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The Songs of Ivor Novello & Noel Coward JUNE BRONHILL – DENNIS OLSEN with Freddie Phillips [piano] Devised by Brian Crossley and Dennis Olsen/Directed by Brian Crossley Recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, Adelaide 3rd August, 1980

CD 1:
1. Overture [Noel Coward & Ivor Novello] – Phillips; 2. Together with Music from the CBS Television special of the same name [Noel Coward] – Bronhill & Olsen; 3. Ivor Novello and Noel Coward Medley [Someday I’ll Find You/Someday My heart Will Awake/Easy To Live With/Don’t Take Our Charlie For The Army/Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun/Keep The Home Fires Burning] – Bronhill & Olsen; 4. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen; 5. I’ll Make Myself At Home from Theodore & Co [Ivor Novello/ Adrian Ross] 6. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen; 7. Glamorous Night from the operetta of the same name [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 8. Narration – Dennis Olsen; 9. Shanty Town from Glamorous Night [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 10. Narration; 11. Why Is There Ever Goodbye? from Careless Rapture [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 12. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen 13. And Her Mother Came Too from A to Z [Ivor Novello/Dion Titheradge]; 14. Narration/Dialogue from Perchance To Dream [Ivor Novell] – Bronhill & Olsen; 15. A Woman’s Heart from Perchance To Dream [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill [Dialogue: Olsen]; 16. Narration – Olsen; 17. We’ll Gather Lilacs from Perchance To Dream [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 18. Narration – Bronhill; 19. Someday My Heart Will Awake from King’s Rhapsody [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 20. Narration – June Bronhill; 21. Fly Home, Little Heart from King’s Rhapsody [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – June Bronhill; 22. Narration – Dennis Olsen; 23. Guards On Parade from Gay’s The Word [Ivor Novello/Alan Meville] – Bronhill & Olsen; 24. A Matter of Minutes from Gay’s The Word [Ivor Novello/Alan Meville] – Olsen; 25. Bees Are Buzzin’ from Gay’s The Word [Ivor Novello/Alan Meville] – Bronhill; 26. If Only He/She Looked My Way from Gay’s The Word [Ivor Novello/Alan Meville] – Olsen & Bronhill; 27. Vitality from Gay’s The Word [Ivor Novello/Alan Meville] – Bronhill & Olsen; 28. Narration/Dialogue from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello] – Bronhill & Olsen; 29. Waltz Of My Heart from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 30. Dialogue from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello] – Olsen & Bronhill; 31. I Can Give You The Starlight from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill; 32. Dialogue from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello] – Olsen & Bronhill; 33. My Dearest Dear from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Olsen & Bronhill BONUS TRACKS: 34. The Violin Began To Play from King’s Rhapsody [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill with orchestra; 35. Music In May from Careless Rapture [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill & unidentified male singer [possibly John Lawrenson] with Orchestra; 36. Glamorous Night from Glamorous Night [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill with Orchestra; 37. Love Is My Reason For Living from Perchance To Dream [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill with Orchestra 38. When It’s Spring In Vienna from The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill with Chorus & Orchestra; 39. Rainbow In The Fountain from Valley Of Song – interpolated into the 1968 revival of The Dancing Years [Ivor Novello/Christopher Hassall] – Bronhill with Chorus & Orchestra; Tracks 34 – 37 Live - from radio broadcasts or concert performances. Tracks 38 & 39 from the LP The Dancing Years RCA Victor - RD 7958
CD 2
01. Entr’acte [Noel Coward] – Phillips; 2. Mad Dogs And Englishmen from The Third Little Show [Noel Coward] – Olsen; 3. Verse: Social Grace [Noel Coward] – Bronhill; 4. Verse: Any Part of Piggy [Noel Coward] – Olsen; 5. Verse: Opera Notes [Noel Coward] – Olsen & Bronhill; 6. I’ll See You Again from Bitter Sweet [Noel Coward] – Olsen & Bronhill; 7. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen; 8. Narration and Dialogue from Shadow Play [Noel Coward] – Bronhill & Olsen; 9. You Were There from Shadow Play – Olsen & Bronhill; 10. She Was A Good Girl Then cut from On With The Dance [Noel Coward] – Olsen; 11. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen; 12. Scene and I’ll Follow My Secret Heart from Conversation Piece [Noel Coward] – Bronhill & Olsen; 13. Narration – Olsen; 14. Melanie’s Aria from Conversation Piece [Noel Coward] – Bronhill; 15. Narration – Bronhill & Olsen 16. Chase Me, Charlie from Ace Of Clubs [Noel Coward] – Bronhill; 17. We Must All Be Very Kind To Aunt Jessie [Noel Coward] – Olsen; 18. That Is The End Of The News from Sigh No More [Noel Coward] – Bronhill & Olsen; 19. Scene from Private Lives [Noel Coward] – Olsen & Bronhill; 20. Someday I’ll Find You from Private Lives [Noel Coward] – Bronhill; 21. Something Very Strange from Sail Away [Noel Coward] – Bronhill; 22. Narration – Olsen & Bronhill; 23. If Love Were All from Bitter Sweet [Noel Coward] – Bronhill 2.08; 24. Verse: I’m Here For A Short Visit Only [Noel Coward] – Olsen; 25. Noel Coward and Ivor Novello Medley [Any Little Fish/Love Is My Reason/Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs. Worthington/Bees Are Buzzin’/Shanty Town/Half Caste Woman/Come The Wild, Wild Weather/Where Are The Songs We Sung?/Keep The Home Fires Burning ] – Olsen and Bronhill; 26. Together With Music from the CBS Television special of the same name [Noel Coward] – Bronhill and Olsen; 27. The Party’s Over Now from Words And Music [Noel Coward] – Bronhill and Olsen COWARD BONUS TRACKS: 28. Zigeuner from Bitter Sweet [Noel Coward] – Bronhill with Orchestra; 29. I’ll Follow My Secret Heart from Conversation Piece [Noel Coward] – Bronhill with Orchestra; 30. Dearest Love from Operette [Noel Coward] – Bronhill with Orchestra 31. The Call Of Life from Bitter Sweet [Noel Coward] – Bronhill with Chorus and Orchestra; 32. Dear Little Café from Bitter Sweet [Noel Coward] – Bronhill and Neville Jason with Orchestra. Tracks 28 – 29 Live – from radio or concert performances; Tracks 31 & 32 from the LP Bitter Sweet EMI - PTWO 273



CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG [ Sherman Bros.] 1 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2. Hushabye Mountain 3. Me Ol’ Bam-Boo 4. Toot Sweets BEDKNOBS & BROOMSTICKS [Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman] 5 The Old Home Guard 6 A Step In The Right Direction 7 The Age Of Not Believing 8 With A Flare 9 Eglantine 10 Portobello Road 11 The Beautiful Briny 12 Substitutttary Locomotion 13 Reprise: The Old Home Guard OLIVER [Lionel Bart] 14 OLIVER 15 Consider Yourself 16 It’s A Fine Life 17 As Long As He Needs Me MARY POPPINS [Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman] [Nar. by Dal McKennon as Bert] 18 One Man Band [Instrumental] 19 The Perfect Nanny - Pamela Shannon 20 A Spoonful Of Sugar -Marni Nixon 21 Jolly Holiday - Bill Lee & Animal Chorus 22 Super-cali-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious - Marni Nixon & The Pearlies 23 Stay Awake - Marni Nixon 24 I Love To Laugh - Richard M. Sherman 25 Feed The Birds - Marni Nixon 26 Chim Chim Cheree - Bill Lee 27 Step In Time - Bill Lee & Sweeps 28 Let’s Go Fly A Kite - Bill Lee & Chorus 29 Let’s Go Fly A Kite – Reprise Chorus BONUS TRACKS - Instrumental 30 All I Desire 31 Rumbalero [TPT 79.56]




BENJAMIN LUXON 1. Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top from Oklahoma! [Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 3. On The Street Where You Live from My Fair Lady (Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe); 4. Ol’ Man River from Show Boat (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 5. Maria from West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim); 6. Seventy-Six Trombones from The Music Man (Meredith Willson); 7. Where Or When from Babes In Arms (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart); 8. I Got Plenty Of Nuttin’ from Porgy And Bess (George Gershwin/DuBose Heyward Ira Gershwin); 9. All The Things You Are from Very Warm For May (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 10. Stan’ Up And Fight from Carmen Jones (Georges Bizet/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 11. Soliloquy from Carousel (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 12. As Time Goes By from Casablanca (Herman Hupfield); 13. More from Mondo Cane (Riz Ortolani/Nino Oliviero/Norman Newell); 14. My Foolish Heart from My Foolish Heart (Victor Young/Ned Washington); 15. Laura from Laura (David Raskin/Johnny Mercer); 16. Spring, Spring, Spring from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (Gene DePaul/Johnny Mercer); 17. Gigi from Gigi (Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe); 18. Moon River from Breakfast At Tifanny’s (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer)
CD 2:
1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare – Cinemascope extended version (Alfred Newman)/ Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing from Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster); 2. The Green Leaves Of Summer from The Alamo (Dimitri Tiomkin/Paul Francis Webster); 3. Long Ago And Far Away from Cover Girl (Jerome Kern/Ira Gershwin); 4. Ziegfeld Medley – You Stepped Out Of A Dream from Ziegfeld Girl (Nacio Herb Brown)/A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody from The Great Ziegfeld (Irving Berlin); EARL WRIGHTSON 5. I’m On My Way from Paint Your Wagon (Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe); 6. I Still See Elisa from Paint Your Wagon (Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe); 7. They Call The Wind Maria from Paint Your Wagon (Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe); 8. Our Language Of Love from Irma La Douce (Marguerite Monnot/Julian More/David Heneker/ Monty Norman); 9. Fanny from Fanny (Harold Rome); 10. My Romance from Jumbo (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart); 11. Long Before I Knew You from Bells Are Ringing (Jule Styne/Betty Comden/ Aldolph Green); 12. Lost In The Stars from Lost In The Stars (Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson); 13. Give Me One Hour from The White Eagle (Rudolph Friml/Brian Hooker); 14. Right As The Rain from Bloomer Girl (Harold Arlen/Johnn Mercer); 15. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You from Revenge With Music (Arthur Schwartz/Howard Dietz); 16. Climb Ev’ry Mountain from The Sound Of Music (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 17. They Didn’t Believe Me from The Girl From Utah (Jerome Kern/Herbert Reynolds; 18. I’ll Buy You A Star from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (Arthur Schwartz/Dorothy Fields); 19. My Ship from Lady In The Dark (Kurt Weill/Ira Gershwin); 20. Open Road, Open Sky from The Gypsy Baron (Johann Strauss/Ann Ronell); 21. Anywhere I Wander from Hans Christian Anderson (Frank Loesser); 22. The Song Is You from Music In The Air (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11); 23. Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies from The Countess Maritza (Emmerich Kálmán/Harry B. Smith); 24. Without A Song from Great Day (Vincent Youmans/Billy Rose/Edward Eliscu); 25. Ma Belle from The Three Musketeers (Rudolph Friml/Clifford Grey)



1. Night And Day [Gay Divorce] 2. So In Love [Kiss Me Kate] 3. I´ve Got You Under My Skin [Born To Dance] 4. You´d Be So Nice To Come Home To [Something to Shout About] 5. Ev´ry Time We Say Goodbye [Seven Lively Arts] 6. Wunderbar [Kiss Me Kate] 7. Begin The Beguine [Jubilee] 8. Easy To Love [Born To Dance] 9. I Get A Kick Out Of You [Anything Goes] 10. I Love You [Mexican Hayride] 11. In The Still Of The Night [Rosalie] 12. Blow, Gabriel, Blow [Anything Goes]
13. A Bachelor Gay [Maid Of The Mountains] [James W. Tate / Frank Clifford Harris/ Valentine] 14. When The Sergeant Major’s On Parade [Ernest Longstaffe] 15. Travel The Road (Who Cares?) [Pat Thayer/Donovan Parsons] 16. The Trumpeter [J. Airlie Dix/J. Francis Barron] 17. Myself When Young [Edward Fitzgerald/Hakim Omar Khayyám] 18. On The Road To Mandalay [Oley Speaks/ Rudyard Kipling] 19. Sylvia [Oley Speaks/Clinton Scollard] 20.The Floral Dance [Kate Emily Barkley Moss] 21.The Lute Player [Sir William Watson/Francis Allitsen] BONUS TRACK: 22. Ol’ Man River [Show Boat] [Jerome Kern/ Oscar Hammerstein 11] [TPT 78.25]



1. Anvil Chorus [Il Trovatore]; 2. Soldier’s Chorus [Il Trovatore]; 3. Prelude Act 1 [La Tarviata]; 4. La Donna E Mobile [Rigoletto]; 5. Quartet [Rigoletto]; 6. Va Pensiero [Nabucco]; 7. Di Tale Aror [IlTrovatore]; 8. Ah! Fors’ E Lui [La Traviata]; 9 Gelosa Amor [Il Trovatore]; 10. Bolero [I Vespri Siciliani]; 11. Addio Dei Passata [La Traviata]; 12. Love Duet [Un Ballo In Maschera]; 13. Ah! Si, Beri Mio [Il Trovatore]; 14. Caro Nome [Rigoletto [; 15. Sempre Libera [La Traviata] SATIE. 16. Gymnopedies [#1] Deux Preludes Posthumes; 17. Grossirnnes [Quartrienne, Cinquieme, Sixieme];18. Le Fils Des Etoiles; 19 Sarabandes [Deuxiemw, Tropisieme]; 20. Through A Looking Glass; 21. Parade [Ballet realiste]


1. Oh. What A Beautiful Morning [Oklahoma!] [Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 2. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top [Oklahoma!] [Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 3. This Nearly Was Mine [South Pacific] [Richard Rodgers/ Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 4. If I Loved You [Carousel] [Richard/ Rodgers/ Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 5. Soliloquy [Carousel] [Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 6. They Call The Wind Maria [Paint Your Wagon] [Frederick Lowe/Alan Jay Lerner]; 7. There But For You Go I [Brigadoon] [Frederick Lowe/Alan Jay Lerner]; 8. On The Street Where You Live [My Fair Lady] [Frederick Lowe/Alan Jay Lerner]; 9. September Song [Knickerbocker Holiday] [Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson]; 10. All The Things You Are [Very Warm For May] [Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 11. Ol’ Man River [Show Boat] [Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11]; 12. If I Could Tell You {Opening theme of The Voice Of Firestone program}[Idabelle Firestone/Madeleine Marshall]; 13. Only Make Believe [Show Boat] [Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 11] with Nadine Conner; 14. In the Town Of Kazan [Boris Godunov] [Modest Mussorgsky/Eng. Translation: Jerome Hines]; 15. Will You Remember [Maytime] [Sigmund Romberg/Rida Johnson Young] with Nadine Conner; 16. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms [Traditional Irish Air/Thomas Moore]; 17. When I’m Looking At You [Rogue Song] [Herbert Stothart/Clifford Grey]; 18. Non più andrai [Le nozze di Figaro] [Mozart/ Lorenzo Da Ponte]; 19. For You Alone [Henry E. Geehl/ P.J. O'Reilly]; 20. La Ci Darem la Mano [Don Giovanni] [Mozart/Lorenzo Da Ponte] with Dorothy Warenskjold; 21. Blow The Man Down [Traditional Sea Shanty]; 22. Medley from Naughty Marietta {I’m Falling In Love With Someone/ Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life} [Victor Herbert/ Rida Johnson Young] with Dorothy Warenskjold; 23. In My Garden {Closing theme of The Voice Of Firestone program}[Idabelle Firestone] with Nadine Conner or Dorothy Warenskjold; 24. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [Wallis Willis /Transcribed by Alexander Reid]; 25. Scintille diamante [Les Contes d`Hoffmann] [Jacques Offenbach/Jules Babier] Total time: 78.11




1. Younger Than Springtime [South Pacific]; 2. It's A Grand Night For Singing [State Fair – Film]; 3. Hello, Young Lovers [The King And I]; 4. Kansas City [Oklahoma!]; 5. Out Of My Dreams [Oklahoma!]; 6. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful [Cinderella]; 7. Love, Look Away [Flower Drum Song]; 8. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' [Oklahoma!]; 9. Getting To Know You [The King And I]; 10. Some Enchanted Evening [South Pacific]; 11. It Might As Well Be Spring [State Fair – Film] 12. If I Loved You [Carousel]; 13. June Is Bustin' Out All Over [Carousel]; 14. This Nearly Was Mine [South Pacific]; 15. No Other Love [Me And Juliet]; 16. A Fellow Needs a Girl [Allegro]; 17. People Will Say We're In Love [Oklahoma!]; 18. So Far [Allegro]; 19. Everybody's Got a Home But Me [Pipe Dream]; 20. Oklahoma! [Title song]; 21. Marriage Type Love [Me And Juliet]; 22. You'll Never Walk Alone [Carousel]; 23. Surrey With the Fringe On Top [Oklahoma!]; 24. We Kiss In A Shadow [The King And I]; Bonus Tracks: 25. The Sweetest Sounds [No Strings] with Diahann Carroll; 26. Nobody Told Me [No Strings]; 27. No Strings [Title song] with Diahann Carroll



Three Musicals featuring PATRICE MUNSEL FBCD 349/350

CD No.1
CAROUSEL [Richard Rodgers – Oscar Hammerstein 11] Orc. By Lehman Engel

1. Prologue – THE CAROUSEL WALTZ, Orch.; 2. MR. SNOW. Florence Henderson & Patrice Munsel; 3. IF I LOVED YOU. Robert Merrill & Patrice Munsel; 4. JUNE IS BUSTIN’ OUT ALL OVER Henderson, Gloria Lane and Chorus; 5. WHEN THE CHILDREN ARE ASLEEP, Herbert Banke & Henderson; 6. BLOW HIGH, BLOW LOW. George Irving, Merrill & Ch.; 7. SOLILOQUY, Merrill; 8. THIS WAS A REAL NICE CLAMBAKE, Banke, Henderson, Lane, Munsel a Ch.; 9. GERANIUMS IN THE WINDER Banke, Henderson, Irving & Ch,; 10. WHAT’S THE USE OF WOND’RIN. Munsel and Girls; 11. YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE. Lane & Munsel; 12. THE HIGHEST JUDGE OF ALL, Merrill; 13. FINALE. Ch. SHOW BOAT [Jerome Kern – Oscar Hammerstein 11] Lehman Engel; 14. OVERTURE, Orch.; 15. COTTON BLOSSOM, Ch.; 16. WHERE IS THE MATE FOR ME?, Merrill; 17. MAKE BELIEVE = Munsel & Merrill; 18. OL' MAN RIVER = Merrill; 19. CAN'T HELP LOVIN' DAT MAN, Rise Stevens, Katherine Graves; 20. LIFE UPON THE WICKED STAGE Janet Pavek
CD No.2
SHOW BOAT contd.
1. TILL GOOD LUCK COMES MY WAY, Merrill; 2. I MIGHT FALL BACK ON YOU = Janet Pavek, Kevin Scott; 3. YOU ARE LOVE Munsel & Merrill; 4. OPENING OF ACT TWO = Ch. (AT THE WORLD'S FAIR); 5. WHY DO I LOVE YOU? Munsel & Merrill; 6. BILL, Rise Stevens; 7. AFTER THE BALL Munsel (by Charles K. Harris) 8. DANCE AWAY THE NIGHT, Stevens; 9. FINALE (OL' MAN RIVER) Robert Merrill; THE MERRY WIDOW [Franz Lehar – Forman Brown] Orc. By Franz Allers; 10. OVERTURE = Orch.; 11. WHEN IN FRANCE, Robert Goss, Rudy Vejar, Joan Weldon, Marian Haraldson, Luce Ennis, Mischa Auer and Chorus; 12. RESPECTABLE WIFE, Joan Weldon & Frank Porretta; 13. WHO KNOWS THE WAY TO MY HEART?, Munsel, Robert Goss, Rudy Vejar & Chorus; 14. MAXIM’S. Bob Wright & Ch.; 15. RIDING ON A CAROUSEL Munsel & Wright; 16. FINALE, ACT 1 = Munsel, Wright & Ch.; 17. VILIA, Munsel & Ch.; 18. WOMEN, Mischa Auer, Sig Arno, Joseph Leon, Wood Romoff, Robert Goss & Rudy Vejar 19, ROMANCE = Frank Porretta & Joan Weldon; 20. FINALE, ACT 11 = Munsel, Wright, Porretta, Weldon and Ch.; 21. GIRLS AT MAXIM’S = Munsel & Ch.; 22. THE MERRY WIDOW WALTZ [I Love You So] = Munsel, Wright & Ch.




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