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Louis Levy Vol No 3 Back On The Podium
IDCD13 - Total Playing Time: ??.??

1. SPLINTERS IN THE AIR –Selection [1937 Film – R.P.Weston – Bert Lee- Jack Marks] Flying High; Watching The Stars; 2. THE GREAT ZIEGFELD – Selection [ 1938 Film – Walter Donaldson – Harold Adamson - Irving Berlin] You Gotta Pull Strings; A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody; You Never Looked So Beautiful; You 3. SHALL WE DANCE – Selection [1937 Film – George And Ira Gershwin] Shall We Dance; Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off; They All Laughed; They Can’t Take That Away From Me 4. THAT GIRL FROM PARIS – Selection [1937 Film – Arthur Schwartz – Edward Heyman] Love And Learn; The Call To Arms; Seal It With A Kiss 5. FIREFLY – Selection [1937 Film – Harbach – Stothart – Wright And Forrest] He Who Loves And Runs Away; Sympathy; Giannina Mia; The Donkey Serenade 6. DEANNA DURBIN MEMORIES [1937/38 Films –(a) Sam Coslow - Frederick Hollander (b) Thomas Moore (c) Harold Adamson - Jimmy McHugh] (a) It’s Raining Sunbeams (b) The Last Rose Of Summer (c) Chapel Bells; You’re As Pretty As A Picture; My Own; I Love To Whistle 7. WALT DISNEY MEDLEY [1940 Films] (a) Frank Churchill – Larry Morey (b) Leigh Harline –Ned Washington] (a) See The Funny Little Bunnies; Oh, The World Owes Me A Living; Lullaby Land; The Penguin Is A Very Funny Creature; Whistle While You Work; Some Day My Prince Will Come; (b) When You Wish Upon A Star  8. DOUBLE OR NOTHING – Selection [1937 Film – (a) Arthur Johnson –Johnny Burke (b) Victor Young – Johnny Burke (a) All I Want To Do Is Dance; It’s The Natural Thing To Do (b) Double or Nothing (a) The Moon Got In My Eyes; 9. MELODY FOR TWO – Selection [1937 Film – Harry Warren – Al Dubin] Jose O’Neill; Melody For Two; September In The Rain; 10. SWING HIGH, SWING LOW [1937 Film – Burton Lane – Ralph Freed]; 11. ROSALIE – Selection [1937 Film – Cole Porter] In The Still Of The Night; Why Knows? Close; Rosalie  12. WILL YOU REMEMBER [1937 Film –Maytime- Sigmund Romberg – Rita Johnson Young]13. THE GREAT WALTZ – Selection [1938 Film – Strauss arr. Dimitri Tiomkin] Voices Of Spring; One Day When We Were Young; Revolutionary March; Tales From Vienna Woods; The Bast; I’m In Love With Vienna ; The Blue Danube.


Louis Levy Vol No 4 More Encores

1. TAKE MY TIP – Selection [1937 Film –Sam Lerner-Al Goodhart-Al Hoffman] I’m Like A Little Bird Out Of My Cage; I Was Anything But Sentimental; 2. BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 Selection [1938 Film - Nacio Herb Brown – Arthur Freed] Your Broadway My Broadway; I’m Feeling Like A Million; Everybody Sing; Yours And Mine  3. RADIO CITY REVELS – Selection [1938 Film –Allie Wrubel – Herb Magidson] Take A Tip From A Tulip; There’s A New Moon Over The Old Mill; Singin’  In The Corn; Goodnight Angel; 4. JOY OF LIVING – Selection [1938 Film –Jerome Kern – Dorothy Fields] Heavenly Party; Just Let Me Look At You; What’s Good In Goodnight? You Couldn’t Be Cuter  5. GOLDWYN FOLLIES – Selection [1938 Film – George And Ira Gershwin] Charlie McCarthy; I Was Doing Alright; Love Is Here To Stay; Love Walked In; 6. GONE WITH THE WIND – Selection [1939 Film ] Battle Hymn Of The Republic [Trad.]; My Old Kentucky Home [Foster]; Marching Through Georgia [Trad.]; Massa’s In The Cold Cold Cold Ground [Foster]; Camptown Race s[Foster]; When Johnny Comes Marching Home [Gilmore]; Dixie [Rollini] 7. BABES IN ARMS – Selection [1939 Film – Rodgers –Hart – Brown –Freed] Where Or When; Babes In Arms; Good Morning; The Lady Is A Tramp; Where Or When; 8. SAYS MY HEART [1937 Film – Coconut Grove – Burton Lane – Frank Loesser]; 9. MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES 1938 Selection.  March of The Movies [Levy]; In The Still Of The Night [Porter]; My Heaven On Earth; Goodnight Angel; Love Walked In [Gershwin]; The Donkey Serenade; The Sweetest Song In The World; Change Partners [Berlin]; 10. THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE –Selection [1939 Film] Waiting For The Robert E. Lee; Oh You Beautiful Doll; Missouri Waltz; Yama Yama Man; Only In My Arms; Too Much Mustard; 11. GULLIVER’S TRAVELS – Selection [1938 Film – Ralph Rainger – Leo Robin – Sammy Timberg – Winston Sharples – Al Neilburg] It’s A Hap, Hap, Happy Day; Faithful Forever; Bluebirds In The Moonlight; We’re All Together Now; I Hear A Dream; 12. MEET THE SUN HALFWAY [1940 Film – If I Had My Way – James V. Monaco – Johnny Burke] 13. I HAVEN’T TIME TO BE A MILLIONAIRE [1940 Film – If I Had My Way- James V. Monaco – Johnny Burke]




Louis Levy Vol No 5 Return Engagement

1. WHERE  THERE’S YOU THERE’S ME [1937 Film  Jack Of All Trades – Sigler – Hoffman – Goodhart]; 2. TURNING THE TOWN UPSIDE DOWN [1938 Film O.H.M.S. –Sigler –Hoffman-Goodhart]; 3. SAILING ALONG –Selection [1937 Film – Arthur Johnson – Maurice Sigler] Trusting My Luck; My Souvenir Of Love; My Heart Skips A Beat; My River; Trusting My Luck; 4. YOU’RE SWEETER THAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE [1937 Film – Jack Of All Trades – Sigler – Hoffman –Goodhart] 5. MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES – Various March; Celebratin’; When You’ve Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart; Say The Word And It’s Yours; She Shall Have Music; A Little Dash Of Dublin; Over My Shoulder; 6. PAPRIKA – Selection [1938 musical – revised and retitled Magyer Melody [Vincza]; Mine Alone [Ponsford]; Just Like A Gypsy Band [Ponsford]; 7. TUNES OF THE TIMES – There’s A Boy Coming Home On Leave [Kennedy]; Who’s Taking You Home Tonight [Sherwin-Connoir]; A Little Rain Must Fall; On Moonlight Bay; In A 18th  Century Drawing Room; It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow [Berlin]; 8. MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES 1937 Selection :- March Of The Movies; We Saw The Sea; Would You? Top Hat; My Heart And I; Broadway Rhythm; Where Are You?; September In The Rain; Thanks A Million; Lovely Lady; I Saw A Ship A-Sailing; March Of The Movies; 9. BANDWAGON – Selection [1939 Film] Bandwagon; After Dark; Heaven Will Be Heavenly; The Only One Who’s Difficult; Melody Maker; Bandwagon; 10. UP TO THE MINUTE –Medley:  My Heart Belongs To Daddy; I’ll Pray For You; Serenade In Blue; Fare Thee Well 11. PICCADILLY INCIDENT [1946 Film]; 12. BOOGIE WOOGIE SUNSHINE [1946 Film Piccadilly Incident – Vivian Ellis]; 13. ROMANCE [1948 Film The Magic Bow –Philip Green]; 14. MOTO PERPETUO [1948 Film The Magic Bow –Paganinni arr. Geehl]


melton operatic.jpg

James Melton Sings Operatic Arias And Rachmaninoff Songs

1. Le Fleur, Que Tu M’Avais, Jetee (The Flower Song – Bizet  “Carmen”); 2. Siciliana - O Lola (Mascagni – “Cavalleria Rusticana”); 3. Il Mio Tesoro (To My Beloved) (Mozart - “ Don Giovanini”); 4. In Fernem Land (In Distant Land)(Wagnert – “Lohengrin”); 5. O Imagte Angel – Light and Fair (Mozart – “The Magic Flute”); 6. Le Reve (The Dream – Massenet – “Manon”); 7. Ah Fuyez, Douce Image (Massenet – “Manon”); 8. M’Appari Tutt’ Amor (Von Flotow – “Martha”); 9. Preislied (Wagner – “Die Mastersinger”); 10. Serenata – O Colombina (Puccini – “La Tosca”); 11. Recondita Armonia (Puccini – “La Tosca”); 12.  E Licevan Le Stelle (Puccini – “La Tosca”); Rachmaninoff:  13. In The Silence of The Night; 14. To The Children; 15. O Cease Thy Singing, Maiden Fair; 16. The Cherry Tree; 17. Celeste Aida (Verdi – “Aida”); 18. Ah, Mimi, Tu Piu Non Torni (Puccini – “La Boheme”); 19. Parigi, O Cara, No! Lasceremo (Verdi – “La Traviata”).

 london palladium 19.jpg

The London Palladium Orchestra Vol No 2

1. MARCH REVIEW MEDLEY [Various] Florentino March; The Band Comes; Smart Soldiers; Marche sur des Airs Carinthiens; Soldier’s Life; With Bombs and Grenades; Brucker Lager March; San Lorenzo; Shoeblack; Dixie’s Land; Petersburger March; Our Guards [arr. Woltschach]; 2. ECHOES FROM THE PUSZTA [Ferraris];3. A LA MINUET [from Two Little Dances – Finck]; 4. SECOND SERENADE [Heykens]; 5. CHARM OF THE VALSE [Various]; Soldatenlieder; Gold and Silver; Scene du Bal; Thrills; Moment; Romeo et Noir; Amorettentanze; Tres Jolie; Irisah Whispers; Love’s Dream; After The Ball; Blue Danube; Stories of the Vienna Forest; Blue Danube [arr. Wonter];  6. March Symphonique [Savono]; 7. MOONTIME [Collins]; 8. THE THISTLE [A Selection of Scottish Melodies -  Myddleton]; 9. KISS ME AGAIN [from Mde. Modiste – Herbert]; 10. THE FORGE IN THE FOREST [Michaelis, arr. Lloyd]; 11. A LA GAVOTTE [from Two Little Dances –Finck]; 12. CHORISTERS’ WALTZ [Phelps]; 13. MASTER MELODIES:  Marche [Casse Noisette Suite – Tchaikovsky]; Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 [Liszt]; Traumerei [Schubert]; Romance Op. 44 No.2 [Chopin]; Spring Song [Mendelssohn]; Invitation To The Waltz [Weber]; Hungarian Dance No.6 [Brahms]; 14. JAPANESE CARNIVAL [De Basque]; Les Slyphides [Cussane, arr. Lotter]; 16. MARCH OF THE BOWMEN [ from Robin Hood Suite – Curzon]; 17. SOUSA ON PARADE [A Selection of Sousa’s Marches, arr. Palmer].




Louis Levy Vol No 6 At Your Request

1. CAREFREE Selection [1938 Film – Irving Berlin] The Yam; I Used To Be Colour Blind; The Night Is Filled With Music; Change Partners; 2. GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937 –Selection [Warren-Dubin-Arlen-Harburg] All’s Fair In Love And War; Let’s Put Our Heads Together; Speaking Of The Weather; With Plenty Of Money And You; 3. HOLLYWOOD HOTEL – Selection [1937 Film – Whiting - Mercer] Hooray For Hollywood; Silhouetted In The Moonlight; Let That Be A Lesson To You; I’ve Hitched My Wagon To A Star 4. ST. LOUIS BLUES –Selection [1939 Film – Loesser-Malneck-Lane-Handy-Walsh] Go For That; Junior; Blue Nightfall; Let’s Dream In The Moonlight; 5. BLUE SKIES – Selection [1948 Film – ] Blue Skies; Always; Heat Wave; Getting Nowhere; A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody; You Keep Coming Back Like A Song; Blue Skies 6. LOOKING FOR A LITTLE BIT OF BLUE [1934 Film – Woods] 7. THERE’S NO GREEN GRASS ROUND THE OLD NORTH POLE [1934 Film- Loraine-Butler-Tilsey] 8. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP [1934 Film – Gay – Grey] 9. WHO’S BEEN POLISHING UP THE SUN [1934 Film – The Camels Are Coming – Gay];10. SONS OF THE SAND [1934 Film – The Camels Are Coming –Noble- Kester]; 11. NOW I UNDERSTAND [1935 Film – Oh Daddy - Coslow]; 12. YOU BRING OUT THE SAVAGE IN ME [1935 Film – Oh Daddy – Coslow] 13. IF YOUR FATHER ONLY KNEW [1935 Film – Heat Wave – Sigler-Goodhardt-Hoffman] 14. SAN FELIPE [1935 Film – Heat Wave – Sigler-Goodhardt-Hoffman] 15. THE LONDONOLA [1935 Film – Squibbs - Sigler-Goodhardy-Hoffman]; 16. ONE WAY STREET [1935 Film – Squibbs – Sigler-Goodhardt-Hoffman]; 17. DO YOU EVER HAVE A FEELING YOU’RE FLYING [1935 Film – Squibbs – Sigler-Goodhardt-Hoffman]; 18. EMPIRE BUILDERS – March [1936 Film – Rhodes Of Africa – Bath]



Louis Levy Vol No 7 Suite And Levy

1. GEORGE GERSHWIN SUITE:  Strike Up The Band; Embraceable You; Do,Do,Do; Love Walked In; Swanee; Someone To Watch Over Me; ‘Swonderful; I Got Rhythm; Bidin’ My Time; But Not For Me; Somebody Loves Me; Of Thee I Sing  2. COLE PORTER SUITE:  Night And Day; I Get A Kick Out Of You; Begin The Beguine; My Heart Belongs To Daddy; In The Still Of The Night; Let’s Do It; I’ve Got You Under My Skin; Don’t Fence Me In; Anything Goes 3. RICHARD RODGERS SUITE:  Dancing On The Ceiling; Johnny One Note; With A Song In My Heart; The Girl Friend; There’s A Small Hotel; Thou Swell; Little Girl Blue; Mountain Greenery; Where Or When; Here In My Arms; My Heart Stood Still; The Lady Is A Tramp; 4. LEGEND FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA [Robert Docker]; 5. PORTRAIT OF CLARE [adapted by Felton Rapley from Schumann’s Devotion]; 6. THE BEGGAR’S THEME [1950 Film The Last Holiday – Chagrin]; 7. SMILIN’ THROUGH [1932 Film – Penn]; 8. SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES [1933 Film Roberta – Jerome Kern; –Otto Harbach] 9. STRIKE UP THE BAND [1930 Film – George And Ira Gershwin].



war mems.jpg

War Time Memories

1. THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER / Lynn Fontanne; 2. THE SNOW GOOSE [Paul Gallico]/ Herbert Marshall, Joan Loring; 3. BRITISH FILM FESTIVAL of 1946 Extracts from the best films of that year 4. SPITFIRE PRELUDE / Halle Orchestra cond.  by The Composer.


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