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Debroy Somers Band
Volume One (1928 - 1930)
FBCD70 Total Playing Time 77.55

1. 1928 - THAT’S A GOOD GIRL SELECTION.Intro: Fancy Our Meeting; Sweet So-And-So; Tell Me Why; The One I’m Looking For; Chirp Chirp; Fancy Our Meeting. 2. 1928 - GOOD NEWS SELECTION Intro: Good News; He’s A Ladies Man; A Girl Of The Beta Phi; Just Imagine; The Best Things In Life Are Free; Lucky In Love; The Varsity Drag 3. LIONEL MONCKTON MEMORIES. Intro: Keep Off The Grass (The Toreador); The Rajah Of Bhong (The Country Girl); Under The Deodar (The Country Girl); Peace (The Country Girl); Arcady Is Ever Young (The Arcadians); The Pipes Of Pan (The Arcadians); My Cinnamon Tree (The Cingalee); Come To The Ball (The Quaker Girl); The Soldiers In The Park (The Runaway Girl). 4. 1928 - FUNNY FACE SELECTION Intro: He Loves & She Loves; Let’s Kiss & Make Up; ‘Swonderful; My One & Only; Funny Face; The Babbitt & The Bromide; He Loves & She Loves 5. 1929 - MR. CINDERS SELECTION. Intro: Spread A Little Happiness; By Myself With You; I’m A One-Man Girl; Jill. Ev’ry Little Moment; I’ve Got You, You’ve Got Me; True To Two; On With The Dance. 6. 1928 - THE SINGING FOOL SELECTION Intro: From Monday On; Sonny Boy (GDW); I’m Sitting On Top Of The World (GDW); It All Depends On You(GDW); Keep Smiling At Trouble; There’s A Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder(GDW); Sonny Boy (GDW). 7. 1929 - ON WITH THE SHOW SELECTION. Intro: Sweetheart Of All My Dreams; Just Plain Folk (TB); I Ain’t Never Been Kissed (TB); Shout Hallelujah! ‘Cause I’m Home; Forever; Glad Rag Doll (TB); My Flame Of Love; Shinanki Da 8. 1930 - HERE COMES THE BRIDE SELECTION Intro: High & Low (IL); Hot; Yopu; Why Not Have A Party?; I’m Like A Sailor (IL); I Love You And I Like You; The Rose In Your Hair; I’ll Always Remember. 9. 1930 - RIO RITA SELECTION Intro: Following The Sun Around; If You’re In Love, You’ll Waltz; I’d Rather Have A Memory Of You; The Kinkajou; Rio Rita; You’re Always In My Arms; Sweetheart, We Need Each Other; The Ranger’s Song 10. 1930 -ON WITH THE SHOW SELECTION Intro: Happy Days Are Here Again; Ro-Ro-Rolling Along (DD); Silv’ry Moon; Lucky Me, Lovable You; Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (DD); Wallah-Malaka-Lucy; Molly (DD); The Sunshine Of Marseilles; The Crowning Of The Cotton Queen; Happy Days Are Here Again.

Vocal : GDW – George Dewey Washington DD - Dan Donovan TB Tom Barratt IL Idwal Lewys




Debroy Somers Band
Volume Two (1930 - 1932)
FBCD 71 - Total Playing Time: 79.46

1.1930 - KING OF JAZZ SELECTION Intro: A Bench In The Park (DD); I Like To Do Things For You; Song Of The Dawn; Happy Feet; It Happened In Monterey (DD); Ragamuffin Romeo; 2.1930 - SONG OF THE FLAME SELECTION Intro: Song Of The Flame (TB); Cossack Love Song; When Love Calls (DD); One Little Drink 3.1930 - PARAMOUNT ON PARADE SELECTION Intro: Sweepin’ The Clouds Away (DD); Any Time’s The Time To Fall In Love; All I Want Is Just One Girl. 4.1930 - NIPPY SELECTION Intro: Nippy; Your Sunny Disposition & Mine (DD); It Must Be You (DD); Anything; Toy Town Party; Two Of Everything (DD); I Feel So Safe With You; It Must Be You. 5. 1930 - EVERGREEN SELECTION Intro: Dancing On The Ceiling (DD); No Place But Home (DD); If I Give In To You; Dear ! Dear ! (DD); When The World Was New; In The Cool Of The Evening (DD); The Colour Of Her Eyes 6.1930 - VIENNESE NIGHTS - MEDLEY Intro: I Bring A Love Song; Here We Are; You Will Remember Vienna; Regimental March 7.1930 - SWING HIGH SELECTION Intro: There’s Happiness Over The Hill; With My Guitar & You (DD); Shoo The Hoodoo Away 8. 1930 - WHOOPEE SELECTION Intro: Makin’ Whoopee (DD); Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine; I’ll Still Belong To You. 9. A REVIEW OF REVUES - Parts 1 & 2. Intro: Ev’ry Little While (“Some “)(DD); Old Saturday Night (“Push & Go “); Kitty, The Telephone Girl (“5064 Gerrard “)(DD); I’m Tired Of Playing Second Fiddle (“The Whirligig “); We’ll All Do The Goosestep (“Business As Usual “); I Shall See You Tonight (“Cheep “); Pom-Tiddle-Om-Pom) “ Shell Out“); Gilbert The Filbert (“The Passing Show “)(DD); The Gypsy Warned Me (“The Whirligig)(DD); When We’ve Wound Up The Watch On The Rhine (“Business As Usual “) 10.A REVIEW OF REVUES - Parts 3 & 4 Intro: The Wedding Glide (“Hullo, Ragtime “); Let The Great Big World Keep Turning (“The Bing Girls Are There “)(DD); Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow (“Cheep “); First Love, Last Love, Best Love (“The Bing Boys On Broadway“)(DD): The Gaby Glide (“Hullo Ragtime “); Let The Great Big World Keep Turning (“The Bing Girls Are There“); If You Were The Only Girl In The World (“The Bing Boys Are Here “) (DD); Another Little Drink (“The Bing Boys Are Here “)(vch.); How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime (“Hullo, Ragtime “); When The Angelus Is Ringing (“Business As Usual “)(DD); Military Mary Ann (“Hullo Ragtime “)(DD) 11. 1931 - CAVALCADE SELECTION. Intro: Soldiers Of The Queen; Goodbye, Dolly Gray; Goodbye My Bluebell; Lover Of My Dreams (v); I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside; Alexander’s Ragtime Band; When You Come Back Again (v); Tipperary (vc);Twentieth Century Blues (v); Land Of Hope & Glory 12. ON WITH THE SHOW SELECTION – 1932 Intro: Day By Day; With All My Love & Kisses (DD): The Little Toy Soldier; The Turning Of The Tide; Kiss By Kiss; Lovely Little Silhouette (DD); Tell Me With A Love Song; Sailing On The Robert E. Lee 13. 1932 - WORDS & MUSIC SELECTION Intro: Maggie; Something To Do With Spring (DD); Children Of The Ritz; The Younger Generation (DD); Mad About The Boy; Let’s Say Goodbye (DD); The Party’s Over Now; Let’s Live Dangerously.

Vocal DD – Dan Donovan TB – Tom Barratt vch.- Chorus V- Unidentified


Debroy Somers Band
Volume Three (1932 - 1935)
FBCD 72 - Total Playing Time: 75.58

1. OUT OF THE BOTTLE SELECTION Intro: Genie Motive; Overture; So This Is Painting; Everything But You; We’ve Got The Moon & Sixpence; The Ku Kha Khan; Laughing Finale; Drinkie; When The Drum Goes Wham; I Don’t Want To; Put That Down In Writing; We’ve Got The Moon & Sixpence. 2.1932 - LOVE ME TONIGHT SELECTION Intro: Love Me Tonight (DD - CC); Mimi (CC); The Poor Apache; Isn’t It Romantic (? - CC & Ch.); 3.1933 - MOTHER OF PEARL SELECTION Intro: Ev’ry Woman Thinks She Wants To Wander; There Must Be Something; When Anybody Plays Or Sings (DD);Take Your Wife To Paris; An Old-Fashioned Girl; Ev’ry Woman thinks She Wants To Wander (CP); It’s A Shame; I Know What I Want; 4.1932 - THE BIG BROADCAST SELECTION Intro: It Was So Beautiful; Tiger Rag; Where The Blue Of The Night; Dinah (CC); Please (DD); Here Lies Love (DD); Trees; Kicking The Gong Around; Marta; Crazy People (CC); 5.1933 - HE WANTED ADVENTURE SELECTION Intro: Pirates’ Chorus (Ch.); My Heart’s To Let (DD); This Is The Hour; You Came To Me; Monarch Of The Seas (Ch.); When You’ve Fallen In Love (AW); Ballet Music; Smile & Be Bright; 6.1933 - GIVE ME A RING SELECTION Intro: A Couple Of Fools In Love; I Only Want One Girl (DD); He Isn’t Going To Get Away From Me (CC); I’m Not Worrying ‘Bout Anything; Living In The Clouds (CP - CC); Wonderful Eyes; Exclusively Yours; I Don’t Know How I Can Do Without You (DD - CP); Getting Warmer; 7.1933 - AUNT SALLY SELECTION Intro: We’ll All Go Riding On A Rainbow; You Ought To See Sally On Sunday (DD); I Want A Fair & Square Man; Ain’t She Dainty? My Wild Oat (DD); The Wind’s In The West; If I Had Napolean’s Hat; You Ought To See Sally On Sunday; 8.1934 - LUCKY BREAK SELECTION Intro: Overture; Am I Delighted?; Kick In The Pants (vc); You Can’t Take It; I’d Like To Know (vc); Lucky Break; Tum-Tum-Tum ;1935-GLAMOROUS NIGHT SELECTION Intro: Her Majesty Militza; Shine Through My Dreams BL); The Girl I Knew; Fold Your Wings (BL ug); When The Gypsy Played; Far Away In Shanty Town (ug); Glamorous Night (ug).

DD – Dan Donovan CC – The Carlyle Cousins CP – Cecile Petrie BL – Brian Lawrance AW – Anona Winn vc – chorus ugunidentified girl



Debroy Somers Band
Volume Four (1935 - 1941)
FBCD 73 - Total Playing Time: 76.10

1.1935 - SEEING STARS SELECTION Intro: Overture; Easy On The Eyes; Don’t Stand In The Doorway (GF); Ballet Music; That Never-To-Be-Forgotten Melody (uG) Public Sweetheart No.1 (uG); You Grown On Me (GF);In Love Again (uG); Rocking With You In My Arms; 2.1935 - HARMONY LANE SELECTION (Film) Intro: My Old Kentucky Home; The Old Folks At Home; Oh ! Susannah; Beautiful Dreamer; Camptown Races; Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming; Poor Old Joe; Massa’s in The Cold, Cold, Ground; 3. THEATRE MEMORIES No.1 - “ The Gaiety”. Intro: When I Marry Amelia (The Toreador); Queen Of My Heart (Dorothy); A Little Bit Of Spring (Circus Girl); Keep Off The Grass (The Toreador); Bedelia (The Orchid); Mary (Our Miss Gibbs); Brighton (Sunshine Girl); They Wouldn’t Believe Me (Tonight’s The Night); 365 Days (Theodore & Co.); Song Of The Vagabonds (Vagabond King); Every Woman Thinks She Wants To Wander (Mother Of Pearl); Rocking With You In My Arms (Seeing Stars);4.THEATRE MEMORIES No.2- “Dalys”. Intro: Opening Chorus (The Geisha); Peace; You May Offer Beauty (The Country Girl); Merry Widow Waltz; Women (Merry Widow); Dollars Princess Waltz; Can It Be Love (Count Of Luxembourg); Give Me from the Blue Afar (Gypsy Love); Betty (Cinderella); Love Will Find A Way (Maid Of The Mountains); Love Me Now (Madame Pompadour); The Curtain Falls; Blue Eyes (Blue Eyes); 5. 1936 –SWING ALONG SELECTION Intro: Trafalgar Square; Unbelievable (SC); Another Dream Gone Wrong; Ballet Music; Ballet Music; A Love Song (SC); Like A Tin Can Tied To A Puppy Dog’s Tail; Swing Along;6. 1937 - LONDON RHAPSODY SELECTION Intro: Home Town; Sing A Song Of London (RN); The Waltz Of The Gypsies; Youth Goes Marching On (RN); 7. 1937 - GOING GREEK SELECTION Intro: There’ll Be The Devil To Pay; But Me No Buts (RB); A Little Cooperation From You; Is There Anything More Wonderful Than You?; The Sheep Were In The Meadow; For The Honor Of The School (RB); Love Came & Swept Me Off My Feet; The Bandit Song. 8. 1937 – ME & MY GIRL SELECTION Intro: Me & My Girl (RB-DS); Lambeth Walk (RB); Take It On The Chin & Smile; 9. 1938 - RUNNING RIOT SELECTION Intro: Overture; Doing An Irish Jig; When Love Knocks At My Door; Pom Pom Toolerooleray; Take Your Partner For The Waltz; Physical Fitness; Wind On The Heath (GG); Gypsy Dance; Dancing With Canterbury Bells; China; Love Knocks At My Door; 10. 1941 - BLACK VANITIES SELECTION Intro: Overture; I Like A Good Time; Much More Lovely; A Pair Of Silver Wings; Iroquois Let’s Be Buddies; But In The Morning, No; Do I Love You?

GF – Gerry Fitzgerald RN – Raymond Newell DS – Debroy Somers GG – Gavin Gordon RB – The Rhythm Bros.



Carrol Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans
Volume No. 2
FBCD 74 - Total Playing Time: 77.34

1. THESE BANDS MADE MUSIC. (Intro: Oh Me, Oh My, Oh You (1924 & 1944); My Love For You; Peace Of Mind (v.c. Julie Dawn); Marcheta (v.c Sgt. Leslie Douglas); Carroll Recalls The Tunes; I L – L – Love You So; I Can’t Resist You (v.c. Julie Dawn); Hallelujah. (28.36) 2. So Shy (HB); 3. You’re Such A Comfort To Me (HB); 4. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (CG – AL); 5. My Own Folks (BL + Ch.); 6. Jeepers Creepers (GM); 7. What Harlem Is To Me (AL); 8. The Masquerade Is Over (GM); 9. I’m Just Beginning To Care (BL & AL); 10. I Fall In Love With You Every Day (GM); 11. I Poured My Heart Into A Song (AL); 12. I Used To Be Colour Blind (GM); 13. It’s A Long, Long Way To Your Heart (AL); 14. Seal It With A Kiss (BL); 15. Music Puts Me In The Strangest Mood (AL); 16. What’s New — AL & EW); 17. Music For Romance (GM). CG - Carroll Gibbons & His Band. HB- Harry Bentley BL- Brian Lawrance GM- George Melachrino

AL - Anne Lenner EW- Eric Whitley



Carrol Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans
Volume No. 3
FBCD 75 - Total Playing Time: 79.14

ATHONE – IRISH RADIO PROGRAM (April, 1933) 1. What’ve You Got To Lose?; 2. Sittin’ In The Dark; 3. You Must Believe Me; 4. Maybe I Love You Too Much; 5. (a) Hell’s Bells (b) Let Me Give My Happiness To You (All the foregoing vocals by Susanne Botterill) 6. So Help Me; 7. Heaven On Earth; 8. Love Divided By Two; 9. When He Comes Home To Me?; 10. If I Love Again; 11. Whisper Sweet; 12. How Can You Face Me?; 13. One Little Moment; 14. So Red The Rose; 15. Life Is A Song (Let’s Sing It Together); 16. Some Other Time; 17. Will Love Find A Way?; 18. You Can’t Pull The Wool Over My Eyes; 19. I Don’t Want To Make History; 20. So Do I; 21. Sentimental Fool; 22. Yours & Mine; 23. The Loveliness Of You; 24. With A Smile & A Song; 25. Birth Of The Blues (The Boy Friends).

Tracks 6 to 8. Harry Bentley 9 Instrumental 10,17,24 Anne Lenner 20 & 23 George Melachrino 11 to 16, 18,19 & 21 Brian
Lawrance 22 Anne Lenner & George Melachrino



Boston Pops Orchestra play
Boston Pops Lillipops
FBCD 76 - Total Playing Time: 79.24

1. Look Sharp – Be Sharp (Bob Merrick); 2. OLD FAMILIAR TUNES: Intro” Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay; The Bowery; Sidewalks Of Old New York; Sweet Rosie O’Grady; Daisy Bell; Comrades; Little Annie Rooney; She May Have Seen Better Days; The Band Played On; After The Ball; A Hot Time In The Old Town. (arr. Lake) 3. La Golindrina (The Swallow) (Seradell – Trans. by Findlay); 4. March Of The Little Lead Soldiers (Pierne); 5. Musical Snuff Box (Laidoff); 6. RICHARD RODGERS WALTZ MEDLEY Intro: Lover (Love Me Tonight); Falling In Love With Love (The Boys From Syracuse); Oh, What A Beautiful Morning (Oklahoma); It’s A Grand Night For Singing (State Fair); 7. (a) Entrance Of The Little Fauns (Pierne); (b) Mosquito Dance (White); 8. Perpetuum Mobile (Strauss); 9. Pop Goes The Weasal (Trad. arr. By Lucien Calliet); 10 Prairie Sky (David Selznick film Duel In The Sun); 11. On The Trail To Spanish Bit (Duel In The Sun); 12. Chanson Triste (Tchaiksovsky arr. Stewart); 13. La Campanella (Rondo from Concerto No.2, Op.7 - Paganini); [34 Violins of the Boston Pops]; 14. Cuckoo Clock (Castillo); 15. Candlelight Waltz (Jack Mason); 16. Entry Of The Boyards - March (Halvorsen); 17. La Paloma (The Dove) (Yradier); 18. OLD TIME SONG MEDLEY. Intro: Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag; Smiles; Till We Meet Again; In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree; My Wild Irish Rose; Take Me Out To The Ball Game; Sweet Adeline; Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet; There Is A Tavern In The Town; Stein Song; Let Me Call You Sweetheart.; 19. Dagger Dance (from Natoma - Victor Herbert); 20. Jealousy – Tango Tzigane (Jakob Gade).


Debroy Somers Band
Play Songs of Britain, The Empire and The Great War
FBCD 77 - Total Playing Time: 76.19

1.CAVALCADE OF MARTIAL SONGS. Intro.:- King’s Horses; The Toy-Town Artillery; The Tin-Can Fusiliersers; When The Guards Are On Parade; There’s Something About A Soldier; When A Soldier’s on Parade; When The Band Goes Marching By; The Toy Drum Major. (Soloist – Raymond Newell); 2.OVERTURE “ 1914 “ – A WAR MARCH MEMORY Intro.:- Dawn; Sambre et Meuse; Colonel Bogey; Light Of Foot; Punjaub; Sons Of The Brave; Le Reve Passe; El Banico; With Sword & Lance; The Last Stand; La Madelon; Pomp & Circumstance; Cease Fire; Abide With Me; Finale; 1812 Overture. 3.CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. Intro:- Oranges & Lemons; Girls & Boys Come Out To Play; Humpty Dumpty; Little Bo-Peep; Sing A Song Of Sixpence; Hickory, Dickory Dock; Three Blind Mice; Ten Little Nigger Boys; Sally Waters; A Frog He Would A Wooing Go; Baa Baa Black Sheep; Three Little Kittens; London Bridge Is Broken Down; Goosey, Goosey Gander; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Polly Put The Kettle On; Hey Diddle, Diddle; Where Are You Going To, My Pretty Maid ?; Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush; Georgy, Porgy; What Are Little Boys Made Of?; Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son; Who Killed Cock Robin ? 4.COMMUNITY MEDLEY: Quick Step. Intro.:- There Is A Tavern In The Town; Sweet & Low; Cock Robin; Polly Wolly Doodle; Come, Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl; Some Folks Do; John Brown’s Body; Johnny Comes Marching Home; Good Night, Ladies; For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow. (w. Male Quartet) 5.EMPIRE PAGEANT. Intro.:- (1) Here’s A Health Unto His Majesty; ENGLAND (Rule Britannia) ;(2) SCOTLAND (March Past, Bagpipes, Cock o’the North); (3) WALES (The Ash Grove; Land Of My Fathers); (4) IRELAND(Father O’Flynn; The Ministrel Boy); (5) CANADA (The Maple Leaf Forever; O Canada); (6) INDIA (Native Tunes); (7) AUSTRALIA (Land Of Summer Skies);(8) NEW ZEALAND (Waiata Poi; God Defend New Zealand);(9) SOUTH AFRICA (Kaffir War Dance Music; The AbsentMinded Beggar; Sarie Marais); (10) EPILOGUE (Pomp & Circumstance; Land Of Hope & Glory).(w. Male Chorus) 6. ENGLISH MEDLEY - One Step. 7.HUNTING MEDLEY, A – Quick Step. Intro.:- Hunting Call; Ahunting We Will Go; A Fine Old English Gentleman; The Lincolnshire Poacher; Drink, Puppy, Drink; Down Among The Dead Men; The Dusky Night Rides Down The Sky; Uncle Tom Cobleigh; John Peel. (w. Male Quartet) 8.THE OLD BRIGADE – A Descriptive Ballad. Intro.:- (1) From Waterloo To Table Bay; (2) The Great War. (With Norman Allin & Chorus. Narrator: Ion Swinley) 9.OLD CONTEMPTIBLES - War Songs Medley. Intro.:- Form Platoon; Cock Robin; Because We’re Here; ‘Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield; What Did We Join The Army For?; Left, Left; I’ll Be There; I Have No Pain; As You Have Done Before; Leap Frog; One Man Went To Mow; Rolling Home. (with Male Quartet) 10.SCOTTISH MEDLEY – One Step. 11.WAR MARCHING SONGS. Intro.:- It’s A Long Way To Tipperary; Goodbye-ee; There’s A Long, Long Trail; Hello, Hello, Who’s Your Lady Friend?; Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag; God Send You Back To Me (vc- Alice Lilley); Keep The Home Fires Burning; Mademoiselle From Armentieres; Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty; Old Soldiers Never Die.(with Male Quartet) 12.AULD LANG SYNE MEDLEY.(with Male Quartet & Bagpipes)



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