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Debroy Somers Band
FBCD60 - Total Playing Time 69.14

1. Mickey Mouse (Moret) [vc IL + 1); 2. Cuckoo In The Clock (W.R.Collins)[vc IL]; 3. Figaro (Mitchell- Motzan) [vc Tom Barratt]; 4. Cuckoo Waltz (Jonasson)[vc Tom Barratt]; 5. Ro-Ro-Rolling Along (Moll-Richman- Mencher) [vc LA]; 6. Back To Gay Paree (Stanley-Neville)[DD+3]; 7. The Clatter Of The Clogs (Flynn)[DD]; 8. The Barmaid’s Song (Kennedy)[vc TB & Ch.]; 9. Can This Be Love ? (James-Swift)[vc DD); 10. See Me Dance The Polka (Solmon) /Intro: Little Brown Jug (Trad.) [Inst.]; 11. Barn Dance - Pas de Quatre/Frivolity (Lute-Everett)[Inst.]; 12. Cupid On The Cake (Myers)[vc DD]; 13. Soldier On The Shelf (Reaves - Myers) [vc DD]; 14. Elizabeth (Katscher)[vc TB]; 15. Tell Me I’m Forgiven (Farkas-Herczeg-Katscher)[vc DD]; 16. The “Can” Song (Williams)[vc TB]; 17. Just A Little Dance, Mamselle (O’Flynn-Gordon-Wendling)[vc DD]; 18. The Silver Toned Chimes Of The Angelus (Wallace-Campbell-Connelly)[vc DD]; 19. The Little Things In Life (Berlin)[v.c. DD]; 20. The Peanut Vendor (Simonds)[vc TB & DD]; 21. When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver (Tobias- de Rose)[v.c. DD]; 22. Bathing In The Sunshine (Gilbert – Nichols)[vc DD]; 23. She’s Not Worth Your Tears (Dixon – Rose – Warren)[vc DD]; 24. Betty Co-ed (Fogarthy – Vallee)[vc DD}

v.c. IL – Idwal Lewys TB – Tom Barratt DD - Dan Donovan LA – Lou Abelardo TB & DD - Tom Barratt and Dan Donovan




Fascinating Fingers
Volume One
FBCD 61 - Total Playing Time: 78.04

My Song Goes Round The World (Eight Piano Symphony); Prelude In C Sharp Minor; Op.3, No.2 [Rach.] (Eight Piano Ensemble); Speak Easy (Eight Piano Symphony); Cascades (The Three Virtuosos); Tiger Rag (Eight Piano Symphony); Squirrel Dance (The Three Virtuosos); When The Poppies Bloom Again (Eight Piano Symphony); There Isn’t Any Limit To My Love [Intro: I Got To Dance My Way To Heaven & It’s Love Again] Eight Piano Symphony); Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 ([Liszt] Eight Piano Ensemble); Dinah (Eight Piano Ensemble); Dawn [From “Peer Gynt”] (Eight Piano Symphony); Snow Flakes (The Three Virtuosos); I Cover The Waterfront (Arr. For Eight Pianos); Kitten On The Keys (The Six Keyboard Kings); Sparks (The Three Virtuosos); Isn’t It Heavenly (Eight Piano Symphony); Rhapsody In Blue [Gershwin] (Eight Piano Ensemble); Lazy Bones (Eight Piano Ensemble); Ballet Girls (The Three Virtuosos); Sweetheart Darlin’ (Arr. For Eight Pianos); Frolics (The Three Virtuosos); Rustle Of Spring (Eight Piano Symphony); Electric Piano (The Three Virtuosos); Serenade In The Night (Eight Piano Symphony).


Fascinating Fingers
Volume Two
FBCD 62 - Total Playing Time: 77.58

Polonaise In A Major, Op. 40, No.1 [Chopin] 1; Smiles & Cheers 2; Canadian Capers 3; Little Silhouette 2; In The Valley Of The Moon 4; Three Jolly Fellows 2; Rollin’ Home 4; Russian Medley 4 [Intro: Prelude In C Sharp Minor [Rach.]; Occhi Neci [Black Eyes – Trad. Gypsy Song; 1812 Overture {Tchaikovsky}]; By A Waterfall 4; Piano Time Medlies No.1: 5 [Pt.1 Intro: China Boy; You’re In Kentucky; Sure As You Are Born; Sheik Of Araby.]; Piano Time Medlies No.1: 5 [Pt.2 Intro: Japanese Sandman; Bye, Bye, Blues; Who’s Sorry Now?]; Piano Varities No.1: 5 [Pt.1 Intro: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter; I’m Shooting High; No Other One]; Piano Varities No.1: 5 [Pt.2 Intro: It’s Raining In California; Alone At A Table For Two Music Of Lecuona: 6 Malaguena 6; Andalucia 6; Argonesa 6; La Comparsa 6; Danza Lucumi 6; Blue Danube 7; Liebestraum 7; Ride Of The Valkyrie 7 [Die Valkyries]; Hungarian Dances 7; Barcarolle 7 [Tales Of Hoffman]; Waltzes From Faust [Gounod] 7.

1. Eight Piano Ensemble , 2. The Three Virtuosos, 3. The Six Keyboard Kings, 4. Eight Piano Symphony,
5. Bart & Howard, Duo-Piano, 6. The First Piano Quartet, 7. Ivory Keys Grand Piano S.O.



Kathrine Grayson
Movie Memories with ...
FBCD 63 - Total Playing Time: 77.26

I’ve Got My Eyes On You.
Desert Song - Selection. [RCA Victor Orch. cond. by Arthur Fiedler.]: Ho! (The Riff Song); Gay Parisienne; Long Live The Night; Romance; The Desert Song; One Flower; One Alone. Grounds For Marriage : Prelude & Habanera (“Carmen”); Michaela’s Aria (“Carmen”); Toreador Song (“Carmen”); Finale (“Carmen”); Hymn To The Sun (Le Coq D’or); Toy Concertino (David Raksin); O Soave Fanciulla (“La Boheme”); Wait Till You See Him/Her.

You & The Waltz & I.
So This Is Love [W.B. Orch. cond. by Ray Heindorf]: Remember; Mi Chiamano Mimi (La Boheme); Time On My Hands; Ciribiribin; Walt Song (“Romeo & Juliet” - Gounod); Voi Che Sapete (“Marriage Of Figaro”); Everybody Ought To Know How To Do The Tickle Toe; Jewel Song (“Faust” – Gounod); Oh Me, Oh My (Youmans - Francis); I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; The Kiss Waltz. Lover, Come Back To Me (“New Moon”).



Waller and Tunbridge
The Musicals of ...
FBCD 64 / 65 / 66 - Total Playing Time: 76.56 / 76.58 / 76.55

CD No.1
Turned Up (1926) – Selection:
Intro: Two In A Canoe; That’s Why I Fall For You; Love O’ The Moonlight; My Castle In Spain; Two In A Canoe.

Virginia (1928) – Selection: Ah! c’est enchantee; Dreams Of Yesterday; All Mine; I’ll Be A Proud Papa; Roll Away, Clouds; Somebody’s Sweet Somebody; Slummer On (Kingsway Hall, London); Dreams Of Yesterday; Roll Away, Clouds; All Mine; Paradise Square [Jack Hylton & His Band].

Merry Merry (1929) - Selection : Intro: Blue Shadows; Bubbling Over With Joy; Little Girl; It Must Be Love; But I Do Say So; The Thin Man & The Fat Man; Wonderful You, Commonplace Me; I Was True; Glad Feet; It Must Be Love; But I Do Say So; Wonderful You; Glad Feet.

Dear Love (1929) – Selection: Intro: Love; Dear Love; Love In A Mist; Who Cares?; L-O-V-E; Who Cares?.

Silver Wings (1930) – Selection: Intro: The Rebels Are Out; Far Away; One Big Soldier; Silver Wings; Dance At Our Wedding; Indispensable You; Far Away; That’s Love; Montezuma; Asleep In My Heart; The Rebels Are Out (from Selection of “Theatre Memories”); Asleep In My Heart.

For The Love Of Mike (1931) – Selection: Intro: Who Do You Love?; Walk With Me; Got A Date With An Angel; Got A Date With An Angel.

CD No.2
Who Do You Love?.
Tell Her The Truth (1932) - Selection: Intro: Sing, Brothers; Happy The Day; Hoch! Caroline; That’s Fine; Hoch! Caroline; Sing Brothers; Horrortorio; Happy The Day; Sing Brothers.

He Wanted Adventure (1933) - Selection: Intro: Pirates’ Chorus; My Heart’s To Let; This Is The Hour; You Came To Me; Monarch Of The Sea; When You’ve Fallen In Love; Ballet Music; Smile &Be Bright; My Heart’s To Let (With Dialogue); When You’ve Fallen In Love (With Dialogue); (A) Bobby The Spy; (B) The Dream (With Dialogue); The Monarch Of The Seas; This Is The Hour - Rumba Duet (With Dialogue); You Came To Me; Finale, Act 2 ; Smile & Be Bright (With Dialogue).

Yes Madam (1934) - Selection : Intro: Too Many Outdoor Sports; Dreaming A Dream; Zip-Tee-Tootle-Tee-Too-Pom-Pom; What Are You Going To Do?; If Only You & I Had Met Before; Sitting O’ Side Of You; The Girl The Soldiers Always Leave Behind; Czecho-Slovakian Love. Original Cast Selection. What Are You Going To Do?

CD No.3
Shakespearian Scene; Dreaming A Dream; The Burglary; Czecho-Slovakian Love; Sitting Beside O’ You; (A) Outside The Flat; (B) The Cat Duet; The Girl The Soldiers Always Leave Behind; If Only You & I Had Met Before; Tick Tock; Finale: Zip Tee Tootie- Tee-Too-Pom-Pom.

Please Teacher (1935) Selection: Intro: Looking Through The Window; You Give Me Ideas; Whispering Trees; Song Of The ‘Cello; Mind How You Go Across The Road. Original cast Overture; You Give Me Ideas; Exercise; Cup Return Background Music; (A) Whispering , (B) Looking Through The Windows; Temple Bells; Mind How You Go Across The Road; The Music Master (Song Of The Cello).

Hide & Seek – Selection (1937): (Intro.: She’s My Lovely Maybelle; Follow The Bride; I’m Happy When You’re Happy; I’m In A Muddle; The Hustle, Bustle & Rustle Of Spring); She’s My Lovely; Whisper Sweet Nothings; Versality; I’m Happy When You’re Happy; Follow The Bride; Maybelle.



Brian Lawrance
Volume One - Violinist, Singer & Bandleader
FBCD 67 - Total Playing Time: 79.22

Tan Tan Tivvy Tally Ho; It Ain’t No Fault Of Mine; Dixie Lee; Doggone, I’ve Done It; Dancing In The Moonlight; Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’; If; I’m Gonna Take My Mother Out Tonight; The Breeze; Memphis By Morning; Oh! Muki, Muki, Oh.; Twenty Million Sweethearts – Selection [Intro: Man On The Flying Trapeze; What Are You’re Intentions; I’ll String Along With You; Fair & Warmer; Out For No Good]; Don’t Let Your Love Go Wrong; If Love Makes You Give Up Steak & Potatoes; Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie; The Lights Are Low, The Music Is Sweet; Whistle, My Love, & I’ll Come To You; Faith; I Brought Myself A Bottle Of Ink; What Are You Going To Do?; John Watt’s - “Songs From The Films” - [“The Songs Of Bing Crosby” Intro: Where The Blue Of The Night; Learn To Croon; Please; Thanks; May I?; Where The Blue Of The Night; Love In Bloom; Learn To Croon; Where The Blue Of The Night]; Things Are Looking Up; One Little Kiss; Tiger Rag; Singin’ In The Rain; That’s The Way I Like To Hear You Talk; Miss Annabelle Lee.



Brian Lawrance
Volume Two - Violinist, Singer & Bandleader
FBCD 68 - Total Playing Time: 78.24

Popular Chorus Songs - [Intro. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo; For Old Times Sake; Waiting For The Robt. E. Lee; When It’s Springtime In The Rockies; Just Like The Ivy On The Old Garden Wall; Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy; It’s Only A Beautiful Picture; Bye, Bye, Blackbird]; Dinah; Shine; Somebody Stole My Gal; Ain’t She Sweet; Broken Doll; Alexander’s Ragtime Band; Penny Serenade; Cinderella (Stay In My Arms).
Excerpts From The 1936 Film -“She Shall Have Music”: My First Thrill; May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones; Sailing Along On A Carpet Of Clouds; She Shall Have Music; Don’t Ask Me Questions; Moanin’ Minnie. Little Curly Hair In A High Chair; Blue Love Bird; The Moon & The Willow Tree; With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair; Pop Goes My Heart; Rain; I Only Have Eyes For You; Stay As Sweet As You Are; What A Little Moonlight Will Do.
Selection Of Bing Crosy Memories: [Intro: Thanks; Love Is Just Around The Corner; Learn To Croon; Please; Love In Bloom; Down The Old Ox Road; Soon; Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day; June In January].


Allan Jones
Sings For You Vol. No.5
FBCD69 Total Playing Time 74.51

1. Sylva; 2. You’re Breaking My Heart 3. The Night We Called It A Day; 4. Maria (West Side Story); 5. No, No and No; 6. I’ll See You Again; 7. Why?; 8. They Say It’s Wonderful (Annie Get Your Gun); 9. Miss Caroline; 10. Only A Rose (A Vagabond King); 11. Poppa Piccolino; 12. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel); 13. Do I Need You?; 14. For The Love Of You; 15. Your Dream Is The Same As My Dream; 16. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody; Selections from “ The Firefly “ [Friml – Harbach] == 16. Love Is Like a Firefly (Elaine Malbin); 17. Something (Martha Wright & Hayes Gordon); 18. Giannina Mia (Allan Jones & The Guild Choristors); 19. The Donkey Serenade (Allan Jones); 20. Tom Atkins (On Dress Parade) (Elaine Malbin & The Guild Choristors); 21. Sympathy (Allan Jones & Elaine Malbin); 22. A Woman’s Smile (Allan Jones); 23. When A Maid Comes Knocking (At Your Heart) (Elaine Malbin & The Guild Choristers).




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