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Dorothy Kirstin EXCD020.jpg

Dorothy Kirsten and Friends
EXCD020 - Total Playing Time: 74.03

1. Wanting You (w. Rbt.Merrill); 2. More Than You Know; 3. The Man I Love; 4. Why Was I Born? 5. Give Me One Hour (w. Nelson Eddy); 6. April In Paris; 7. You Go To My Head; 8. The Love I Long For; 9. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (w. Rbt. Merrill); ROSE MARIE – Extracts.w. Nelson Eddy. 10. Rose Marie; 11. The Mounties; 12. Indian Love Call; 13. Pretty Things; 14. Why Shouldn't We?; 15. Totem Tom Tom; 16. I Love Him; 17. The Door Of My Dreams; SHOW BOAT - Extracts:  (w. Robt. Merrill). 18. Make Believe; 19. Ol' Man River; 20. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; 21. You Are Love; 22. Why Do I Love You?; 23. Bill.

Ann Sothern EXCD021.jpg

Sothern Exposure
EXCD021 - Total Playing Time: 73.50

1. Oh Fabulous One; 2. One Life To Live; 3. Girl Of The Moment; 4. What Is Liza Really Like; 5. This Is New; 6. The Greatest Show On Earth; 7. The Trial Of Liza Elliott; 8. Tchaikovsky; 9. The Saga Of Jenny; 10. Make Up Your Mind; 11. My Ship; 12. Ballet; 13. Finale; 14. After You've Gone; 15. Another Year; 16. Always; 17. The Last Time I Saw Paris; 18. You'll Never Know; 19. My Man; 20. Life Is Just a Bowl Of Cherries; 21. Summertime; 22. Where Or When; 23. Let's  Fall In Love; 24. Wayfaring Stranger; 25. Ballin' The Jack.


Pretty Face EXCD022-023.jpg


Not Just a Pretty Face (Six Hollywood Songstresses)

CD No. 1-Total Playing Time: 72.29

1. Get Out of Town (JB); 2. Can't Get Out Of This Mood (LS); 3. I Hadn't Anyone Till You (JP ); 4. But Not For Me (YD); 5. Autumn Leaves (JB); 6. Men (LS); 7. Am I In Love? (JP); 8. In The Blue Of Evening (YD); 9. Glad To Be Unhappy (JB); 10. I'm In Love Again (LS); 11. My Baby Just Cares For Me (JP); 12. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (YD); 13. They Can't Take That Away From Me (JB); 14. He Is Man (LS); 15. My Romance (JP); 16. Am I Blue? (YD); 17. Good Morning Heartache (JB); 18. Legalize My Name (LS); 19. Why Can't I? (JP); 20. Little Girl Blue (YD); 21. The Gentleman Is A Dope (JB); 22. It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House (LS); 23. Why Fight The Feeling (JP); 24. Blue Moon (YD); 25. Don't Explain (JB); 36. He's Funny That Way (LS)

CD No. 2-Total Playing Time: 71.33

1. Why Shouldn't I? (JP); 2. End Of A Love Affair (YD); 3. I Get Along Without You Very Well (JB); 4. A Deep Dark Secret (LS); 5. I'm Yours (JP); 6. My Blue Heaven (YD); 7. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (JB); 8. Lucky (LS); 9. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze (JP); 10. One For My Baby (YD); 11. Then You'll Never Be Blue (JB); 12. When A Woman Loves A Man (LS); 13. Rain On The Roof (JP); 14. Mood Indigo (YD); 15. In Love In Vain (JB); 16. Willow Weep For Me (LS); 17. Let's Fall In Love (JP); 18. Say Goodbye (YD); 19. Lover Man (Oh Where Can He Be) (JB); 20. How Did He Look? (LS); 21. Better Luck Next Time (JP); 22. Blow Out The Candle (DD); 23. (A) Sing You Sinners; (B) When The Red, Red, Robin, Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along (SH); 24. (A) Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe; (B) The Vagabond King Waltz; (C) I'm Sitting On Top Of The World (SH). 

JB Janet Blair; DD Dorothy Dandridge; YD Yvonne DeCarlo; SH Susan Hayward; JP Janis Paige; LS Lizabeth Scott.




Andre Kostelanetz EXCD024.jpg

Andre Kostelanetz
Plays Cole Porter
EXCD024 - Total Playing Time: 72.51

1. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To; 2. In The Still Of The Night; 3. Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye*; 4. I Love Paris; 5. MEDLEY: (a)You Do Something To Me; (b) I Get A Kick Out Of You; 6. Begin The Beguine; 7. Love For Sale; 8. Fresh As A Daisy*; 9. Night And Day; 10. MEDLEY: (a) Easy To Love; (b) I’ve Got You Under My Skin; 11. All Through The Night; 12. Just One Of Those Things; 13. What Is This Thing Called Love? 14. I Love You*; 15. KISS ME KATE MEDLEY: Wunderbar; Why Can’t You Behave? Another Op’nin, Another Show; Were Thine That Special Face; Where Is The Life That Late I Led; So In Love. 16. I Concentrate On You*; 17. It’s All Right With Me*; 18. ANYTHING GOES MEDLEY: You’re The Top; I Get A Kick Out Of You; All Through The Night; 19. Easy To Love*; 20. Blow, Gabriel, Blow (from “Anything Goes”).         

*with Douglas Fairbanks, Jnr.

 Lauritz Melchior EXCD025.jpg

Lauritz Melchior
A "Musicals" Melchior
EXCD025 - Total Playing Time: 72.09

THE STUDENT PRINCE. W. Jane Wilson, Lee Sweetland, Gloria Lane And Orchestra conducted by Victor Young.  1. Overture; 2. Golden Days; 3. Drinking Song; 4. To the Inn We’re Marching; 5. Deep In My Heart Dear; 6. Serenade; 7. Just We Two; 8. Finale: Gaudeamus Igitur; 9. BONUS TRACK. Deep In My Heart, Dear / Shirley Jones and Lauritz Melichior.
ARABIAN NIGHTS. (Music/Lyrics – Carmen Lombardo And John Jacob Loeb) with Helena Scott, Ralph Herbert, Hope Holiday, William Chapman And Arabian Nights Chorus And Orchestra conducted by Pembroke Davenport.  10. Overture; 11. What A Pity; It’s Great To Be Alive; 12. A Thousand And One Nights; 13. The Grand Vizier’s Lament; 14. Hail To The Sultan; 15. The Hero Of All MyDreams; 16. A Whale Of A Story; 17. The Bath Parade; 18. How Long Has It Been? 19. Teenie Weenie Genie; 20. A Long Ago Love; 21. Marry The One You Love; Finale.

David Rose EXCD026-027.jpg

David Rose and His Orchestra
Rose Plays Rose

CD No. 1-Total Playing Time: 71.21

1. Paris, oui Oui!; 2. On A Misty Day; 3. Piccadilly; 4. Holiday For Strings; 5. Concerto; 6. 4.20AM; 7. Blue Autumn; 8. Meet The Orchestra; 9. Deserted City; 10. Theme from “ Bracken’s World”; 11. A Crazy Kind Of Love; 12. Our Waltz; 13. Long Time, A Sad Time; 14. Dance Of The Spanish Onion; 15. The Sad, Sad, Rocking Horse; 16. Angie; 17. Taco Holiday; 18. Silent Thunder; 19. Gay Spirits; 20. Stringopation; 21. My Dog Has Fleas; 22. Happy Bow; 23. As Kreuzer Spins; 24. Marjoca; 25. Banned In Boston.

CD No. 2-Total Playing Time: 70.32

1. Manhattan Square Dance; 2. Gone Away; 3. Waltz Of The Bubbles; 4. California Melodies; 5. Tiny Balerina (who could only waltz in the Key of C); 6. Our Love; 7. Betty; 8. Look Above; 9. Holiday For Flutes; 10. Melanie; 11. Loneliest Love; 12. Sterophonic March; 13. One More Time; 14. Victoria; 15. Busy Afternoon; 16. Do You Love Me?; 17. Autumn Holiday; 18. Romantic Waltz; 19. Rose Of Bel Air; 20. I’m Lonely For You; 21. Vienna Swings; 22. The Christmas Tree; 23. Wig Wam; 24. Da Easta Time; 25. Runaway; 26. The Stripper.

Morton Gould EXCD028.jpg

Morton Gould
Vol 3 - Memories
EXCD028 - Total Playing Time: 73.10

1. My Blue Heaven; 2. Nola; 3. Dardenella; 4. Poor Butterfly; 5. The Sheik Of Araby; 6. Whispering; 7. Nobody’s Sweetheart; 8. I’ll See You In My Dreams; 9. Stumbling; 10. Moonlight On The Ghanges; 11. I Love You; 12. Charleston; 12. Begin The Beguine; 14. Birth Of The Blues; 15. Georgia On My Mind; 16. Masquerade; 17. Limehouse Blues; 18. New China March; 19. Blues In The Night; 20. Two Guitars; 21. Katsumia Love; 22. The Peanut Vendor; 23. Café Rio.

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