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MeltonMovies IDCD03.jpg

James Melton - Songs From The Movies
IDCD03 - Total Playing Time: ??.??

1. There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie; 2. Where Am I? 3. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie; 4. Midnight In Paris; 5. A Little House That Love Built; 6. Summer Night; 7. Your Eyes Have Told Me So; 8. September In The Rain; 9. Melody For Two; 10. There's Beauty Everywhere; 11. The Way You Look Tonight; 12. Make Believe; 13. It's A Grand Night For Singing; 14. The Donkey Serenade; 15. All Through The Day; 16. Don't Fence Me In; 17. Empty Saddles; 18. Temptation; 19. Brazil; 20. Laura; 21. Soliloquy.

Levy1 IDCD04.jpg

Louis Levy And His Orchestras – Vol. No. 1
IDCD04 - Total Playing Time:  72.26

1. THIS’LL MAKE YOU WHISTLE – Selection.  [1936 film – Sigler, Goodhart, Hoffman].  You’ve Got The Wrong Number; There Isn’t Any Limit To Your Love; Without Rhythm; This’ll Make You Whistle; 2. SWING TIME – Selection. [1936 film Kern and Fields].  The Waltz In Swing Time; A Fine Romance; Never Gonna Dance; The Way You Look Tonight; 3. MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES –MARCH [Levy]; 4. JINGLE OF THE JUNGLE [1935 Film London Melody]; 5. THE EYES OF THE WORLD ARE ON YOU [1935 Film London Melody]; 6. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN – Selection [1936 Film –Burke – Johnson] So Do I; One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe; Pennies From Heaven; Let’s Call A Heart A Heart; 7. ON THE AVENUE – Selection. [1937 Film – Berlin] Slumming On Park Avenue; This Year’s Kisses; You’re Laughing At Me; I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm; 8. ALEXANDER’S RAGTIME BAND – Selection [1938 Film – Berlin] Alexander’s Ragtime Band; When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam; Blue Skies; Everybody’s Doing It; Easter Parade; Now It Can Be Told; Alexander’s Ragtime Band; 9. THE MIKADO – Selection [1939 Film – Gilbert And Sullivan] If You Want To Know Who We Are; A Wandering Minstrel; Three Little Maids From School; The Sun And I; My Object All Subline; Tit Willow; The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring; There’s Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast; 10. THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT – Selection. [1939 Film – Victor Herbert] Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life; Kiss Me Again; A Kiss In The Dark; 11. HONOLULU – Selection [Kahn – Warren] The Leader Doesn’t Like Music; Honolulu; This Night {Will Be My Souvenir} 12. SWEETHEARTS – Selection [1939 Film – Herbert, Wright, Forrest, Stothart] On Parade; Wooden Shoes; Mademoiselle; Pretty As A Picture; Sweethearts; 13. THE WIZARD OF OZ – Selection [1939 Film – Arklen – Harburg] Over The Rainbow; We’re Off To See The Wizard; Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead; 14. PINOCCHIO – Selection [1940 Disney Film] Give A Little Whistle; Turn On The Old Music Box; Little Wooden Head; When You Wish Upon A Star.




James Melton - Vienna To Broadway
IDCD06 - Total Playing Time:  ??.??

1. Alt Wien (Old Vienna); 2. Wien, Die Stadt Meiner Traume (Vienna, City of My Dreams); 3. Gypsy Love Song (The Fortune Teller – Victor Herbert); 4. Rose of The World (Rose of Algeria – Herbert and MacDonough); 5. You Haunt My Heart (Korngold-Strauss); 6. Love Is Like A Breeze In May (Paganini – Lehar); 7. (a) Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies (Kalman – Countess  Maritza) – (b) Love’s Old Sweet Song ( Kalman – Sari); 8. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Lehar – The Land of Smiles); 9. Deep In Your Eyes (Jacobi – The Half Moon); 10. A Year From Today (Kern – Sitting Pretty); 11. Where’s My Bess? (Gershwin – Porgy And Bess); Selection from “Oklahoma”.  12. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning [John Charles Thomas]; 13. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top; 14. Kansas City [John Charles Thomas); 15. People Will Say We’re in Love (with Eleanor Steber); 16. Out Of My Dreams [Eleanor Steber); 17. Oklahoma // 18. Sing Me A Guitar (Porter – Mexican Hayride); 19. Strange Music (Wright-Forrest == Song Of Norway); 20. A Cow, And A Plow, And A Frau (Morton Gould – Arms And The Girl).


palladium IDCD07.jpg

The London Palladium Orchestra - In Holiday Mood - Suite
IDCD07 - Total Playing Time:  ??.??

1. On The Promenade; 2. Down The Stream; 3. The Illuminated Fete. // 4. THE WHISTLER AND HIS DOG [Pryor]; 5. 6. THE LILAC DOMINO –Selection. [Culliver}  Intro:  All Line Up In A Queue; Where Love Is Waiting; Let The Music Play; What Is Done You Can Never Undo; Finale Act 1; For Your Love I’m Waiting; Carnival Night; Lilac Domino; 7. THE WARBLER’S SERENADE [Perry]; 8. THESE FOOLISH THINGS – Selection. [Black – Henry] Intro:  Home For The Holidays; Sun Kissed Peaches; Andante from Ballet Music; Love Makes The World Go Round; We’ve Just Come From Poonah;  When You Dream About Hawaii; Gavotte from Ballet Music; Music, Maestro, Please; 9. BELLS ACROSS THE MEADOWS [Ketelbey]; 10. TURKISH PATROL [Michaelis arr. Lloyd]; 11. PALLADIUM
MEMORIES.  Intro:  The Fleet’s In Port Again; Okay for Sound; Along The River With You; Life Begins At Oxford Circus; There’s A New World; Free; Waltz of The Gypsies; Round About Regent Street; 12. THE PHANTOM MELODY [Ketelbey]; CHILDHOOD MEMORIES (arr. Somers]; 14. GAIETY MEMORIES Intro:  Going Up; Every Little Girl Can Teach Me Something New; The Last Waltz; They Didn’t Believe Me; White City; Brighton; The Tickle Toe; Mary; Here In My Arms; The Guards Brigade.


A Very Special Christmas
IDCD09 - Total Playing Time:  ??.??

A CHRISTMAS CAROL [Charles Dickens] Ronald Colman as Scrooge; 2. THE SMALL ONE [Charles Tazewell] Bing Crosby; 3. MR. PICKWICK’S CHRISTMAS [Charles Dickens] as told by Charles Laughton; 4. THE LITTLEST ANGEL [Charles Tazewell] as told by Loretta Young.

levy2 IDCD11.jpg

Louis Levy - Vol. No. 2  Encores
IDCD11 - Total Playing Time:  72.03

1. AUNT SALLY – Selection [1933 Film - Harry Woods] You Ought To See Sally On Sunday; If I Had Napoleon's ’at; The Wind's I’ The West; My Wild Oat; We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow; I Want A Fair And Square Man; Ain’t She The Dainty;  2. EVERYBODY DANCE [1936 Film – Harry Revel – Mack Gordon]; 3. MY! WHAT A DIFFERENT NIGHT [1936 Film Everybody Dance – Revel – Gordon]; 4. EVERYTHING IS RHYTHM – Selection [1936 Film – Cyril Ray-Jack Meskill-Harry Roy] The Internationale; Life Is Empty Without Love; Man Of My Dreams; Sky High Information; 5. FROM ONE MINUTE TO ANOTHER [1935 Film Come Out Of The Party – Sigler-Goodman-Hoffman]; 6. IT’S LOVE AGAIN – Selection [1936 Film –Sam Coslow – Harry Woods] It’s Love Again; Tony’s In Town; Got To Dance My Way To Heaven; Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers] 7. THERE’S THAT LOOK IN YOUR EYES AGAIN [1937 Film  Head Over Heels – Harry Revel – Mack Gordon]; 8. HEAD OVER HEELS – Selection [1937 Film –Revel – Gordon] Through The Courtesy Of Love; Head Over Heels In Love; There’s That Look In Your Eyes Again; May I Have The Next Romance With You] 9. LOOKING AROUND CORNERS FOR YOU [1937 Film  Head Over Heels – Revel – Gordon];  10. SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC [1935 Film – Sigler-Goodhart- Hoffman]; 11.WHAT A LITTLE MOONLIGHT CAN DO [1935 Film – Road House – Harry Woods]; 12. DON’T YOU CRY WHEN WE SAY GOODBYE [1935 Film – Road House – Harry Woods]; 12. CHU CHIN CHOW – Selection [1934 Film – Frederick Norton] Entrance Of Chu Chin Chow; Here Be Oysters; Any Time’s Kissing Time; Japanese Dance; Desert Flower; Robber’s Chorus; Scimitar Son; I Am Chu Chin Chow; Behold; Cobbler’s Song; Corraline; I’ll Sing And Dance; I Love Thee So; Finale. 14. LIMELIGHT – Selection [1935 Film – Woods-Sigler-Goodhart-Hoffman]; 15. GANGWAY – Selection [1937 Film – Sam Lerner – Goodhart – Hoffman] Gangway; Lord And Lady Whoosis; When You Gotta Sing; Moon Or No Moon



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