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Anton & The Paramount Theatre Orchestra
Volume Three
FBCD 25 - Total Playing Time: 72.11

Over The Waves - Waltz; Gold & Silver Waltz; Jeanette MacDonald Films Selection - Intro: (March Of The Grenadiers; Only A Rose; San Francisco; Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life; Blue Horizon.); Grenadiers - Valse Militaire; Serenade; Skaters’ Waltz; Grasshoppers’ Dance; Roses Of The South Waltz; In The Shadows; Valse Septembre; Victor Herbert Favourites - (Intro: March Of The Toys; When You’re Away; Absinthe Frappe; I’m Falling In Love With Someone; I Can’t Do That Sum; Kiss Me Again; Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life; The Irish Have A Great Day Tonight.); Sweetheart Waltz; Salut D’amor; Bitter Sweet Waltz; Narcissus (From “Water Scenes”); Merry Widow Waltz; The Great Waltz - Selection; Robert. Tredinnick Introduces His “Musical Moments” - (Intro: The Lights Are Low.; By The Fireside; The Continental; The Merry Widow Waltz; Vilia; One Night Of Love).




Morton Gould
Volume 2 - “Beyond The Blue Horizon”
FBCD26 - Total Playing Time: 72.30

Beyond The Blue Horizon; Brazil; I Get A Kick Out Of You; La Cumparsita; Stardust; Espani Cani; Temptation; Jarabe Tapatio; Tropical; The Very Thought Of You; Mexican Medley: (Cielito Lindo; La Golondrina.); Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers; Adios Muchahos; Dark Eyes; El Rancho Grande; Speak Low; Besame Mucho; Dancing Tambourine; El Relicario; Dancing In The Dark; Holiday For Strings.


The London Palladium Orchestra
Volume No. 5 – “A Matinee Concert”
FBCD27 - Total Playing Time: 70.47

Patriotic Medley; Princess Elizabeth; Vagabond King Selection; Animal Antics; The Rose - English Selection; Bird Of Love Divine; Dawn; Sunset; Wedded Whimsies; Amina; The Shamrock - Irish Selection; Druid’s Prayer - Waltz; Everybody’s Songs Selection; Student Prince Selection.



The London Palladium Orchestra
Volume No. 6 – “Recital By Request”
FBCD28 - Total Playing Time: 73.12

The Golden Valse; The Sacred Hour (V.C.); The Leek - Welsh Selection; Bitter Sweet - Selection (Intro: Tokay; Ladies Of The Town; The Call To Life; I’ll See You Again.); I Hear You Calling Me; Merchant Of Venice - Suite (Part 1: Prelude No.1; Part 2: Intermezzo - Portia; Part 3: Oriental March; Part 4: Prelude No. 2; Part 5: Doges March); In The Moonlight; Maid Of The Mountains - Selection; Dreaming; Sanctuary Of The Heart (V.C.); Fifty Years Of Song.



Gladys Swarthout
And My Song Still Goes On
FBCD29 - Total Playing Time: 73.09

One Night Of Love; Only A Rose; All The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise; They Say That Falling In Love Is Wonderful; Estrellita; Kiss Me Again; At Dawning; I Love You; Oh Promise Me; Yesterdays; ‘Swonderful; Will You Remember; Where’s My Love; One Alone; I Wonder As I Wander; A Kiss In The Dark; Funiculi, Funicula; I’ll Follow My Secret Heart; Love’s Old Sweet Song; What A Difference A Day Can Make; None But The Lonely Heart; White Christmas; Bless This House; The Lord’s Prayer.



James Melton
Sings Religious Songs And Spirituals
FBCD30 - Total Playing Time: 73.54

The Lord’s Prayer (Malotte); Ave Maria (Kahn); Angus Dei (Bizet); Panis Angelicus (Franck); The Palms (Faure); Ave Maria (Bach Gounod); The Holy City (Adams); Ave Maria (Mascagni, Weatherly); Angel’s Serenade (Braga); Elegie (Massenet); Ave Maria (Schubert); The Lost Chord (Sullivan); The Bells Of St. Mary’s (Adams).
Witness; Joshua; Mine Good Lord’s Done Been Here; David & Goliath; Shadrach; Who’s Gonna Mourne For Me?; Down By The Old Bayou; There Is No Death (O’Hara).



Dorothy Kirsten
sings Some Favourites
FBCD31 - Total Playing Time: 70.56

Victor Herbert Favourites:
Kiss Me Again; Moonbeams; Indian Summer; Neath The Southern Moon; A Kiss In The Dark; Romany Life.
Airchecks: Colombetta; If I Should Lose You; A Southern Song ; Ma Curly-Headed Baby; Annie Laurie; So In Love; I Love Thee; The Man I Love; Comin’ Thro’ The Rye (Trad.); My Ideal; My Man’s Gone Now; Take Me In Your Arms; Les Filles De Cadi; Since First I Met Thee; Czardas; All The Things You Are; Depuis Le Jour (“Act 111 - ‘Louise’).



The London Palladium Orchestra
Volume No. 7 – “A Sad Adieu”
FBCD32 - Total Playing Time: 71.40

Oxford Street (Coates); Langham Place (Coates); Verdi Memories; Maid Of The Mountains - Waltz.

Dream Dances, Op. 74, No.2 (Coleridge - Taylor): No. 1; No. 2; No. 3.

Lightning Switch - Medley; Live, Laugh & Love; Classica - Selection; Old Vienna Moon.; Faust Selection; Estudiantina - Waltz; Les Sirenes - Waltz; Voice Of The Bells - An Alpine Fantasy.




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