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DONALD NOVIS - Encores [1930-1951]

1. Song of The Dawn [Jack Yellen – Milton Ager] –George Olsen & His Orch.; 2. Under The Palms [Gus Arnheim – Gordon Clifford] – Gus Arnheim Orch.; 3. Weary [Ed Heyman & Rudolf Friml] L.A. Radio – Gus Arnheim Orch.; 4. One More Waltz [Jimmy McHugh – Dorothy Fields – Frank Skinner] Par.S/T; 5. Trees [Joyce Kilmer – Otto Rasbach] –Paramount Film S/T; 6. One Hour With You [Leo Robin – Richard Whiting] Jimmy Grier Orch.; 7. One Hour With You [Leo Robin – Richard Whiting] Paramount Film S/T; 8. Deep Purple [Mitchell Parrish – Peter deRose] L.A. Radio; 9. At Dawning [Charles Cadman] Eddie Dunstedter, Wurlitzer Organ; 10. Oh, Promise Me [DeKoven] Eddie Dunstedter, Wurlitzer Organ; 11. Diane [Erno Rapee – Lew Pollack] Eddie Dunstedter, Wurlitzer Organ; 12. Charmaine [Erno Rapee & Lew Pollack] Eddie Dunstedter, Wurlitzer Org.; 13. Alice Blue Gown [Joseph McCarthy & Harry Tierney] Eddie Dunstedter; 14. Angela Mia [My Angel][Erno Rapee & Lew Pollack] Eddie Dunstedter; 15. Dancing in the Dark [Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz] Victor Young; 16. I Kiss Your Hand Madame [Erwin,Rotter - Lewis & Young] Victor Young; 17. Never Never [Letty Katts] Bobby Limb & His Band; 18. Leprechaun’s Lullaby [Hurlbert] Bobby Limb & His Band; 19. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [Eugene Lockhart & Ernest B. Seltz] Bobby Limb & His Band; 20. A Mother As Lovely As You [D.Smith & H. Connelly] B.L.; 21. Deep Night [Rudy Vallee & Charles Henderson]B.L.; 22. Trees [Joyce Kilmer & Otto Rasbach]Bobby Limb & Band; 23. I Love You [Harry Archer] Bobby Limb & His Band; 24. Charmaine [Rapee & Pollack] Bobby Limb & His Band; 25. Out Of Nowhere[Johnny Green & Ed Heyman]Bobby Limb; 26. Deep Purple [Mitchell Parrish & Peter de Rose]B.Limb



1. Australia’s Hour of Song [2UE] Introduced by Len London, compered by Dick Fair with Leo White at the piano & his musical group. It’s A Grand Night For Singing [Rodgers & Hammer-stein} singalong/ Trees [Otto Rasbach & Joyce Kilmer] Donald Novis/ Dear Donegal [Graham] Donald Novis/Charmaine [E. Rapee & I. Pollack] Donald Novis; 2. Continuation for ‘Australia’s Hour of Song’ Medley of songs: Memory Lane [DeSylva, Conrad & Spier]; When You Wore A Tulip [Wenrich & Barber]; Peggy O’Neil [Trad. Irish]; Girl of My Dream [I Love You] [S. Clapp] Donald Novis with Leo White accompaniment, & Dick Fair talking; 3. Jan Rubini & His Ensemble. Compered by Barton Brown; Softly, Now The Light of Day [Von Weber]; Jan Rubini introduction, song by Donald Novis/ Where Ere You Walk [G.F. Handel] Donald Novis/ Minute Waltz [F. Chopin]/ Ensemble/ Flow Gently, Sweet Avon [Shakespeare & Schubert] Donald Novis/ Closing Theme; 4. Jan Rubini & His Ensemble Compered by Barton Brown. Softly, Now, The Light of Day [Von Weber] Donald Novis/ Who Is Sylvia? [Schubert & Shakespeare] Donald Novis Minuet [I. Paderewski] Ensemble/ Charmaine [E. Rapee & I. Pollack] Donald Novis/ Under The Leaves [F. Tomek/ Closing Theme; 5. The Guardsmen on Parade radio show 1951. The Guardsman On Parade Theme/ Santa Lucia [Trad.]/ Sleep My Princess [W.A. Mozart]/ Dearie (You’re Much Older Than I) [Bob Hilliard & D. Mann] / I Heard A Forest Praying ] De Rose & Lewis]/Theme [Bonus selection by support act to DN in Australia]

BONUS DVD *The Sweethearts of U.S.A* – Monogram Pictures 1940. Starring Una Merkel, Parkakarkus [AKA Harry Parke], Donald Novis, Lillian Cornell, Teala Loring (as Judith Gibson) Joel Friend, Cobina Wright, Snr., Georgann Smith, Marion Martin, Ralph Sanford, Vince Barnett, Joe Burnett, Joe Devlin, Jack Baxley, Joe Kirk and Edmund Cobb. Original songs composed by Charles Newman & Lew Pollack. We’re The Ones; Hold Onto You Hat; You Can’t Brush Off A Russian; All,The Latin I Know Is ‘ Si Si’. Sweethearts of The USA by Lew Pollack and Joe Goodwin. Directed by Lewis D. Collins (as Lee Collins. Written by Mary Sheldon, Sherman Loewe and Arthur St. Claire. Features the working Orchestras of Phil Ohman, Jan Garber & Henry King.




Jimmie Grier & His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra (1932-33) TIME ALONE WILL TELL
LYRIC CDL157 1-2

CD No.1
1. Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Theme song [ Show 1] This Time It’s Love [Koehler & Hayes} Vocal Loyce Whiteman; Lady Be Good [Gershwin] Clarinet Solo – Jimmy Briggs; Lying In The Hay [Roberts, Pepper & Mireille] Vocal Harry Foster; 2. Fresh As A Daisy [Emmitt Rhodes] Vocal Gogo De Lys; Casa Loma Stomp [Gifford} Orchestra; Trees [Kilmer & Rasbach] Vocal by Harry Foster; 3. Tired [Bert Love] Vocal by Loyce Whiteman; Time Alone Will Tell [ Gottler & Nichols] Vocal by Donald Novis; What Do You Do To It? Vocal by Margaret Lawrence; Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Vocal by Donald Novis; 4. Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier ] Theme song [Show 2] That’s Why I’m Jealous of You – Vocal Margaret Lawrence; The Peanut Vendor [Simons & Sunshine[ Vocal by Three Cheers; My Moonlight Rosay [W.Kine] Vocal by Donald Novis; 5. Down The Old Ox Road [Coslow & Johnston] Vocal by Dick Webster; Springing Along On A Shoestring [Jimmie Grier] Orchestra; Moonstruck [Coslow & Johnston] Vocal by Gogo De Lys; 6. Black Moonlight [Coslow & Johnstone] Vocal by Gogo De Lys; Lucky Day Medley [ arr. Jimmie Grier] Orchestra; I Love Mountain Music [ Played by Hillybilly Band]; [Cavanaugh & Weldon] Vocal by Art Fleming; Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Theme/Orchestra

CD No.2
1. Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Theme song [Show 3] I’m Hopelessly In Love With You – Vocal by Godo De Lys; Margie [Conrad & Robinson]/ Do You Ever Think Of Me? [Burtnett]/Sweet Sue [Young & Harris} Orchestra; I Would If I Could (But I Can’t) [Crosby, Grey & Parrish] Vocal by Dick Webster 2. Sweethearts of Sweet Sixteen – Vocal by Harry Foster; You Took Advantage of Me [Rodgers & Hart] Vocal by Gofo De Lys; Hi Ya! Duchess! – Vocal by Art Fleming; 3. Love Is The Thing [Young & Washington]-Vocal by Dick Webste; Sophisticated Lady [Ellington & Mills] Orchestra; Sing To Me [Eliscu & Akst] – Vocal by The Grier Trio; Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Theme/Orchestra 4. Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Theme song [Show 4] Shame On You [Heyman & Arlen ] Vocal by Gogo De Lys; Swingy Little Thingy [Green & Stept] Vocal by The Grier Trio; It Don’t Mean A Thing [Ellington & Mills] Orchestra; Exactly Like You [ Fields & McHugh] Vocal by Harry Foster; 5. I Loves Ya! Vocal by Loyce Whiteman; Snuggled On Your Shoulder [Lombardo] Vocal by The Three Cheers; That’s What I Like About You – Vocal by Margaret Lawrence; 6. Starlight [Young & Petkere] Vocal by Donald Novis; When Yuba Plays The Rhuma On The Tuba [Hupfeld]/ThePeanutVendor[Simons & Sunshine] Vocal by The Three Cheers; Why Did It Have To Be Me? [Green] Vocal by Margaret Lawrence; Music In The Moonlight [Jimmie Grier] Vocal by Donald Novis


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