. Poor Little Willie. [Savage]; 20 Poor Me, Poor You. [Bestor/McConnell/Sanford]; 21. At The Court Of Old King Cole. [Da Costa]; 22. How Changed Is The Old Place Now.[Gifford/Cliffe]
CD No.2
1. Born To Be A Clown. [ Lambert/Boyd/Childs ]; 2. You Haven’t Altered A Bit. [Low/Graves; 3. ‘Erbert ‘Enery ‘Epplethwaite. [Sullivan/Parr-Davies]; 4. Things Might Have Been So Different. [Coots/Lewis]; 5. I’m Only Her Mother. [ Saunders]; 6. The Glory Of Love. [Hill]; 7. Poor Little Angeline. [Grosz/Kennedy]; 8. She Came From Alsace Lorraine. [Ilda/Carr]; 9. The Desert Song. [Romberg/Hammerstein]; 10. Our Song. [Fields/Kern]; 11. The Family Tree. [Paignton]; 12. Whistle While You Work. [Churchill/Morey]; 13. Someday My Prince Will Come; 14. Snow White Medley – (With A Smile And A Song; I’m Wishing; Heigh-Ho); 15. The Girl In The Alice Blue Gown. [Parker]; 16. Outside An Old Stage Door. [Noel/Pelosi]; 17. Old Father Thames. [Wallace/O’Hagan]; 18. I Love To Whistle. [McHugh/Adamson]; 19. When The Mighty Organ Played ‘O Promise Me.’ [Sherman/Silver/Meskill]; 20. Somebody’s Thinking Of You Tonight. [Schuster/Synes/Powell]; 21. Please Be Kind/I Won’t Tell A Soul; [Cahn/Chaplin/Parker/Charles]; 22. Goodnight, Angel. [Magidson/Wrubel]; 23. The Holy City. [Weatherley/Adams]; 24. Land Of Hope & Glory.[Benson/Elgar]; 25. Giddy Up. [Parr-Davies]; 26. Peace Of Mind. [Gerald Paul]; 27. Bella Bambina. [Strauss/Dale/Miller]




with Gracie Fields, Relatives and Friends.


CD No. 1
1 Gracie’s Hit Medley No 2 - (Little Swiss Whistling Song; They Say; Jeepers Creepers; Little Sir Echo; I Promise You; Sweethearts) Sun/Sterling/ Wilhelm Hansen) orch under George Scott Wood 12.5.39; 2. Our Gracie With The Air Force-(F D R Jones; Please Leave My Butter Alone; Romany; The Bells Of St Mary’s; O Come All Ye Faithful) 1939 Christmas Day Broadcast; 3 Our Gracie With The Navy-(They Can’t Ration Love; Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers; I Hear A Dream; Out In The Cold, Cold Snow; Red Sails In The Sunset) 4 If I Should Fall In Love Again. Popplewell; 5 When Our Dreams Grow Old] based on Plaisir d’Amour] [Pola/Stella [Feldman]. 6. The Birthday Song. Elliott; 7. Stop And Shop At The Co-Op Shop. Lee/Weston; 8. Roses Of Picardy. Haydn Wood; 9. Rose O’Day. Tobias/Lewis; 10. That Lovely Weekend / Moira/Ted Heath; 11. I Never Cried So Much In All My Life. Haines/Harper/Castling (Cameo); 12. If This Isn’t Love. (Lane/Harburg ]; 13. Arriverderci. D’Anzi/Connor; 14. Bella Bella Marie. Pelosi/Towers/Winkler; 15. Everlasting. Styne/Comden/Green; 16. Green Up Time. [Lerner/Weil; 17. My Darling, My Darling. (Loesser ]; 18. You’re Too Dangerous, Cherie. (La Vie En Rose); 19. Here I’ll Stay. [Lerner/Weil]; 20. Susy. Nicol/Monte; 21. Let Us Be Sweethearts Over Again. [Gilbert]; 22. Count Your Blessings. (Ascherberg); 23 If I Can Help Somebody. [Androzzo]; 24. Honey Child. [Cochrane]

CD No.2
1. Papa, Won’t You Dance With Me? [Styne/Cahn]; 2. White Christmas. [Berlin]; 3. Christmas Love; [Ridley]; 4. The Shepherd.] Ahbez]; 5. Song Of The Mountains. (Ortelli/ Pigarelli]; 6. Happy Valley [Friend]; 7. Echoes. [Benjamin/Weiss]; 8. All My Life. [Czibulka]; 9. And You Were There. [Bixia/Carpenter]; 10. Bon Voyage. [Walter/Skylar]; 11. When You Return. [Benjamin/Weiss]; 12. If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d‘ve Baked A Cake.[Hoffman/Merrill/Watts]; 13. Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes. [Willett]; 14. Thank You, My Dear. [Fields/Hurst/Merrin]; 15. Your Mother And Mine. (Fain/Cahn); 16. The Story Of The Sparrows. [Newell/Green]; 17. Till They’ve All Gone Home. [Hilliard/Alstone]; 18. Golden Years. (Livingstone/Evans]; 19. Sunday Night At The London Palladium – (Sally; The Birthday Song; Twenty; Hernando’s Hideaway; Unchained Melody; Bella Notte]; 20. Summertime In Venice. [Icini/Sigman]; 21. Twenty. [Jussenhoven/Dee]; 22. Scarlet Ribbons. [Segal/Danzig ]; 23. Belonging To Someone. [Hoffmann/Manning]; 24. In Jerusalem. [Moutet/Wayne]; 25. The Twelfth Of Never.[Webster/Livingstone]; 26. Belong To Glasgow. [Fyffe]




CD No. 1
1. TWO GUITARS {Harry Horlick based on Russian Gypsy Air]; 2. THE BELLS THAT RING SO SOFTLY [Trad.]; 3. OCCHI NERI [Dark Eyes or Black Eyes][E. P. Hrebinka]; 4. THE LEGEND OF RASKOLINOFF & THE TWELVE & BANDITS [Trad.]; 5. COSAQUES PATROUILLE [Trad.]; 6. MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW [W. Soloviev]; 7. SONG OF THE VOLGA BOATMEN [Trad.] 8. KALINKA [Ivan Larionov]; 9. THE RED SARAFAN [Ziganof – Warlamoff]; 10. STENKA RASIN [Russian Sleigh Song]; 11. EVENING BELLS [???????? ????] Kozlov – Alyabyev]; 12. SOMEWHERE MY LOVE [Jarre – Paul Francis Webster] [1965 film Dr. Zhivago]; 13. GLORY, GLORY [Unknown]; 14. "BLUE TAIL FLY, "DE BLUE TAIL FLY” or "JIMMY CRACK CORN" [Unknown]; 15. THE CRAWFISH SONG; [Weis Weisman]; 16. LITTLE LIZA JANE [Unknown] 17. I BOUGHT ME A CAT [Unknown]; 18. SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD [Trad.]; 19. THIS OL’ HAMMER [Trad.]; 20. MICHLIUE BANJO [Mr. Banjo] [Creole Folk Song]; 2. SHORTNIN’ BREAD [James Whitcomb Riley]; 22. OLD MARSE JOHN [John McCoy]; 23. DESE BONES GONNA RISE AGAIN [Unknown]; 24. EMPTY BREADBOX BLUES [ Norton Buffalo]; 25. SIXTEEN TONS [Merle Travis]; 26. HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS [A Spiritual]; 27. DEEP RIVER [Henry Thacker Burleigh]. 28. THAT LUCKY OLD SUN. [Beasley Smith - Haven Gillespie]; 29. JOSHUA FIT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO [A Spiritual]

CD No.2
1. HEAV’N HEAV’N [Henry) Thacker Burleigh]; 2. SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT [Wallis Willis]; 3. OL’ MAN RIVER [Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein 11] [1928 musical Show Boat] 4. GRANADA [Agustin Lara]; 5. THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN [Alan Price]; 6. BELLA BELLA MARIE [Winkler, Pelosi & Towers]; 7. SWANEE RIVER [Old Folks at Home] [Stephen Foster]; 8. COCOANUT. [Ackermann & Thusek ] 9. SUMMERTIME. [George Gershwin & Du Bose Hayward] [Folk-opera Porgy & Bess]; 10. SONNY BOY. [ DeSylva, Henderson, Brown & Jolson] 11. GREENSLEEVES [King Henry V111 - Robert Burns]; 12. BANANA BOAT [AKA Day-O]. [Arkin, Carey & Darling]; 13. GUANTANAMERA [ Fernandez] 14. AUF WIEDERSEH’N [Storch, Sexton & Turner]; 15. DE CAMPTOWN RACES; 16. OLD BLACK JOE; 17. AH! MAY THE RED ROSE LIVE ALWAYS; 18. MASSA’S IN DE COLD GROUND; 19. BEAUTIFUL DREAMER; 20. JEANNIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN HAIR; 21. OH ! SUSANNAH; 22. OLD FOLKS AT HOME [AKA Old Folks at Home]; 23. RING. RING DE BANJO .[Words & music – Stephen Foster]; 24. MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME. GOOD NIGHT



GLENN OSSER at THE PODIUM With guest Jerry Vale

1. BUT BEAUTIFUL [James Van Heusen & Johnny Burke] [1948 film Road To Rio]; 2. THE GIRL THAT I MARRY [Irving Berlin] [1946 musical Annie Get Your Gun]; 3. TOO MARVELLOUS FOR WORDS [Richard A. Whiting - Johnny Mercer] [1937 movie Ready, Willing & Able]; 4. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG & YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL [Dana Suesse, Billy Rose & Irving Kahal ]; 5. YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO. [Cole Porter ]\ [1943 film Something To Shout About]. 6. YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL [Rodgers & Hart] [1933 film Hallelujah I’m A Bum]; 7. MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU [James Van Heusen & Johnny Burke] [1942 film Road To Morocco]; 8. DO I LOVE YOU? [Cole Porter] [1939 musical DuBarry Was A Lady]; 9. CAN I FORGET YOU? [Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein] 11. [1937 film High, Wide & Handsome]; 10. I’LL BE SEEING YOU [Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal] [1938 musical ]; 11. [1937 film High, Wide & Handsome]; 10. I’LL BE SEEING YOU [Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal] [1938 musical Right This Way]; 11. WHAT IS THERE TO SAY? [Vernon Duke & E. Y. Harburg] [1934 Ziegfeld Follies.]; 12. WHEN YOU USED TO DANCE WITH ME [P.L.Hayes]; 13. ENCHANTED ISLAND [Al Stillman & Robert Allen] [1958 film Enchanted Island.]; 14. KATHY’S THEME [E. & A. Osser] 15. SONG OF THE WIND with Chorus [Madeleine Karter, Djalma Ferreira & Luis Antonio]
All the following with vocals by Jerry Vale. 16. I’LL GET BY [Fred E. Ahlert & Roy Turk] [1930 musical Puttin’On The Ritz]; 17. IF YOU WERE ONLY MINE [Isham Jones & Charles Newman]. 18. LINDA [Jack Lawrence ]; 19. I STILL GET A THRILL [THINKING OF YOU] [J. Fred Coots - Benny Davis, Jnr.]; 20. THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU [Ray Noble] [1950 film Young Man With A Horn]; 21. STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE [Harry Revel & Mack Gordon ] [1934 film College Rhythm ] 22. GIRL OF MY DREAMS [ Sunny Clapp][1939 film South Of The Border.]; 23. IT HAD TO BE YOU Isham Jones - Gus Kahn] [1939 film The Roaring Twenties]; 23. HOW ARE THINGS IN GLOCCA MORRA? [Burton Lane & E.Y. Harburg ][1947 musical Finian’s Rainbow]; 24. SLEEPY TIME GAL [Ange Lorenzo, Richard A. Whiting, Joselph R. Alden, Richard B. Egan] [1942 film Sleepy Time Gal] [1943 Never A Dull Moment]; 25. ALL DRESSED UP WITH A BROKEN HEART [Fred Patrick, Claude Reese & Jack Val]; 26. WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I? [Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricuse] [1962 English Musical, Stop The World -- I Want To Get Off]




1. Legende de Kleinzach: Il etat une fois. [Offenbach] [Act 1 – The Tales of Hoffman]; 2. O soave Faucilla [O Lovely Maid In The Moonlight] [Puccini] [Act 1 – La Boheme] w. Nadine Connor; 3. Spirito gentil [La Favorita] [Donizetti]; 4. M’appari tutt’ amor. [Act 11 – Martha] [von Flotow]. 5. Air de fleur [The Flower Song] [Act 11 – Carmen] [Bizet]; 6. Questa o quella. [Op. scene Rigoletto] [Verdi]; 7. Poor Butterfly. [1916 The Big Show] w. Ch. [Hubbell & Golden]; 8. La donna e´ mobile. [Act 111 Rigoletto] [Verdi]; 9. With A Song In My Heart. [1929 Spring Is Here] [Richard Rogers - Larry Hart]; 10. Three O’Clock In The Morning. [Greenwich Follies of 1921] Julian Robeldo - Dorothy Terris]; 11. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp. [1910 Naughty Marietta] w. Ch. [Herbert – Johnson Young]; 12. Look For The Silver Lining. [1921 Sally] w. Ch. [Kern - DeSylva] w. unknown female singer. 13. The Lord’s Prayer. [Albert Hay Malotte]. [w. Ch.] 14. Howdy Do Miss Springtime? [David Guinon]; 15. Funiculì, Funiculà [Tucci – Denza [w. Ch.] 16. Love Me and The World Is Mine. [Ernest R, Ball – David Reed Jnr.]; 17. I Hear You Calling Me. [Marshall - Harford]; 18. Ah! Sweeet Mystery Of Life. [1910 Naughty Marietta] [Herbert - Johnson Young ]; 19. Forgotten. [Cowles - Wulschner]; 20. Because [d’Hardelot - Teachemacher]; 21. Thine Alone. [1917 Eileen] [Herbert - Blossom]; 22. I’ll Take You Home Kathleen. [Westendorf]; 23. Beloved. [Conley]; 24. Danny Boy. [Weatherley]; 25, Non piangere, Liù. [Act 1 Turnadot – Puccini]; 26. Di quella pira. [Act 111 Il Trovatore – Verdi]; 27. The Holy City. [Adams – Westherley]




1. STELLA BY STARLIGHTl Victor Young - Ned Washington] [1944 film The Univited]. 2. IT’S EASY TO REMEMBER [and so hard to forget]. [Richard Rogers - Lorenz Hart][1935 film Mississippi]; 3. I CAN DREAM CAN’T I? [Sammy Fain - Irving Kahal] [1938 musical Right This Way]; 4. SYMPHONY [Symphonie] [Alex Astone - André Tabet - Roger Bernstein - Jack Lawrence]; 5. I’LL WALK ALONE [Jule Styne - Sammy Cahn] [1944 film Follow The Boys]; 6. THE NEARNESS OF YOU. [Hoagy Carmichael – Ned Washington]; 7. I HEAR A RHAPSODY [1951 film Casa Manana] [George Fragos,Jack Baker & Dick Gasparre]; 8. I WANNA BE LOVED. [1933 revue Casino de Pareee] [Johnny Green, Edward Heyman & Billy Rose]; 9. STARDUST [Hoagy Carmichael - Mitchell Parish]; 10. PRETEND. [Lew Douglas, Cliff Parman - Franke Levere]; 11. LOVE LETTERS [Victor Young – Edward Heyman] [1945 film Love Letters]; 12. LOVE IS BLUE [L’amour est Bleu] [Andre Popp, Piere Cour – Brian Blackburn]; 13. MOON RIVER [Henry Mancini - Johnny Mercer] [1961 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s]; 14. YESTERDAY [John Lennon - Paul McCarthey]; 15. STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT [1966 film A Man Could Get Killed] [Bert Kaempfert - Charles Singleton - Eddie Synder]; 16. THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM [The Quest] [Mitch Lee & Joe Darion][1964 musical Man of La Mancha]; 17. SUNNY [Bobby Hebb]; 18. THIS GUY’S IN LOVE WITH YOU [Burt Bacharach & Hal David]; 19. THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE [Johnny Mandel & Paul Francis] [1965 film The Sandpiper]; 20. HELLO DOLLY [Jerry Herman] [1964 musical of same name] 21. BLUE VELVET [Bernie Wayne - Lee Morris] [1986 film of the same name ]; 22. CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU [Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio]; 23. SPANISH EYES [Bert Kaempfert - Charles Singleton - Eddie Synder.]; 24. BORN FREE [John Barry - Don Black] [1966 film of the same title]; 25. LITTLE GREEN APPLES [Bobby Russell]; 26. WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I? [Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricuse] [1962 English Musical, Stop The Word -- I Want To Get Off]




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