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Living Strings EXCD029.jpg

The Living Strings Plus Two Pianos. (In Stereo)
EXCD029 - Total Playing Time: 77.34

MY SILENT LOVE:  1. My Silent Love (Suesse-Heyman); 2. Snowfall ( Thornhill); 3. Dream Of Olwen (Williams); 4. Falling Leaves (David-Carle); 5. Dream Lover (Grey-Schertsinger); 6. MEDLEY: (a)Poem (Fibish-Kubelik), (b) Pamy’s Theme (Addeo); 7. Intermezzo (Hennings-Provost); 8. MEDLEY: (a) Fantasie-Impromptu (Chopin); (b) Naomia Waltz (Shilkret); 9. Canadian Sunset (Gimbel-Heywood); 10. Faithfully Yours (Romberg); 11. MEDLEY: (a) Piano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor (Tchaikovsky), THE WORLD WE KNEW: 12. The World We Knew (Over And Over)(Sigman-Kaempfert-Rehbein); 13. MEDLEY: (a) There Must Be A Way (Gallop-Saxon), (b) My Heart Cries For You (Sigman – Faith); 14. Temptation (Freed-Brown); 15. MEDLEY: (a) Last Date (Cramer), (b) Espana Rhapsody (Chabrier ); 16. EXODUS (Gold-Boone); 17. On the Trail (Grofe); 18. MEDLEY: (a) Yellow Days (La Mentira) (Carrilo), (b) My Summer Heart (Geraldo - Ebbinghouse); 19. Days of Love (Rose); 20. MEDLEY: (a) Romance (Rubinstein), Mattinata (Leoncavallo); Sleep (Lebieg )




The Living Strings & The Living Voices - Broadway '60s! (Stereo) Voices 


THE LIVING STRINGS & THE LIVING VOICES - BROADWAY ‘60s! (STEREO) VOICES. How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying: - I Believe in You; Paris Original; The Brotherhood Of Man. STRINGS. 110 In The Shade: Is It Really Me?; Gonna Be Another Hot Day; Too Many People Alone; Everything Beautiful Happens At Night. VOICES. KEAN: To Look Upon My Love; Inevitable. STRINGS. The Student Gypsy (or The Prince Of Liederkranz):- Somewhere; Romance; My Love Is Yours; It’s A Wonderful Day To Do Nothing; VOICES: Subways Are For Sleeping; I’m Just Taking My Time; Comes Once In A Lifetime; STRINGS: Here’s Love:- Pine Cones & Holly Berries; My Wish; You Don’t Know; Love, Come Take Me Again. VOICES: Milk & Honey:- Shalom; Let It Ride! :- Everything Beautiful; His Own Little Island.

A Kostelanetz Concert EXCD030.jpg

Andre Kostelanetz – A Kostelanetz Concert.
EXCD031 - Total Playing Time:  77.56

1. Invitation To The Dance (Weber); 2. La Bamba de Vera Cruz (Tucci Terig); 3. Vocalise (Rach); 4. Mosquito Dance (Paul White); 5. Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Rimsky-Korskov); - Missippi Suite (Kern): 6. Father Of The Waters; 7. Huckleberry Finn; 8. Old Creole Days; 9. Mardi Gras; 10.Menuet Du Quintette (Boccherini); 11. Marche Militaire (Tchaik.); 12. Roumanian Rhapsody No.1 in A Major, Op.11 (Enesco); 13. Circus Overture (Toch); Wedding Suite (Prok.): - 14. Amorous Dance; 15. Dance Of The Fiance’s Girl-Friends; 16. Maiden’s Dance; 17. Ceremonial Dance; 18. Wedding Dance; 19. Saturday Night (Hershey Kay); 20. None But The Lonely Heart (Tchaik.); 21. The Love Of Three Oranges – March, Op.33 (Prok.); 22. Stars And Stripes Forever ( Sousa ).




1-4 ARLEN: Blues Opera; 5 Out Of This World; 6 That Old Black Magic; 7. Blues In The Night; 8. Stormy Weather; 9 - 15 VILLA-LOBOS: Suite from “ Madgalena “= (a) The Seed Of God (b) Food For Thought (c) The Omen Bird (d) The Emerald (e) The Singing Tree (f) Madgalena (g) A Spanish Waltz 16. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5; 17. Little Train Of The Caipira; 18. Prelude – Introduction (No.1 from “Bachianas Brasileiras No.4 = Piano Solo: Andre Kostelanetz) 19. Modinha Preludio. (Part of compilation in Stereo)


Broadway The Musicals EXCD033-34-35.jpg


Broadway - The Musicals - The Stars

CD No. 1 -Total Playing Time: 79.55

OKLAHOMA (Orch./Ch. by Jay Blackton):- 1. Oh! What A Beautiful Morning (John Raitt); 2. Oklahoma (Raitt/Ch.); 3. People Will Say We’re In Love (Patricia Northup/Raitt); 4. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Raitt); CAROUSEL (Orch./Ch. by Jay Blackton):-  5. If I Loved You (Doretta Morrow/Raitt); 6. June Is Bustin’ Out All Over ( Brenda Lewis/Ch.); 7. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Lewis); 8. What’s The Use Of Wondering (Morrow);  SHOWBOAT (Orch. by Lehman Engel) :- 9. Ol’ Man River (Wm. C. Smith); 10. Why Do I Love You? (Helena Bliss And John Tyers); Make Believe; 12. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (Carol Bruce); THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE (Orch. by Lehman Engel):- 13. The Night Was Made For Love (Stephen Douglass); 14. She Didn’t Say “Yes” (Douglass); 15. Try To Forget (Patricia Neway); 16. Poor Pierrot (Neway And Douglass); BABES IN ARMS (Orch. by Jay Blackton):- 17. Where Or When (Wm. Tabbert); 18. The Lady Is A Tramp (Sheila Bond); 19. My Funny Valentine (Bond); 20. Johnny One Note (Lisa Kirk); JUMBO (Orch. by Lehman Engel):- 21. Little Girl Blue (Kirk); 22. My Romance (Jack Cassidy); 23. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Cassidy); 24. Over And Over Again (Jordan Bentley);  MADEMOISELLE MODISTE (Orch. by Jay Blackton):- 25. Kiss Me Again (Doretta Morrow); 26. The Time, The Place And The Girl (Felix Knight And Ch.);

CD No. 2 -Total Playing Time: 79.07

MADEMOISELLE MODISTE contd.:  1. I Want What I Want When I Want It; 2. The Mascot Of The Troops (Doretta Morrow And Ch);  NAUGHTY MARIETTA (Orchestra And Ch. by Jay Blackton):- 3. Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life (Morrow And Felix Knight); Italian Street Song (Morrow And Ch.); 5. I’m Falling In Love With Someone (Knight); 6. Neath A Southern Moon (Morrow); BLACKBIRDS OF 1928 (Orchestra by Lehman Engel):- 7. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Cab Calloway); 8. Diga-Diga-Doo (Thelma Carpenter And Ch.); 9. I Must Have That Man (Carpenter); 10. Doin’ The New Low Down (Carpenter); SHUFFLE ALONG (Orchestra by composer Eubie Blake):- 11. Love Will Find A Way (Louise Wood And Laurence Watson); 12. I’m Just Wild About Harry (Carpenter And Avon Long); 13. Bandana Days (Long); 14. Gypsy Blues (Carpenter & Long); THE BAND WAGON (Orchestra by Jay Blackton):-  15. Dancing In The Dark (George Britton); 16. High And Low (Britton And Edith Adams); 17. I Love Louisa (Harold Lang); 18. New Sun In The Sky (Lang And Chorus); THE LITTLE SHOWS (Orchestra by Lehman Engel):- 19. Can’t We Be Friends? (Sheila Bond); 20. Moanin’ Low (Bond); 21. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan (Carol Bruce); 22. When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba (Hiram Sherman); GIRL CRAZY (Orchestra by Milton Rosenstock):- 23. Embraceable You (Adams); 24. But Not For Me (Helen Gallagher ); 25. I Got Rhythm (Lisa Kirk); 26. Bidin’ My Time (Chorus). PORGY AND BESS (Orchestra by Jay Blackton):- 27. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Cab Calloway); Summertime (Helen Thigpen)

CD No. 3 -Total Playing Time: 79.46

PORGY AND BESS  1. Summertime (Thigpen); 2. I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’ (Leslie Scott); 3. Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Scott & Thigpen); KISS ME KATE (Orchestra by Lehman Engel):- 4. So In Love ( George Britton); 5. Always True To You In My Fashion ( Kirk); 6. Wunderbar (Helena Bliss & George Britton); 7. I Hate Men (Bliss); ANYTHING GOES (Orchestra by Milton Rosenstock):- 8. Anything Goes (Helen Gallagher); 9. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Gallagher); 10. You’re The Top (Gallagher & Jack Cassidy); 11. Blow, Gabriel, Blow (Gallagher); RIO RITA (Orchestra/Ch. by Al Goodman):- 12. Rio Rita (Earl Wrightson And Ch.); 13. Following The Sun Round (Elaine Malbin); 14. You’re Always In My Arms (Wrightson And Malbin); 15. The Rangers’ Song (Wrightson & Ch.); A CONNECTICUT YANKEE (OrcheBroadway The Musicals EXCD033-34-35.jpgstra And Ch. by Al Goodman):- 16. Thou Swell (Wrightson & Ch.); 17. On A Desert Island With Thee (Wrightson And Malbin); 18. I Feel At Home With You (Wrightson AND Malbin); 19. My Heart Stood Still (Wrightson & Ch.); THE GIRL IN PINK TIGHTS 20. Free To Love (Jeanmarie – Orch. Sylvan Levin); 21. Lost In Loveliness (Doris Day – Orch. Leith Stevens); 22. My Heart Wont Say Goodbye (Tony Bennett and Chorus – Percy Faith Orch.); 23. In Paris And In Love (Toni Arden – Percy Faith Or.). SHE LOVES ME 24. He Loves Me (Lena Horne); 26. Dear Friend (Gogi Grant); 25. Will He Like Me? (Jaye P. Morgan); 27. Grand Knowing You (Danny Davis, His Orch. And Ch.)


David Rose Vol3 EXCD036.jpg

David Rose and His Orchestra - Volume No.3
EXCD036 - Total Playing Time:  79.51

1. The Flying Horse; 2. You Are So Sweet To Remember; 3. Parade Of The Clowns; 4. Fiestra In Seville; 5. Love Me, Love Me; 6. Holiday For Trombones; 7. Satan And The Bear; 8. Under The Stars; 9. Lover’s Serenade; 10. Puppet Serenade; 11. Pam Pam; 12. Serenade To A Lemonade; 13. On A Little Country Road In Switzerland; 14. Waukenyan Concerto; 15. The Mask Waltz; 16. Night in Trinidad; 17. Loveable Clown; 18. Roman Holiday; 19. The Dancing Cane; 20. Lonesome On Main Street; 21. A Frenchman In New York; 22. Flavia; 23. Magic Music Box; 24. Dreams Do Come True; 25. Nostalgia Saxophone; 26. Bordeaux; 27. American How Down; 28. Forbidden Plant.

 The Story Of Two Loves EXCD037.jpg

The Story of Two Loves
EXCD037 - Total Playing Time:  76.16

ATLANTIC CROSSING (Ferde Grofe)/ Narrators:- Anton Dolin (as Blake)And Ethel LeVane (as Juliet) with The New Symphony Orchestra and The George Mitchell Choir conducted by the composer. 1. The Journey Begins; 2. First Sightings; 3. Introduction And Sight-seeing; 4. Love Blossoms in The Tower of London; 5. Getting to Know London; 6. Paris; 7. Love Deepens; 8. Exploring Paris And Its Night-Spots; 9. Romance; 10. A Lover’s View of Paris; 11. Lover’s Quarrel Resolved;
MANHATTAN TOWER – (Gordan Jenkins). The composer Gordon Jenkins conducts His Orchestra and the Ralph Brewster Singers with Bill Lee, Shirley Mitchell and supporting cast. Elliot Lewis as Steven – Beverly Mahr as Julie with Bill Lee, Shirley Mitchell and supporting cast.
12. Getting to Know the Magical City; 13. What’s Your Name? 14. Love Comes to the Tower; 15. Never Leave Me; 16. Love Professed; 17 Washington Square; 18. It’s Not My Cup of Tea; 19. The Statue of Liberty; 20. Gaiety Enters My Tower; 21. Farewell

We Three EXCD038.jpg

We Three - Percy, Andre and Me / Eileen Farrell
EXCD038 - Total Playing Time:  77.42

With Percy Faith: 1. Hello, Young Lovers; 2. My Romance; 3. Stormy Weather; 4. Out Of This World; 5. I Never Has Seen Snow; 6. Where Or When; 7. The April Age; 8. The Party’s Over; 9. The Faraway Part Of Town;
With Andre Previn:  10. But Not For Me; 11. Spring Is Here; 12. Everywhere I Look; 13. A Sleepin’ Bee; 14. I Wonder What Became Of Me; 15. By Myself; 16. Cabin In The Sky; 17. Just For Now; 18. Where I Wonder; 19. The Morning After; 20. Be My All; 21. Love Is Here To Stay.



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