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Allan Jones
Sings For You Vol. No.4
FBCD50 - Total Playing Time: 72.04

Funiculi, Funicula; I’ll Walk Alone; I’m Falling In Love With Someone; I Love You Truly; On The Trail; I Dream Of You (More Than You Dream I Do); Thine Alone – (Aircheck - 3.17); Just-A Wearying For You; Make Believe; Why Do I Love You?; The Sleigh; Love’s Roundelay (with Jarmila Novotna);Songs Of Cole Porter:- Begine The Beguine; So In Love; Night & Day; Easy To Love; Rosalie; What is This Thing Called Love?; In The Still Of The Night; Why Shouldn’t I?; I’ve Got You Under My Skin.




THE REVELERS – In Their Various Guises.
Volume No.1
FBCD51 - Total Playing Time 73.34

1. Who Are These Revelers? 2. Reunion (R); 3 When They Ring The Golden Bells For You & Me (Sn.Qt.); 4.I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Sn.Qt.); 5. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (Sn.Qt.); 6.Just A Bundle Of Sunshine (R); 7. Every Sunday Afternoon (R); 8.Every Sunday Afternoon (Sn.Qt.); 9. I’m Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston (R); 10. Dinah(R); 11. Collegiate (R); 12. OH, Miss Hannah (R); 13. Show Me The Way To Go Home (INO); 14. Who? (GMCC); 15. Show Me The Way To Go Home) (SS); 16. I’d Rather Be Alone In The South (SS); 17. Bam, Bam, Bammy Shore (R); 18.I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were (MM); 19. Keep On Croonin’ A Tune (MM); 20. Then I’ll Be Happy (SS); 21. Collegiate Blues (SS); 22. Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! (MM); 23. That Certain Party (MM); 24. Where Is My Rose Of Waikiki? (R. w. May Singhi Breen)

R – The Revelers [Lewis James, Frank Bauer, Tenors; Elliott Shaw, Baritone; Wilfred Glenn, Bass. Ed. Smalle, Tenor & Piano Accompanist.] SN. QT. – The Shannon Quartet. INO – International Novelty Orchestra GMCC – Gaiety Musical Comedy Chorus SS – The Singing Sophomore MM – The Merrymakers.


Revisits The Shows
FBCD 52/53 - Total Playing Time: 73.35 / 72.13

CD No.1
Rodgers & Hart: - (The Girl Friend - 1926) Blue Room; (A Connecticut Yankee – 1927) My Heart Stood Still; Thou Swell; (Spring Is Here – 1929) With A Song In My Heart; (Love Me Tonight – 1932) Isn’t It Romantic, Lover All The Foregoing; (On Your Toes – 1936) There’s A Small Hotel; (Too Many Girls – 1939) I Didn’t Know What Time It Was; (By Jupiter – 1939) Jupiter Forbid; Nobody’s Heart; Ev’rything I’ve Got; Careless Rhapsody.
Noel Coward:- (This Year Of Grace – 1928) A Room With A View; Dance Little Lady; (Bitter Sweet – 1929) I’ll See You Again; Zigeuner; (Private Lives – 1931) Someday I’ll Find You; (Conversation Piece – 1934) I’ll Follow My Secret Heart.
George Gershwin:- (Pardon My English – 1933) My Cousin In Milwaukee.
Vernon Duke:- (Walk A Little Faster – 1932) April In Paris; (Ziegfeld Follies – 1934) What Is There To Say?; Suddenly; (The Show Is On – 1936) Now; (Ziegfeld Follies – 1936) I Can’t Get Started.

Cd No.2
Vernon Duke:- (Not From A Show): - I Cling To You.
Jerome Kern:- (Showboat - 1927) Why Do I Love You?; (Music In The Air - 1932) I've Told Ev'ry Little Star; (Lady Be Good – 1941) The Last Time I Saw Paris.
Kurt Weill:- (Lady In The Dark - 1941) One Life To Live; Girl Of The Moment; This Is New; The Saga Of Jenny; My Ship; Suddenly It’s Spring;
Cole Porter:- (Let's Face It - 1941) Farming; Ev'rything I Love; Ace In The Hole; You Irritate Me So; A Little Rumba Numba; I Hate You, Darling; (Kiss Me Kate - 1948) Wunderbar.
Rodgers & Hammerstein 11:- (Carousel - 1945) June Is Bustin' Out All Over; This Was A Real Nice Clambake; (South Pacific - 1949) Dites-moi!
Emmerich Kalman:- (Marinka - 1945) The Cab Song; Sigh By Night.
Arthur Schwartz:- (Park Avenue - 1946) There's No Holding Me.
Irving Berlin:- (Miss Liberty - 1949) Paris Wakes Up & Smiles.



Dorothy Shay
The Park Avenue Hilbillie
FBCD 54/55 - Total Playing Time: 79.36 / 78.40

CD No.1
Feudin’ & Fightin’; Say That We’re Sweethearts Again; Mountain Gal; Efficiency; Flat River Missouri; I’ve Been To Hollywood; Uncle Fud; ’m In Love With A Married Man; Just A Friendly Feeling; Mountain Lullaby; He’s The One; The Style To Which I’m Accustomed; With A Little Indiscretion On The Side; It’s The Little Things That Count; Agnes Clung; The Drainpipe Song (Your Baby Has Gone Down The Drainpipe); The Sample Song; Two-Gun Harry From Tucumcari; Makin’ Love, Mountain Style; Finishing School Was The Finish Of Me; Joan Of Arkansaw; Pure As The Driven Snow; Why Don’t Someone Marry Mary Anne?; No Ring On Her Finger; Since Mother Was A Girl; Love Isn’t Born , It’s Made; June In January.

CD No.2
Grandpa’s Getting’ Younger Ev’ry Day; The Old Apple Tree; Mr. Sears & Mr. Roebuck; You Broke Your Promise; (You’ll Be Just) Another Notch On Father’s Shotgun (Effen You Don’t Marry Me); Pappy’s Predicament (Or We Lost Him In Montana); A Little Girl From Little Rock; Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend; Fargo Fanny; What Fer Didja; Jenny; Home Cookin’; Mr. Berlitz; Oh Them Dudes; Why Sure; Television’s Tough On Love; Don’t You Think That You Should Have Mentioned It Before?; Sagebrush Sadie, The Bearded Lady; Just A Little Western Town Called Beverley Hills; If It Wasn’t For Your Father; Howlinest, Hootinest, Gal; Sugar Plum Kisses & Vinegar Tears; Hunky Dory; Always; Abridged Duffy’s Tavern Episode.



Lanny Ross
Volume One
FBCD 56 - Total Playing Time: 79.40

One Morning In May (A); The Harbour Of Home, Sweet Home (A; Stay As Sweet As You Are (B); Let’s Give Three Cheers For Love (B); Water Under The Bridge (B)The World Is Mine (B); Ending With A Kiss (B); Melody In Spring (B); The Open Road (B); I’m Misunderstood (C); The Rose Of Tralee (C); Moonlight & Roses (C); Two Heads Against The Moon (C); I’m In The Mood For Love (D); Nothing Lives Longer Than Love (D); I Wished On The Moon (D); Whenever I Think Of You (D); Thanks A Million (D); Day Dreams (D); If You Were Mine (D); Red Sails In The Sunset (D); Moonlight & Roses (E); Crosstown (E); Marianna Annabella (The Little Girl With The Big Name) (E); Whispering (E); High On A Windy Hill (E).

[(a) Accompanied by Orchestra conducted by Ray Sinatra; (b) Accompanied by Nat W. Finston & His Paramount Recording
Orchestra; (c) Accompanied by studio orchestra.; (d) Accompanied by Orchestra conducted by Russ Morgan.; (e) Accompanied by Roy Bargy, piano & orchestra under his leadership]



The Revelers - In Their Various Guises
Volume No. 2
FBCD57 - Total Playing Time 72.30

1.Don’t Wait Too Long (R); 2. Who? (R);3. My Castle In Spain (MM); 4. Sweet Child (I’m Wild About You) (MM); 5. Sweet & Low-Down (SS); 6. TIP-TOES - VOCAL GEMS. Intro: These Charming People; When Do We Dance?; Looking For A Boy; Sweet & Low-Down (R w. Gladys Rice); 7. Just Around The Corner (R); 8. Who? (GMCC); 9. Poor Little Rich Girl (GMCC); 10, Who? (IT); 11. Tentin’ Down In Tennessee (R); 12. Georgianna (SS); 13. Honey Mine (SS); 14. Hello, Aloha! How Are You? (SS); 15. How D’ Y’ Do, Miss Springtime? (MM); 16. Mah Lindy Lou (MM); 17. Will You Love Me In December? (SN.QT.); 18. Honey Bunch (SS); 19. No Foolin’ (R); 20. Talking To The Moon (R); 21. Sweet Rosie O’Grady (SN.QT.); 22. QUEEN HIGH VOCAL GEMS Intro: Always On The Job; Cross Your Heart; Everything Will Happen For The Best; You’ll Never Know; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Cross Your Heart (GMCC); 23. Florida, The Moon & You (FB+); 24. Poor Little Marie (FB+);

R. – The Revelers GMCC - Gaiety Musical Comedy Chorus = The Revelers plus Gladys Rice plus one other female voice (possibly Olive Kline) under the direction of Walter Haenschen (Carl Fenton). IP The Ipana Troubadors MM The Merry Makers Sn.Qt. Shannon Quartet – pre Revelers. SS The Singing Sophomores.



The Revelers - In Their Various Guises
Volume No.3
FBCD58 - Total Playing Time 73.05

1.The Merrymakers’ Carnival (MM); 2. The Merrymakers In Spain – Incls. El Relicaro; La Paloma; Carmen Selection (MM);3. The Merrymakers In Hawaii – Incls. On The Beach Of Waikiki; Across The Lagoon; One, Two, Three, Four. Aloha Oe. (MM); 4. Valencia (R); 5. The Blue Room (R); 6. All I Want To Do Is Be With You (SS); 7. When The Red, Red, Robin, Comes A Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (SS); 8. The Sidewalks Of New York (SN.QT.); 9. Maggie Murphy’s Home (SN.QT. w. E.T. King, Organ); 10. (This Is My) Lucky Day (R); 11. The Birth Of The Blues (R); 12. Baby Face (MM); 13. Just As The Sun Goes Down (SN.QT.); 14. Barcelona (SS); 15. I’d Love To Meet That Old Sweetheart Of Mine (SS); 16. Break The News Mother (SN.QT.); 17. Moonlight On The Ganges (R); 18. Breezin’ Along With The Breeze (R); 19. Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes? (SS); 20. Lay Me Down To Sleep In Carolina (R).

MM – The Merrymakers R – The Revelers SS – The Singing Sophomores SN.QT. – The Shannon Quartet



The Revelers - In Their Various Guises
Volume No.4
FBCD59 - Total Playing Time 73.05

1.Down On The Banks Of The Old Yazoo (MM); 2. Poor Little Rich Girl (GMCC); 3. THE GIRL FRIEND - EXCERPTS Intro: The Girl Friend; Blue Room; Mountain Greenery (SS); 4.The Riff Song (NS); 5. Clap Yo’ Hands (SS); 6. Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon (SS); 7. I Know That You Know (OA); 8. One Alone (OA); 9. Mary Lou (R); 10. I Know That You Know (R); 11. Mine (MM); 12. Blue Skies (MM); 13. You Remind Me Of A Naughty Springtime Cuckoo (R); 14. OH, KAY!- Vocal Gems Intro; Clap Yo’ Hands; Someone To Watch Over Me; Maybe; Do-Do-Do (R+); 15. Sing (SS); 16. In A Little Spanish Town (R); 17. Somebody Else (SS); 18. Sunny Disposish (JG); 19. A Lane In Spain (JG); 20. Mother (SS); 21. Where’s That Rainbow ? (SS); 22. Your Land & My Land (PW); 23. So Blue (R); 24. Yankee Rose (R).

GMCC The Gaiety Musical Comedy Chorus JG Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra MM The Merrymakers NS Nat Shilkret and
The Victor Orchestra OA Phil Ohman and Victor Arden R The Revelers SS The Singing Sophomores PW Paul Whiteman and
His Orchestra




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